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Miley Cyrus Jewelry Pulled After Toxic Metal Report

5/19/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' brand of jewelry is being yanked from the shelves at Walmart -- following a report that the jewelry contains high levels of a toxic metal.


The move is in response to a newly released nationwide test performed for the Associated Press, in which several items from the Miley Cyrus jewelry line -- sold exclusively at Walmart -- contained an unsafe level of cadmium ... which can be very dangerous if ingested.

The AP notes that the items are not known to be dangerous if simply worn -- but experts fear that the cadmium can enter a person's system if the jewelry is "sucked, bitten or swallowed." According to the report, long-term exposure to cadmium can lead to bone softening, kidney failure and other conditions.

The AP says Walmart became aware the jewelry contained cadmium back in February, but continued selling the products anyway -- until now.

Walmart has released a statement, saying the jewelry was "designed for and marketed to older audiences" and was "not intended for children."  The company also says they will no longer sell the jewelry "while we investigate its compliance with our children's jewelry standard."


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1596 days ago


Someone please feed the jewelry to Miley.

1596 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Miley Cyrus' jewelry is being yanked

Liam says its more than her jewelry Miley is yanking! Justin says the same thing.

1596 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

It figures that her fans would be the type to shop at Crapmart.

1596 days ago


Miley is always trying to hurt her young fans. By pole dancing on stage to grind on her boyfriends crotch and now by trying to kill the children!

1596 days ago

Throwback kid    

Someone has to tell Miley to stand up straight, she slouches like and old lady. Her posture is terrible for a young girl.

1596 days ago


Hmm, that is an interesting picture of her TMZ. Why did you pick it?

1596 days ago

Mrs. Scott    

Just because something is marketed towards older people & not children doesn't mean that parents aren't going to purchase that item for their kids. Walmart was being stupid! They should have pulled the jewelry immediately after being notified that it was potentially dangereous.

1596 days ago


If you are buying jewelry from Walmart, you should expect a few toxins in it.

1596 days ago


so?? is this TMZ's way of putting something else on her like its her fault.ill say she acts slutty and what not but this really has nothing to do with her.just because her name is on it im sure she dont make the product or wear it for that matter.

1596 days ago


Anything for a buck, Walmart?

1596 days ago

And thats the truth    

Let me guess, the jewelry is manufactured over in China. My Mom purchased some slipper socks from Walmart (made in China) and her foot started to get a rash when she put them on. She did not connect the rash with the slipper socks. I was scouring the internet and this young girl purchased a pair of rubber thongs from Walmart (made in China) and she wore them an enture day. Her feet started getting a rash, almost as if she had burned her skin. It took many layers of skin off and was red and blistered. The burn was in the shape of her thongs. She could not wear shoes for over a month. She contacted Walmart and they basically told her she would have to contact China and complain. When my Mom had told me about the rash on her feet I started questioning what she was wearing on her feet. Found out it was her slipper socks that had rubber dots on the bottom of them to keep someone from slipping.

Lord knows what toxic crap the Chinese manufacturers are using when they are manufacturing this stuff, not to mention the toxins spewing in the air. Sad.

1596 days ago


It's walmart!!! HELLO???

1596 days ago

Pamwe Chete    

Of course her jewelry is toxic! Her music is toxic, her TV show is toxic, why shouldn't her jewelry be as well?

1596 days ago


Um, maybe you should have made this move in February, Wal-Mart? But I guess not since all they care about is how much money they can rake in.

Wal-Mart has got to be run by the anti-christ. There's just no other explanation.

1596 days ago
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