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Dr. Conrad Murray

to the Rescue --

The Video

5/21/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of you thought the whole mid-air medical emergency with Dr. Conrad Murray and a passenger was a publicity stunt.  Well, we just got video that suggests it was the real deal.

Remember our story -- that the doc on trial for allegedly killing Michael Jackson was on a US Air flight when a female passenger passed out with a dangerously low pulse.

The photo below was taken during the emergency, and the video -- which shows the woman being wheeled off the plane with Dr. Murray in tow -- was shot after the plane made an emergency landing.

The passenger who shot the video tells TMZ after the woman passed out the flight attendants tried in vain to revive her ... and that's when one of them got on the P.A. and asked if a doctor was on board.

The passenger says Dr. Murray walked over to the woman -- and several flight attendants thought he was just a regular passenger trying to make his way to the bathroom. We're told the flight attendants asked Murray to return to his seat ... and that's when he revealed he was an MD. 

We're told Dr. Murray elevated the woman's feet and found a weak pulse.  He asked the passenger who shot the video to help him move the woman to the front of the plane, and that's where Murray inserted an IV (apparently standard issue for the flight crew) and the woman began responding.

The woman in distress -- Sharon Ross -- told TMZ when she came to, Dr. Murray said, "You probably know me ... I was Michael Jackson's doctor."


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If someone told me they were Michael Jackson's doctor I would ask if there was anyone else available to help me!

1580 days ago


seriously what is this guy doing???? Isnt he broke?!?!?! this was a publicity stunt TMZ, that video is no proof! come on TMZ you and everyone else knows he is still guilty of MURDER!!!!! This doctor shouldnt be practicing convenient how this happens right before his court date....he thinks that this pr stunt is gona help him...wat does he think he is gona get a pat on the back from the judge for "helping" someone... I hope he gets punishment for what he did...
It just shows you that doctors dealing with celebrities are just plain greedy... it is really unfortunate

1580 days ago


On a recent flight, the gentleman across from us passed out. Flight attendants thought he was having a heart attack when his wife cried out for help. A paramedic and two nurses came to the rescue and managed to revive him with oxygen but he was still very ill and needed oxygen until our flight made an emergency landing. The nurses comforted his wife and stayed with him the whole time. Anyway, they weren't hailed as heroes and nobody took pictures. These nurses should be commended but basically doing what they were trained to do just like Conrad Murray. It happens all the time so move on already.

1580 days ago


How does this prove it was the real deal?!!! Why would you even say that???

1580 days ago


HAHAHAHA ths looks unbelievably FAKE and plannes. Of course had the vid just in Time! for the rescue, and taht woman in the wheelchair isnt even unconscious, WTF. TMZ i KNOW taht you are part of the stunt.

1580 days ago


37. @Siggisis
Hi how are you?
Have you heard that Prince and Paris were on the internet and discovered the gay rumors?

Posted at 5:00 AM on May 21, 2010 by susie

Hi susie, :-)
I just wrote a quick remark earlier today and then went to work, so I just saw your post now that I am home again.
Yes, I saw that about the kids and it is a shame that they have to go through all this crap.
They losst their only parent - and now this and so much more Bull****
I hope they are strong - and that they are given the mental tools to deal with all of it.
I send them my best thoughts, they are lovely, bright kids who deserve the best!

About this Murray stunt.
I´ve said it before, but I am happy to repeat: it is a bit too convenient that a very POSITIVE incident involving MURRAY AND AN IV happens so shortly before his next court date.
It seems TOO convenient - especially since his trial largely is going to be about an extremely NEGATIVE incident involving MURRAY AND AN IV!!!

1580 days ago


This woman had a baby with her.
Did Murray give it some *milk*, while "rescuing its mother with an IV"??? ;-)

1580 days ago


Thank goodness there was no propofol on board!

1580 days ago

Rito Valdez    

Just goes to show it was a publicity stunt...For one, like somebody would just have a camera to be filming what going on in the plane for no apparent reason...Another thing, everybody would have known he was Conrad Murray, he killed Michael for God's sake...I wonder how much the woman got paid...or maybe she was a family member...He's still a MURDERING B.ASTARD...I don't know if that word would be bleeped out so I put a period in it just in case...

1580 days ago


hey siggisis, how are you doing? i have to agree with you on the pr stunt, to many strange things going on and how convenient for all concerned and so close to murrays trial comming up!!! sue from tampa

1580 days ago


rito couldnt agree more!!! i didnt think passengers were not allowed to bring cameras and different items on board anymore because of the tight security from threats on terrorizm ? i dont fly very often so i am not sure what applies anymore with that. sue from tampa

1580 days ago


Hi sue! So, so, so nice to see you! :-) I am fine, but tired after insanely much work the past week - no, the past six weeks. But you know how that is!
Summer is here - and a three-day-weekend, so I am HAPPY! I hope you are better than fine!
I am sorry that someone is cloning you. I hoped all that nonsense was over, but apparently not. What those bozos get out of it, beats me!


1580 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray can save a thousand people's life but he killed one person (Michael Jackson) and he is going to jail.

1580 days ago


108- siggisis, i am doing fine, just busy with work also!!! off for a couple of days so i am hoping to do some good cleaning!!! oh doesnt that sound like fun? as far as the cloners they will never give it up so i just put them on ignore and go on about what interests me on the threads with the people i know..i will remain here with you and many others who are here to see justice served for our MICHAEL!!! hopefully it will come soon and he can finally rest in peace!!! we love you michael!!! sue from tampa

1580 days ago


michael is still alive it was a set up tmz used to work for michael the clues are there if you look hard enough

1580 days ago
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