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Lindsay's Pals -- She Can't Quit Drugs and Alcohol

5/23/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cannot comply with the order Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay down tomorrow -- cut drugs and alcohol out of her diet ... this according to multiple people who are in a position to know.

Judge Marsha Revel talked about it last Thursday -- that the conditions of her bail will be refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

As one person connected to Lindsay tells TMZ, "She can't make it through a day without it.  She's a mess."

Another source says Lindsay wakes up with cravings and satisfies them fast.

Unless Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, changes Judge Revel's mind tomorrow in court, the three conditions should become part of Lindsay's bail by noon.

Probation violations aside, if Lindsay violates any of these conditions, the judge could revoke her bail and put her in jail.


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Well put MaryB. Thats exactly what needs to happen!

1622 days ago


There is no way all of that is going to happen on Monday and if it does it would be an injustice. People who disagree with your warped opinion needs psychotherapy ? riiiiight
I think if the conditions are imposed then after completing the classes Lindsay should go to rehab willingly until the next court date and this will give her a better chance of refraining from drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

1622 days ago


I partied and drank heavily when I was 23, but never daily, and I didn't do drugs. I was in grad school and teaching a class, and the partying and drinking didn't interfere with those responsibilities. There's a huge difference between a normal 23-yo partying and the incessant drinking and drugging Lindsay does. When your habits make you unreliable and cost you work, you've got a problem, whether or not your mommy agrees.

1622 days ago


Put a drug addicted person in jail and the withdrawal will make them dangerously sick without medical monitoring. It often produces suicides or very serious mental problems. Paris Hilton required 6 days of hospitalization after 4 days in jail.

Everyone seems devoted to jail as a solution yet most jailed persons repeat crimes after release. It is a failed method for dealing with non violent crimes but it is also much desired by those who think hurting someone is the way to correct. Look at how many posts on here mention rape in prison as a desired outcome for her.

The problem the court has with her is to a great extent their own fault. Had she been given a realistic sentence in 2007 she might not be where she is today. The overcrowded jail with a history of serious disease due to lack of sanitation should be reserved for violent criminals not misdemeanor people with problems. In fact, these facility problems are a condemnation of California society.

1622 days ago


My question is why do the courts even care about this brat, just fine her for her infractions and be done with it. It's not the courts position to "save" this wreck of of a woman.

If she wants to live her life parting all the time let her, she will die of an overdose and that will be the end of it.

1622 days ago

Christina G.    

Whether she's in jail or out on bail, Lindsay's partying days are over. Bwahahahahahaha!

1622 days ago


She's an addict, so the answer is probably not. She needs to be put into a 6 month to 1 year rehab facility. Not a swanky celebrity facility, but a real one... for real addicts. After that, perhaps jail time as well. Otherwise, she'll end up dead.

It's sad, because she actually was a talented actress. Of course, she got saddled with two useless parents--I'm sure that didn't help matters.

1622 days ago


@11 actually if you go back and research, she'd only worn the SCRAM bracelet about a week before relapsing and removing it, at which time her lawyer issued a statement saying she'd relapsed. Also, the bracelet she wore likely wasn't even real. She wore hers "voluntarily" but the FACT is, they have to be court ordered to be monitored, and when she was arrested back in July of 2007, the company that monitors the bracelets didn't have any idea about anything.

So basically, she got her hands on a non-working bracelet for appearances sake, but when it became obvious through photographs that she was drinking anyway, she took it off, said she'd relapsed, etc.

She clear can NOT go without either drinking or doing drugs. Maybe both. It's very sad and how else will she kick this without jail? A fancy rehab place where she can have her leech friends smuggle in drugs for her isn't going to do anything for her. In jail at least she'd be forced to detox, and maybe realize she can live without the crap.

1622 days ago


I wish a judge would order her to rehab far away for 12 months. Out of sight, no media, no work, nothing. Heck, none of her parents either. I cringle at how much Dina and Michael Lohan think THEY are the stars and jump in front of any camera.

1622 days ago


Hats off to Sam R. You took care of Lilo' when she got out of rehab & she was relaxed, calm & in love w/You & was doing fine, ....but now w/out your steady influence in her life, she is breaking down & is classless, ...I'm sure U had great times together & this must break your heart seeing Lindsay at her worst now,...anyway, u did your best !!!,.....thanx.....))))))~

1622 days ago


Drunken folks like us become so unlovable. She needs to be locked up in order to stay alive. Best wishes to a fellow human being with an incredibly miserable problem. Get well soon.

1622 days ago


There is nothing "fun" or "harmless" about Lindsay's activities, no matter what the Lohans try to tell themsrlves or the public.

If it was just partying,that could be worked out. But Lindsay is a serious addict - and the cure rate for someone like that is not very encouraging.

Lindsay will not function in a way that would bring back her career. Of course, she never had a career as an adult, only as a kid.

The only positive comments about Lindsay you will see on any website are from the Lohans themselves.

1622 days ago

j ravel    

Since when is this news for an entire weekend?? Who cares? Her career is toast and is it any wonder with the parenting she's had?

1622 days ago


I hope the bitch dies in jail! She is a loser!

1622 days ago


My guess is she'll switch immediately to prescription drugs and get a "celeb doctor" (You know, the Anna Nicole Smith variety) to issue her a prescription to turn into the court.


1622 days ago
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