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French Police:

LiLo Didn't Report

Stolen Passport

5/20/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops in Cannes, France tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan did NOT report her "stolen" passport to them ... contradicting what LiLo's lawyer said today during the hearing.

According to French cops, they have no record of any police report filed by Lindsay as far back as Tuesday, when the passport mysteriously and allegedly went missing.

During the court hearing this morning, LiLo's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said LiLo reported the missing passport to authorities.


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The Judge saw through this lie. Her lawyer fell in paddock by reporting in court to the judge that her office had been on the phone with authorities in France. I think it is that Onion effect thing that is happening, one layer of lies to cover the next layer of lies. Plus she has NO movie, they fired her butt last week!

1616 days ago

Christina G.    

What a surprise. Yawn.

1616 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just another has been who thinks laws don't apply to her

1616 days ago


Someone please forward this to the Judge.

This lush needs to have her cage shaken!!!

1616 days ago


looks like she just had her ugly lips done and is out of it! AGAIN.

1616 days ago


ok people.. first Lindsay was in compliance with the alcohol program's guidelines, not the court's guidelines.. wayyyyy different and the judge kept trying to say that.. and duh she didn't have her passport stolen, she would not have gotten a passport replacement if it hadn't been stolen and not reported to police.. she didn't want to come back.. and misplaced it.. or that's what she told her attorney..who by the way is also representing a murder suspect in LA.. she must feel like an idiot dealing with the Loopy Lohans... the judge got it right.. she is late, no show, story after story as to why.. like she was 1 1/2 late last court date because she couldn't get to door due to media... Ummmm really??????????? leave your house earlier.. you know there will be photogs there.. good Lord! I applaud the judge adding the conditions of mandatory drug testing a minimum of once a week and the scrambler... she is in desperate need of help before we read her obit on TMZ.. this is best case scenario for her.. and where was the freaking enabling Mother.. at least her Dad cares even if he is warped...

1616 days ago


Is she even working anymore? She's just a walking publicity stunt now.

1616 days ago


Posted at 10:45 AM on May 20, 2010 by #TeamLindsay

OMG Dina, don't you have a cake with a file in to bake?!?!?

1616 days ago


I was surprised her famous lawyer was not better prepared to put up better arguments.
I thought her resistance for the bail amount looked very weak.
Why not put up a fight there?
Kinght, a violent criminal just got 65,000 bail after all the things he has done!

I know it must be very difficult to defend Lindsey but I think she would be in a lot less trouble had her attorney put her foot down and said:
No deal, if you go to Cannes I am going drop you as a client. I am doing my best to help you but if you go there and party I am done I mean it.
That is the kind of serious talk an addict needs to hear.

1616 days ago


Then she would have committed crimes in 2 countries. I'm sure filing a false police report is illegal in Cannes.

1616 days ago


Honestly this is so boring already- Really who cares. She has done nothing substantial, entertaining or interesting in years. She goes clubbing gets drunk stalks a DJ. Yawn, And her father is really the main reason she has so many issues and TMZ the fact that you let this crazy lunatic even speak his mental mind is crazy.

1616 days ago


Isn't twenty-three a little old for the "my dog ate my passport" excuse?

1616 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

You mean the ugly skank lied? I'm sooo disappointed in her.

1616 days ago


What is the old attorney line Harvey?

Something about lawyers always assume their client is lying.

1616 days ago


she is innocnet,,that is a picture of her reporting the passport stolen so she did report it by now she has proof,,those damn french people dropped the ball..lets go back to freedom fries

1616 days ago
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