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Bret Michaels -- Painful, But Good

5/22/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels says he's at 75% these days -- which, considering all he's gone through over the past few months, is about 1,000% better than we would have expected.

Outside his home in AZ, Michaels said he'll see how he's feeling over the weekend, but for now he plans to be in NYC on Sunday for the finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

If you're rooting for Holly Robinson Peete to beat Bret ... you're probably not a fan of snow on Christmas morning.


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Holly is not that nice. She made fun of Brett behind his back on the show, then acts like she's a great friend. I can't stand her and hope she loses. Its too bad Sharon Osborne flaked out, but Sharon was tired. She was at a physical low plus she liked Holly and really just wanted to go home rather than beat Holly...but Sharon knew she could beat Holly's ass. When asked by Trump if she thought she could beat Holly {as if he had to ask}, Sharon said she didn't know if she SHOULD. Sharon was just physically tired, and has been through a lot with her own health. Otherwise,Holly would have been whipped big-time by Sharon. Holly is cold and a bit of a back-stabber to people in general.

1583 days ago


Brett, your doctors should keep you AT HOME.

1583 days ago


#14 post, I agree ! Brett's doctors are twits---they need to emphasize more caution.

1583 days ago


Air travel is extremely risky for someone with blood clots and can actually cause blood clots! Bret be sure to not sit and keep your heart rate up during the entire flight by doing the TOUR BUS THRUST all the way to NY! Doctors orders!!!!

1583 days ago


I'm happy that Bret has so much fight in him and hope he continues on Celeb. App.. He deserves to win with all it is going to take just for him to show up. If that isn't enough to show he will go all out for his charity then I don't know what would. AND!! To all the haters out there be half the man he is then your jealousy would not show your asses so well. Shut the F#$% up about his hair!!! Take care Bret!

1583 days ago


I am not convinced that this was not all brought on from wearing a to tight Bandana for 20 years. It was proven scientifical that wearing to tight underwear will make you impotent. So why wouldn't Bandana cause your brain to hemorage.

Also what is the decision maker for Brett as to when to wear the EyeLiner and when not to?

1583 days ago


Bret needs to stay home and rest for a long time. Once he is completely well, he can get out and about. He isn't taking his health seriously at all.

1583 days ago

Bret Wins    

Of course Brett is going to win. How could trump not give it to him besides he thinks he may die soon.

1583 days ago


why is he even in the finale, ratings i guess, who IS HE!, i mean it's not like he's david lee roth!, television shows these days suck, r is it the generation watching them, why does people watch that CRAP.

1583 days ago


What is up with show? This creep makes my skin crawl....he's probably so full of STD'S his body is saying "GIVE ME A BREAK"!!! How low can you go? I thought this was even lower than the SLEEZE BAG TRUMP would go...but never underestimate the power of BS'ers...Birds of a feather.....You're known by the company you keep..BLA BLA BLA Yipes stripes, why do I watch this show? SICK SICK SICK...HELP!

1583 days ago


hope he dies

1583 days ago


Wow, I cannot believe all the people who posted that they hope he dies.
How can you say that about another human being? You may not like him for whatever reason, but how can you say that about a person who you do not know, and has done nothing wrong? My goodness, what if his daughters read those comments?
Unbelievable. Remember karma, guys.

1583 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Will, you must have a pathetic life to just lay on the couch in your parents basement and throw out stupid, pointless, useless comments.
Why don't you finish high school, go to college and learn something useful because right now you are a waste of space and oxygen.

1583 days ago


At least he has his life-priorities straight: he's appearing in the finale of Celebrity Apprentice.

1583 days ago


Team Bret Michaels! Although the grim reaper does seem to be trying to break down his door, I am fairly confident he'll live and win. He's sure as HELL not going to lose tomorrow night ~ duh!

1583 days ago
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