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Jesse James: I Wanted to Get Caught

5/24/2010 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James tried to explain his string of affairs to ABC News -- saying he was on a mission to "self sabotage" his perfect life.

Excerpts from his "Nightline" interview aired this morning on "GMA" -- where James called himself "the most hated man in the world" for what he did to Sandra Bullock, adding "she's gonna be hurt for a long time."

The full interview airs Tuesday night.


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White trash Jesse. Sandra won't hurt for a long time. Why? Because she got out after 5 years of marriage. I feel sorry for Jesse's kids. They're stuck with him as a father forever.

1549 days ago


YEA RIGHT! He wanted to get caught my AZZ! Why did he deny cheating when Sandra confronted him if he wanted to get caught?!?! He's a s***bag pig who puts up a "soft-spoken" exterior, but is a hateful cheating Nazi pig in real life!

1549 days ago


Yeah, sure you did! Creep.

1549 days ago

Fan of    

J.J. is such trash. I never knew what Sandra saw in him but, he made me a believer in who he really is. After all she did for him and his kids,and this is her payment back. What kind of Father does is he? Does he think his children won't be affected by his behavior, not to mention what kind of ezample he is setting.
I'm so glad she left his sorry A--. I know a few people who have actually met him and say he is a jerk.
I know she will come out of this in a great way. She certainly doesn't need him. Her baby is beautiful and he will grow up to have her back.
I don't believe his tears. He's a scuz ball.

1549 days ago

Just Sayin    

jesse james is creepy in his eyes!

1549 days ago

Professor Obvious    

The "Six Degrees Of Sandra Bullock" is a game you can play with anyone in the adult film industry. Just like the Kevin Bacon game except we're dealing with the fact that SANDRA IS LINKED TO EVERY PORNSTAR in the industry. Actually there's not a single porn star that is more than 4 degrees from Sandra Bullock. Just as all roads lead to Rome, all porn stars share a common link: Sandra Bullock.

1549 days ago


JJ looks and sounds like Elmer Fudd. He is just another, less than intelligent, cheater that got caught with his pants down. Now he is sorry because he got caught and he isn't young anymore or cool enough, rich enough or good looking enough to win another meal ticket like Sandra. Sandra deserves better than that and she might be sad now but she will be happier with out that creep.

1549 days ago


Just like any married guy who cheats, his wife and kids are low priorties. He's too selfish and egotistical to understand anything beyond the tip of his p*nis. I don't buy the psychological babble he's trying to sell to the interviewer. He's a manipulating liar, so why should anyone believe him? He used Sandra Bullock just like he's used every woman he's ever known. It's a power game to him and that's all. Sadly, he's the epitome of a cheating husband. They all look just as pathetic as Jesse once they lose a beautiful family!!

He should hook up with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, she'd make the perfect PTA and soccer mom for his kids. Imagine a tattooed ignorant Nazi tramp at your kid's Christmas play? How embarrassing!! No other decent woman will come within 100 miles of his azz. He's contaminated waste.

He only agreed to that interview to confront the Nazi rumors & squeeze out a fake tear in order to save his enterprise. Most men will still buy his product anyway. $$$ and self preservation. The jig is up Jesse, you're a manipulating piece of sh*t and you suck!!

1549 days ago


so you jesse james were blessed and cursed with success

1549 days ago

South Beach    

Self-fufilling prophecy, so he "gets caught", Tiger Woods, too gutless to leave so he "gets caught", both publically humiliating the women involved because they never grew a set. Either one.

Screw 'em. Karma's a bitch.

1549 days ago


Jesse hasn.t met his soulmate yet.Thats why he sheeted.You dont sheet when your with the right one
They should not got,nmarried.
Sandra is great but she.s not protectedfrom life.Thats life

Read more:

1548 days ago


for now Jesse James is like prototype of bad husband, and this college essay only a proof of that fact

1548 days ago


I feel sorry for Jesse but he is a big man, and to say he sabatoged a good thing makes me feel he is lying , who in their right mind would act out for someone uglier than his wife, at least get someone better in some aspects and I dont mean freaky way I hope things work out for you and stop blaming people for your problems man up

1546 days ago
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