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Lindsay Lohan

I Don't Need Prison or Rehab

5/24/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she doesn't see why she should "have to go to prison" or rehab -- but of course that'll be up to the judge when/if Lindsay shows up in court today.

In an interview shot on Sunday, Lindsay also talked about her alcohol ed classes (she thinks she's in compliance), and seemed non-chalant about her progress hearing -- though sources tell us Lindsay's pretty freaked out.

Oh, and wait till you hear the story behind that photo in Cannes. 


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Wow! Denial!

1613 days ago

The Misc    

bitch is a mess

1613 days ago


she must be hurting for money to be doing these interviews.

1613 days ago


As I commented on the other post - she is delusional - she honestly thinks there is nothing wrong. She thinks everyone is picking on her.

Jail will be the only thing that saves her. That fluffy "private" rehab her dad is trying for will do nothing, she will hang out for a couple weeks, then go right back to being a junkie every night.

1613 days ago


One day when she grows up, if she makes it that far, she will come to her senses and look back at this interview and point to it and say "I was living a lie... I was on camera saying nothing was wrong, and I was coming down from an all night coke binge when I filmed it"

1613 days ago


Thank you, Tim Roth. Because of his show "Lie to me", I've been studying faces and movements forever. Lindsay is a horrible poker player. Scratching the back the head? Lie. Constantly glancing to the left is an indication of searching for answers. Those jumping eyebrows might as well hold a sign up saying,"GUILTY, Hang my azz." She is so screwed. BTW, who is interviewing her,H.A.L.?

1613 days ago


Oh, and LMAO @ "I take responsibility for my actions, I always have" - Hey Lindsay - you kidnapped 3 people while driving drunk and had cocaine on you at the time - you really think taking over a year to do 13 classes makes up for that? You really think you accept responsibility when you denied the coke was yours, denied you kidnapped them...

#RIP Lindsay Lohan

1613 days ago


That was really stupid to do that interview. She totally thinks everything is ok and so plays the victim role well. It is so obvious she is lying, especially as it relates to her use and excuse. I took a picture with some fans? Don't insult us. You party like their is no tomorrow, you hurt others. You are a giant id running around, out of control and will kill youself. Hope you do not take anyone else with you. Grow the hell up and shut up. She lies, steals, cheats...what a pig of a human being.

1613 days ago

Are you sure?    

She looks cracked out to me! Lindsay's lawyer thought she did her a favor by getting her a such a light sentence. She would have been better off getting a really harsh sentence and getting her act together. She has lost a lot of money and reputation because of her light sentence. She should have had drug testing as part of her probation. It isn't the first time that a lawyer got a guilty person off the hook! Shawn Chapman Holley you should be ashamed of yourself. First OJ Simpson and now you have enabled Lindsay to nearly kill herself!

1613 days ago


What's that Dina? Oh yes, deny deny deny and then somehow blame Michael Lohan over and over even though it's Lindsay's choices that brought her to being a lying addict. The explanation about the cocaine in the pic is just ridiculous! She's flicking her eyes around, scratching her head as she sits there telling whoppers. hard to feel sorry for's impossible!

1613 days ago


She looks away from the camera a lot. I don't think that is a very good sign as far as telling the truth goes.

1613 days ago

pink floyd    

lindsay take a look at yourself in amirror?????? do you see anything wrong????????????get help or you will be dead in a year.

1613 days ago


Also, it's pretty clear from the video from HollywoodTV right before Lindsay left for Cannes, and this one, soon as she got back, how she got $$$ to go to Cannes.
Really Linds? This is what you've sunk to? Taking money from tabloids? Do you realize where this puts you on the Hollywood scale? Do you think Meryl Streep would consider this even if she was on the verge of being homeless? NEVER in a million years.
Go to jail, then go to rehab, then go live in Iowa or somewhere far from ANY media, in obscurity for about 3 years, THEN you might have a chance to come back and earn some credibility.

1613 days ago

pink floyd    

@ 12 lori.. you are 100% correct. people that look away when being questioned are always lying..

1613 days ago


She doesn't look at the interviewer when answering most of the questions...lying.

1613 days ago
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