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Lindsay Lohan's Movie Excuse -- Total BS

5/25/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made it clear to the court that she didn't wanna wear a SCRAM bracelet because she thought it would get in the way of an upcoming movie shoot in Texas -- problem is, no such shoot exists.


TMZ has contacted the producers of the only two motion picture projects Lindsay is currently attached to -- "Machete" and "Inferno" -- and they both made it very clear that LiLo has no business in Texas.

A rep for "Machete" tells us there ARE additional scenes being shot in Texas but, "according to the director, they don't include [Lindsay]."

As for "Inferno," a rep tells us, The Linda Lovelace biopic "doesn't plan on starting shooting 'till the beginning of August."  Also, it's not being shot in Texas -- so the SCRAM bracelet would have no affect on that film either.

Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, relayed Lohan's excuse to Judge Marsha Revel on Monday -- but the judge didn't buy it anyway ... and forced her to SCRAM it up.



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What a L O S E R. She's totally disrespected the court. Keep it up, dumb @ss. They don't play.

24 years old, no job, no education, lousy press, poor choices. We live or die by the choices WE make.

Grow the F up!

1559 days ago


I feel that people who are over-critical about others and like to label them and fit them into their own pre-conceived boxes are insecure people themselves and maybe feel threatened in some way.

I always try to treat people the same, we are all different and we all have our own stengths and weaknesses.

Love and peace to all.. going to a safe and friendlier place.

1559 days ago


mfstout: Not ALL lawyers lie, but: Was it not a lie for her lawyer to say she was downstairs on time, when her vehicle didn't even pull up until 8:40 ? Was it not a lie for her lawyer to say that she had to shoot a movie in Texas, when in fact she isn't? Was it not a lie for her lawyer to say that she had a ticket to fly home on time, but couldn't produce it? Some lawyers can and do lie on a regular basis... Not all of them, but some do, and she's one of them...

1559 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Believe it or not, Lindsay has NOT hit bottom yet. Only when she does, will she WANT help and stop her stupid excuses/lies.

She is the only one who will know when she hits bottom. I would think if I, or any of us here, were her, we would say "Enough"

Unfortunately, she still has not made that decision yet and until she does, she will find a way to drink and/or drug.

Let's say a prayer that she doesn't kill anyone while getting there.

1559 days ago


Here is another example of someone who could have had it all & ended up throwing it away. I only remember her being in a handful of movies. I read more about her bad behavior. This is why no one wants to hire her. I hope she will see the light one day before it's too late.

1559 days ago


"166. Greg, you're wrong. Lawyers are officers of the court. They lie, they get disbarred. They are technically always under oath. It's an oath they took, an oath I took as well, when being licensed to practice law. And although I no longer practice, all lawyers are not liars. You're an idiot to say that or think that. You should get your facts straight. "

I stand by my statement. Lawyers are paid liars. If a client tells his lawyer that he is guilty does the lawyer insist that the client enter a guilty plea? No, he does not. He enters a plea of innocent on his client's behalf. That is lying. Does a lawyer volunteer information to the court given to him by his client? No, he does not. That is lying by omission. By the way, it's a crime in the state of California to claim that you are a lawyer if you are not in fact a member of the bar. So be careful.

1559 days ago


by lawntamersinc Exactly! You started hearing about her bad behavior from 16 and up. To bad she didnt have a real mother who didnt rope her in then. She was to busy counting all the money to even have her daughter live with her. She was pretty much like yeah go do what you want kid, ya bother me!

1559 days ago


"Lawyers are officers of the court. They lie, they get disbarred."

No, not really. It takes WAY more than that to get disbarred in ANY state... most commonly attorneys get sanctioned, and/or fined, or sued in civil court, but Lindsay's atty hasn't done anything to even merit a fine.

I think people are so wound up they're ready to attack anything that moves...

1559 days ago


My sister in law did the same thing with her daughter and shes 20 now going thru the same thing. She has a dui and is still out partying. Her mother has "restrictions" on her like no car no going out, yada yada. Its pretty hard to enforce when my sil is passed out on the couch by 6 every night. Its sad this kid had so much potential. My niece obviously wants help she was going to check herself into rehab went to the hospital, but never did because she called her mom and her mom was suppose to show up but chose to go to the bar instead and so my niece said F it and left.
I wish I would have known I would have gone down there myself. Now its to late no one even knows where she is if shes even still in the stae.

1559 days ago


Really, who gives a rats a***? The press this girl gets from being a total loser is unbelievable. Her importance- even in the world of entertainment- is zilch at this's been years since she did anything productive and I'm sick of hearing about her every move.

1559 days ago


By the way, here in it's entirety is the oath a lawyer in California takes:

"I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and
that I will faithfully discharge the duties of an attorney and counse1lor at law to the best of my knowledge and ability."

Code section 6068 does mention not lying, but since our resident "attorney" says it is in the oath that they can't lie I thought I'd provide the actual text of the oath.

And yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

1559 days ago

why is she there ?    


1559 days ago


Her lawyer just seems very smug and very slimy. She seems like she is soooo sure shes going to pull one over on the judge.

1559 days ago

why is she there ?    

have a topic about lieing lawyers.
like jim careys movie,

1559 days ago


Machete looks to be a REALLY good picture - NOT! She's reduced to low budget horror movies and a sex flick about a *********** (I'd find a movie about the REAL "***********" of Watergate fame interesting, but not a porn star). She'll probably OD during the making of one of them and then everyone will suddenly think its all so tragic and she would have been something much bigger one day if she'd lived. Hooey.

1559 days ago
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