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Lindsay Lohan's Movie Excuse -- Total BS

5/25/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made it clear to the court that she didn't wanna wear a SCRAM bracelet because she thought it would get in the way of an upcoming movie shoot in Texas -- problem is, no such shoot exists.


TMZ has contacted the producers of the only two motion picture projects Lindsay is currently attached to -- "Machete" and "Inferno" -- and they both made it very clear that LiLo has no business in Texas.

A rep for "Machete" tells us there ARE additional scenes being shot in Texas but, "according to the director, they don't include [Lindsay]."

As for "Inferno," a rep tells us, The Linda Lovelace biopic "doesn't plan on starting shooting 'till the beginning of August."  Also, it's not being shot in Texas -- so the SCRAM bracelet would have no affect on that film either.

Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, relayed Lohan's excuse to Judge Marsha Revel on Monday -- but the judge didn't buy it anyway ... and forced her to SCRAM it up.



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Hey Lindsay a little pissed off are you the judge didn't believe your story or bulls*hit. Now you have to wear SCRAM maybe you should SCRAM you have finally made it to the DD list your a nobody. Soon or a later the money is going to run out the press will no longer cover you because your not worth it anymore. Jail time would have been good for you. Your never going to grow up.

1615 days ago


TMZ, do you know that she prefer to wear a Chanel handbag flat 1112 in stead of the bracelet? I just see her blog about that she purchasing some replica Chanel bags from ec4bag . c o m which is dedicated on designer bags like chanel LV ...

1615 days ago


Now she has to walk around in this jumbo box on her leg. Leave it to Lindsay to screw her own self over.

1615 days ago


this girl is just a serious dumbass. When you are in a court room you are under oath and if you lie you can get into serious trouble.. She is just building up a damn mile long list of reasons for the judge to throw her in jail

1615 days ago


Somehow I think the DA means business. Show me the tickets....Think she might be in a whole bunch of hurt. If I were the lawyer, she needs to quite covering for the overindulged grown woman.

1615 days ago


She should be sitting in jail for the 180 days.. If it were you or I we would be in Jail..STOP GIVING THESE CELEBS SPECIAL TREATMENT...You just might save this girls life if she spent a few months tucked away in a cell.

1615 days ago


Effect, not affect.

1615 days ago


I wonder if Vegas has a " When she fails pool " going on? I'd like to get in on that.

1615 days ago


She has another project that TMZ has no idea about, yeah that hippy with the long hair that the girl who drinks coffee is in love with gets all the scoops but he didn't get this one.

1615 days ago


totally agree deeds, DA is after her in a big way. Supposedly she didn't have the ticket either (read it somewhere) just had a itinerary but no actual ticket. So again more lies maybe. Now also this business with the movie. Not very smart to get caught lying in court, plain dumb to do it twice or more.

1615 days ago


It is ashamed these child stars grow up to screw up their lives. I also blame the parents. In Lindsay's case her mom in my opinion is "feeding" her addiction for her own gain and addictions! Her dad is a total nut job, but yet makes some sense on some things.

As a parent of six kids my last graduating and off to college in the fall I am shocked at the way these parents are acting and refusing to acknowledge there is and has been a problem all because they will lose the "money train". I feel sorry for all of them and the only one thats going to lose is Lindsay. Now I do believe she needs to learn a lesson and jail may be the only way she grows up. Either way, its a NO WIN situation for Lindsay.

1615 days ago


I think every knew Lindsay had no acting jobs to do so this story is not a surprise at all. When is LL going to be called out for lying to the court? Hopefully at her probation hearing.

1615 days ago


WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!SKANK!!!!!!!!PILE OF PUKE!!!!!!!!

1615 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA. This is where I go for my DUI. She's doing better than any regular person there. EVERYONE misses dates and makes it up later. I've missed more than 15 dates and made it up later, but it doesn't say in the report to that judge that you missed class dates. Actually the judge is being really unfair to her, compared to all the other DUI offenders that go to these programs. Even the programs teachers say that you're allowed to miss dates, as long as it's not 10 in a row, and you make them up on later dates. They only charge you $10 for every missed class or activity. This judge is a total bitch. She's treating her way worse than she would treat a non-celeb. America is a **** hole of country now a days, where the government and the politicians are the biggest criminals. There is a GENOCIDE going on in Iraq - due to crooked men in the office. Evil money hungry Bush family and big corps like goldman and sachs - that gets away with murder. I love how TV keeps the minds of public on BS cases like this, but will never say on the news that AMERICAN soldiers in IRAQ are blasting away kids and women left and right committing genocide for reasons that they don't even know (the evil men that sent them there know why; OIL.) They're not protecting the country. Every news media is controlled and we get 20% of the truth. Let's keep Americas minds busy with BULL**** celeb stories, while we pass THE PATRIOT ACT, taking away all right and violating the Constitution. If you don't know what it means, it means that ANY law enforcement does not need any warranty or permission from court to wire tap your phone, read your emails, look in to your bank account. All I know is that, as long as there is greed the men at the top are going to be the biggest criminals of all.

1615 days ago


comment 67, Kelly, this was never about going to jail, it was a bail hearing for not showing up to the first hearing in to whether she is in violation of her probation. Now if she breaks bail she can go to jail.
The hearing on July 6th will determine if she goes to jail, it will decide if there is any violation which by the what the Judge has said already I think she has and it would be a miracle is she doesn't get time.

1615 days ago
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