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Cops Beef Up Protection for 'Jersey Shore' Crew

5/26/2010 4:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Jersey Shore" producers have literally pulled out the big guns to keep their perma-tanned cast members safe when they return to Seaside Heights -- all thanks to the boys in blue.  

Jersey Shore' Crew
TMZ spoke with Seaside Heights Chief of Police Thomas J. Boyd, who tells us 7-10 police officers will be assigned to the "Jersey" cast 24/7 during production. Last year, only one officer was assigned to the show.

The chief also tells us that a private security company has also been called in by the show to help keep things in order.


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Please, this show is an absolute waste of time! Take DJ Pauly D for example, here's a man who is almost 30 years old if he's not 30 already acting like a complete idiot. Tan, gel, lift...check back with ole leather face in about 10 years, he will be another after thought just like the show!

1576 days ago

Cowper's Gland    

i applaud the fact that angelina's vaginal lips are on steroids.

1576 days ago

TheresNo LoveHere    

Cause people know them now!! Its not going to be as good as 1st season. Nobody knew who they were,, now the situation (ughhh) is gonna be getting laid all the time & snooki (oye) too! Its going to be all scripted now... they should have replaced em!

1576 days ago


Can someone please beat each and every single one of these goombas senseless? Please? If I lived in Jersey, I'd do it myself.

1576 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

Let the company pay for its own security. Since when did taxpayers agree to this?

1575 days ago


If they really want to serve and protect, make snook wear a mask, or at least don't let her out of the house till dark. And to protect the drunk men she should be made to leave the bar 1 hour before they close, after all, waking up with a hang over is bad enough, but having to see that thing in bed beside you is just adding insult to injury

1575 days ago


Protect from what???? People who cant stand them??? ;oP

1575 days ago


Why in the world are the police using valuable resources to protect a bunch of jerks? Don't the police have better things to do? If the producers want police protection they can d**n well pay for it.

1575 days ago


It is a scam for MONEY. The Special Police officers (rent-a-cops, who only work for the summer) who work on the boardwalk are TOLD to Write as many tickets and ARREST as possible so they can go pay their way to the academy the following fall. Thomas Boyd tells them to leave the families alone because they spend money in the town and to harrass the teenagers and young adults. They'll arrest you for any reason because any reason can be a disorderly persons offense, they will throw in the resisting because you don't know what your getting arrested for. Then you come to court the judge, (who happens to be CHEIF THOMAS BOYD'S BROTHER IN LAW), he lets you plead it down to a Municipal Ordinece which is $400, and the town gets the money not the state. You think you made out but IT'S JUST A SCAM THAT THE TOWN HAS BEEN DOING FOR YEARS. THE PROCACUTORS OFFICE LOOKS THE OTHER WAY because Boyd SISTER WORKS THERE. NOW WE HAVE MTV'S SHOW WHO GLORIFIED VIOLENCE WHICH MEANS MORE FIGHTS, MORE ARRESTS, MORE MONEY. GREAT PLAN BOYD, YOU HAVE RUINED SLEASIDE. Sleaside Heights makes 3 Million dollars a summer doing this scam. Trust me I know I have first hand knowledge. Seaside heights POLICE have many lawsuits for false arrest and police brutality here is an article where they just settled a lawsuit for the aforementioned lawsuit.

1575 days ago


Oh the same private securtity guards that assaults WOMAN, throws them on the ground and falsly detain victims so that RONNIE can get his punches in?

1575 days ago

Mexico in Love    

Peace! Don't hate, participate.

1575 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

These people are a waste of oxygen. Please, please, please, MTV, cancel the show, PUL-EEZE!!

1575 days ago


yeah- Boyd stands taal n proud to say that theyare gonna beef up the protection...only because these cops love hurting people!!! They love to just pounce on anyone male or female and its a shame what they get away with... keep your eyes open at all times tmz you could bust out the story of a life time n show how slimey SLEEZESIDE (seaside heights nj) really is!!! honestly watch n see how it turns out

1575 days ago


I don't understand why they need protection. Don't they win most of their fights?

1575 days ago


Post #11 is right. The cops will be paid by MTV. Cops live for extra duty like that.

Hey if you want a picture of your name in the sand at the Jersey Shore, check out

1575 days ago
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