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Mindy McCready -- My Mom Overreacted

5/25/2010 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_mindy_02_EXMindy McCready's rep tells TMZ the singer did not OD on drugs -- she just had a bad reaction to a painkiller and her mom "overreacted."

Brent Young, Mindy's rep, tells us she broke her toe 2 days ago and has been complaining about the pain.

We're told Mindy's mom gave her four Darvocet pills this morning.  Darvocet is a narcotic painkiller.

Young says Mindy told her mom that she wasn't feeling well -- possibly from a bad reaction to the Darvocet -- and her mom "overreacted" and called 911.

McCready and her mom have been fighting over custody of Mindy's son.  Young says McCready's mom may have simply been trying to make her custody argument stronger by calling the paramedics.

Young says he just spoke with Mindy, saying, "She's totally coherent.  She can't believe her mom did this." 

Young says, Mindy wants him to call Dr. Drew to say she hasn't fallen off the wagon.

UPDATE:  Dr. Drew Pinsky just told TMZ ... he's spoken with Mindy over the last few days and there was "no evidence of any relapse."  Pinsky says the Darvocet was an appropriate med for her pain.


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9. 5. Who breaks their toe and complains about the "pain"? I've broken my toes many times, it's one of the least painful bones to break and they pretty much heal on their own.

Posted at 10:11 AM on May 25, 2010 by me not you

Wrong,breaking your toe or jamming it is one of the most painful things you can do.....

Posted at 10:15 AM on May 25, 2010 by electriczipper

Read more:

Please. 'Natural childbirth' THAT'S painful!

Pain is 'relevant'. Some people have a 'high tolerance', others a low one.


Depends on how much 'real pain' you've had to deal with in your life. Also depends on age & gender. Women typically have a higher tolerance than men. Elderly folks generally have a higher tolerance than younger or middle-age people. As a nurse, I've found that the those with the lowest tolerance to pain? Men in their 30's as a general rule....oh, & the absolute worst? MY HUSBAND! AUCK! What a wuss:) lol! as far as pain?? There are exceptions to EVERY 'rule' & pain tolerance is a totally individual & very subjective thing.

I've broken my finger & it hurt like HELL when I did it but was able to 'get by' after the splint was applied with some Ibuprofen. Not because I'm so 'tough' in r/e to dealing with pain but because I'm in Mindy's boat & I don't take chances with my sobriety. Not worth it.

Unfortunately for addicts, unless they want to expose themselves to the risk of relapse, don't have the luxury of loading up on the prescription analgesics. McCready should know better than taking 4 Darvocet. Now, THERE is some typical addict behavior:( The usual dosage is 1-2 & frankly she shouldn't even be taking it at all, except as a last resort. Darvocet is usually prescribed for an addict as opposed to something such as Vicodin or Percocet because it's 'euphoric' side effects are much less pronounced than the later 2 pain meds I mentioned.

I certainly found myself wondering why in the world she needed 4 of them though unless TMZ got the 'details' WRONG....again. They seem to have a habit of doing that.

Also, why is this woman staying with her mother if she is in a custody battle over her kid? 'MOM' calling 911 IS pretty suspect, I agree. Sounds like she just wanted something 'do***ented' to use against her possibly?

I really hope that Mindy is doing well & continues to 'fight the good fight' in regards to her addiction.

BTW- Dr. Drew is a totally awesome addictionologist! I love that guy. That's who should have treating MJ instead of 'Connie, the Quackster':(

1611 days ago


Four of them can't make you OD and yes the mom can go to jail for giving them to her.

1611 days ago


sweet Mother of God. tmz. how juvenile of your "journalistic" talent. pathetic, sad sad. the desperation of filling up your pages is showing. comical. a person took 4 pain pills. gee willakers. get a grip already.

1611 days ago


Don't think I would give a narcotic to an addict who is attempting to stay sober. I've had broken toes-take some Advil-it works! I don't believe her mother did this unless she thought this was a relapse. Perhaps she thought Mindy had overused the bottle of narcotics she provided. In any case, it's clear Mindy isn't the most stable person to be caring for a small child.

1611 days ago


4 is nothing! i used to take 15 at a time. major addict!

1611 days ago


Dr. Drew, while one of the top addiction specialists in this country, was not there. He doesn't know what took place for sure. If Mindy was coherent and not overdosing, why did she willingly go with the paramedics? Odd. Something is being floated here by her rep and it stinks.

1611 days ago


Good Heavens! Her mom gave her 4 Darvocet? No wonder she "had a reaction." Even docs say "take an aspirin and call me in the morning," not "take a jar of aspirin & I'll see ya in the morgue."

1611 days ago


You're a Bad Mom since you're just trying to build a case to keep custody of her child. You should offer her support instead of setting her up for failure. Yea, Cindy has had her share of problems but she is trying re-build her life but with someone like you around…fat chance. Get your own life!

1611 days ago


It is a controlled substance and is a weaker form of methadone. I do not believe Dr. Drew said she did not have a relapse. He can't know that. Mindy is so pathetic. She knows what a horrific time she has had with substance abuse, yet she takes controlled substance for a minor injury. Some addicts endure serious post surgery pain because they know they can't take pain killers. She is only fooling herself and I don't trust anything she says. She doesn't seem to have learned much that would indicate she has become a fit parent. It's very sad.

1611 days ago


Mother sounds highly manipulative.

1611 days ago


If she was addicted to the painkiller oxycotin and shes taking darvocet that means she is still using. Dr. Drew is obviously not that good of a docter if hes covering for an addict.

1611 days ago


I'm behind Mindy, I don't care who you are and what you've done....within reason, you deserve a chance to redeem yourself. Mom please don't sabatoge your daughter. by the way, I'm a few miles from Mindy and her mom and I feel like I need and want to support her. Get your life back and your son. Good Luck!!

1611 days ago

The whole thing is a joke

1611 days ago


An opiate addict taking 4 darvocet is equivalent to an alcoholic drinking beers.

1611 days ago


shes such an addict that she intentionally breaks non important bones in order to get the good stuff

1611 days ago
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