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Jesse James' Sister -- The Abuse Was Real

5/27/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' sister is backing Jesse's claims that he was abused as a child -- and she also blames their father for the incident in which Jesse suffered a broken arm.

Jesse James' Sister

Julie James England (above with Jesse on her wedding day) tells TMZ her father Larry -- who denied the abuse allegations Jesse made on "Nightline" -- was "very abusive to my mom and us when we were growing up."

As for Jesse's broken arm -- Julie says Larry forced 7-year-old Jesse to jump over a fence to retrieve a lost ball from a neighbor's yard one night.

She claims her father was screaming at Jesse the whole time and that, as a result, Jesse ended up falling off the fence and breaking his arm.

Despite all that's happened, Julie says she's proud of her brother because she feels Jesse's finally "on the mend."


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Oh puhlease...lots of ppl suffer abuse, but don't go doing immoral things. He cheated because he wanted to cheat...plain and simple. That interview made him seem like a ****y SOB. I dislike him even more now.

1579 days ago


If bare backing the Bombshell is "on the mend" I see what she means!

1579 days ago


My feeling was that Jesse James felt deep down he didn't deserve the happy ever after with the love of his life because of the severe abuse he suffered as a child. He didn't know what it was like to have a happy family life. He was out to destroy his happy home before someone else would do it to him. He just couldn't believe that someone so nice & loved by everyone could truly love him forever after. I hope he gets the help he has needed since he was that young boy.

1579 days ago


It's not that he was abused, and so he cheated... Its much deeper than that. If some of you had really listened to him, he SAID that the abuse made him feel worthless, and that led to lots of times during his life where he sabotaged himself because he figured he really wasn't worth it, or couldnt live up to it, or whatever.

This is a normal response for all of us. If you feel worthless inside, you will do "worthless" things. Once you feel better about yourself, you also then start to act on a higher plane.

It's just psychology....

1579 days ago


I believe Jesse. He deserve another shot. The man made himself from scratch and never was handed a golden spoon.

I am sure there is a reason why Sandra loved him besides being the vanilla gorilla.

He screwed up but who doesn't in Hollywood. I think he's a better man for this and I hope Sandra takes him back. I bet she eventually will as long as he keeps trying to win her heart.

1579 days ago


People making cruel comments should be thankful they never suffered abuse as a child, otherwise they would have compassion. I thank God that I never suffered or witnessed such abuse, but I can empathize with those who did.

1579 days ago


What the frick does being abused (mildly or wildly) have to do with him cheating on his wife with multiple women.
Go to a shrink and get it all worked out.

Loose the pity card dude.
It aint flyin'.
Is there anything worse than tattood wussy men without backbones?

1579 days ago


Getting yelled at and falling on your own doesn't equal your father breaking your arm, even if he told him to climb that fence. No one deserves to be abused but bringing this up just shows how Jesse can't take responsibility for his own actions and just wants sympathy from the public. Now his parents are embarrassed and publicly humiliated as well, which is completely unnecessary.

Oh and Googie, I do not believe it is your place to pass judgment on people for giving their opinion, OR lumping all abused people into one "compassionate" category.

1579 days ago


So his father did NOT break his arm, he just fell off a fence.

1579 days ago


Most of us suffer abuse in one form or another - because our parents are not perfect either - so what they have to give us maybe isn't what we need - But it does not excuse us from becoming better as adults as a result and learning from their mistakes and not continuing the cycle - All actions have reactions so Jesse has to take respopnsibility for HIS actions-
Man up buddy - you're an adult - a father - Do you want your kids to slander you with abuse in a few years time? STFU!!!!

1579 days ago

Blue Lake    

The idiot sister is as much of a liar as her Nazi lover baldy bro. Jesse implied the dad broke his arm. Clearly that's a lie. What did Sandy ever see in him?

1579 days ago


Good now put a rest to this story. Jesse bravely came out and told his side and his sister confirms it. As for Jesse's so called dad the paychecks stop now no more money out there from news sources to cash in on being a rotten dad. Sperm donor is more like it. Dr. Drew would confirm that childhood abuse physical or emotional can lead to acting out and sabatoging relationships it leaves low self worth. Jesse was truthful in he sabatoged his marriage and never felt good enough. Ok, let them all heal now and for the love of God stop following the kids to school. Wow, enough don't buy the pictures from x17online or who ever else will have them tomorrow. I hope Jesse and Sandra get back together but if not I hope they are able to remain friends and co-parent. He is an amazing parent and shouldn't be judged harshly.

1579 days ago


pleasee... if my brother was worth a hundred million, i'd say anything to cover his ass!! :) Just keep the money coming bro!

1579 days ago


It's not one women that he cheated on Sandra with!! Come on people! What's with ya?? Let ur husband or wife do this, then you come to me and say..well he or she was abused, so thats ok... yeah right..

1579 days ago


he proved once again that he is a liar attacking his innocent father
shame on him and his sister too

1579 days ago
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