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Jesse James' Stepmom -- Abuse Claim is 'Crap'

5/26/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' former stepmom claims Jesse's allegation that his dad broke his arm when he was 7 years old "is a bunch of crap."

Janina James Coan, who was involved with Jesse's dad since Jesse was 6, tells TMZ she was "appalled" by what Jesse said about Larry James during the "Nightline" interview.

Coan -- who married Larry when Jesse was in high school but eventually divorced -- tells us Jesse had a variety of injuries -- including broken bones -- as a kid, because he was into motocross.   But she scoffs at the notion that Jesse was abused.

Coan says, "Larry was the most caring father, the kindest father who would do anything for anybody.  He loved Jesse to death and would brag about him all the time."

Coan does say, however, that Jesse and his dad don't get along.  The tension started, she claims, when Jesse was 16.  She claims Jesse's dad found out his son and a friend allegedly robbed a Fotomat and called the cops on him.  Coan says Jesse ended up in juvenile hall and was very upset that his dad turned him in.


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my opinion    

I did not watch the broadcast, but when I heard some of the reactions I pulled it up on the web. While watching I felt utterly repulsed by Jesse James and the show he was putting on. "If" he was abused then I feel for what he went through as I was abused as well. However, the way he described his abuse and how he kept stating that his father broke his arm is extremely suspicious. Due to my childhood I have devoted my education and career on studying child abuse, and his behavior raised a red flag. An abused child would have said "my dad was chasing me and I fell down." They do as much as they can to convince themselves that it is there fault and they asked for the outcome. The fact that he said "there are a lot of people that were abused who go on to abuse or go on to do drugs," seemed like he was excusing his behavior by saying that because he isn't doing drugs or beating Sandra then his action aren't as bad as those of other victims of abuse. His behavior and comments make me doubt his honesty as well as his sincerity.

Confessing that his actions were a ploy to push his wife away because he knew she would leave anyway, is a terrible attempt to gain sympathy. You don't cheat on your wife because you wanted to sabotage a great life, you do it because you are selfish and you think that you can get away with it. James used the Nazi picture as another example of him setting himself up to ruin his life and hurt himself. However, when asked about the picture in the interview he claimed that the Nazi picture was "a joke that was probably pretty funny in a party" and "if it came out by itself, people would have murmured a little and then it would have gone away." I find many disturbing things in those comments, it did not seem like sabotage but more like a stupid joke he made in order to entertain friends at a party. In his defense James claimed he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. If that was true then why would you feel posing in a Nazi hat and while displaying a Nazi salute would be funny? Why would you have a Nazi hat in your house in the first place? James stating that, if not attached to this current scandal then the pic wouldn't have been such a big deal is horrifying. This shows that he has no remorse, no respect for the victims of the holocaust, and that he believes his actions are being overly criticized only because he is "caught in a perfect storm and people are out for blood."

Before this media attention I did not know who Jesse James was, but this glimpse into his life shows just how much of a manipulating and pathetic P.O.S. he is. James feels enraged by all this press and attention that Sandra and his children are being exposed to. Ironically enough this statement is made during a highly publicized interview on a talk show. If he wasn't such a self absorbed Neanderthal he would have realized that doing the interview is only going to make things worse. Papers, television shows, and web site will continue to expose his children to this embarrassing scandal. The fact that they have to go to school knowing that all of their classmates know about their personal family problems make me sympathetic to family, with exception to James. If he had any respect for Sandra and his children and if he really cared about them he would have owned up to his actions and sought treatment without turning it into a publicity stunt. Sandra's reaction to James behavior shows that she is very smart, courageous, and wants the best four her new child Louie. Despite James' apologies and attempts to reconcile I am confident that now after seeing her future ex-husband for what he really is, Sandra will never trust him again.

1580 days ago


I've been following JJ for years and all he ever wanted to do is build bikes and weld stuff... Leave him the hell alone. He F'd up...everyone has. He is his own worst enemy and people keep telling him "YOU F'D UP". He knows that. He's not perfect much like everyone else!

1580 days ago


Only him and his father know the truth. Sandra is loving how you all think she's is better than you. That's one of the great things about being a Celebrity in America. Americans but you above themsleves.

1580 days ago

to little    

Jesse needs to grow the **** up stop making excuses for his lame *ss... Be a man and stop blaming your dad. If i were hi i would have turned your ass in too

1580 days ago


BS..I don't believe this woman or Jesse's lying dad.

1579 days ago


Yeah, she looks completely at ease in this photo!!

1579 days ago


If Sandra really LOVED Jesse, she would stand by her man and try her best to work it out! If the Clintons can why can't she? I had abuse and it caused me lots of problems in my adult life. All people react in their own way to their life problems. I had no self worth. I didn't know how pretty I really was till I found a man that showed me. Sandra must have wanted out before this or she would have stood by her man! I'm just saying if it's good enough for the Clintons!

1579 days ago


I think that CPS makes sure that he should not be near his children. He says that he was abused as a child and that is why he cheated on his wife and family. He has hurt the ones that he loves in his life because of this abuse. The authorities need to make sure he is not around his children. He is not fit to be around them. He is not mentally fit either. He is making too many excuses for his behavior. He can't have it both ways.

1579 days ago


This fool jesse is what a real man calls a B-TCH cry and blame everyone else. so what if his dad beat his -ss sounds like he needs his a-- kick now!!! a major wanta be !! LOL bowho

1579 days ago


Where is Jesse's real mom at? This mentions a stepmom.
Being that no one was there besides his sister.
How you can anyone say what really happened if you weren't there.
Alot of parents do abuse their children which sometimes
last with a child that grows into adults for a very long time.
Think about this. parents that call there children stupid every single day, the child grows up believing they are stupid.
I hear parents tell thier child will you quit being so stupid
in public and watch the childs face go from a smile to a frown.
How many parents praise thier child for a good job done?
How many parents tell thier child will you quit being so lazy?
How many parents tell thier child you aren't good enough?
How many parents tell thier child I love you and give them a hug?
How many parents know that a child knows if you love them or not if you don't say anything to them? Sometimes Parents think
the child knows this. Just ask your child.... Do you feeled love
by mommy and daddy?.. then you will have your answer.
Don't be so hard on Jessie. Jessie knows what he did was wrong.
Now Jesse will pay the price for what he has done.
Just like some men and women that cheat on thier spouse.
Their is no reason to cheat on your spouse for what ever reason.
Some men tell women that are single and later the women find out the men are married.
That is wrong for anyone to tell another they are single when they are married. That in itself is wrong it is a lie plain and simple.
Married men or women should be with thier spouses only.

1579 days ago


Screwed up parents make for screwed up adults. I've seen this happen over and over again. Usually it leads to self destructive behavior like Jesse's. Parents are our role models, whether they know it or not.

1579 days ago


People like him just get off on being bad lying and seeing how they can get over on people. It is what makes them thrive. They live for the thrill and get bored easy. he should have just called it like it is and said he enjoyed the thrill of lying and deceiving. People like him live for danger it is their drug. It's just in your blood to be that way and you can't change. he thinks he's being smart but he is trying to manipulate everyone into believing he is sincere. He has convinced himself that he was abused and now his game is to convince the world. he's grasping at straws and is a sinking ship.
he is trying to play victim it is so obvious and now he is still spinning his web of deceit and hurting other people.

1579 days ago


I'll believe Jesse because his sister backs him up. She would have been in a position to see what was going on, and their dad hurt her also. The stepmom wouldn't know because she might not have been around when it happened, or if she did know - she hardly is going to admit she did nothing to stop it. The other parent (or stepparent) can be completely oblivious. So can siblings, but not in this case - the kids both knew.

I heard the bit of the interview where Jesse mentioned it, and he was just answering the question concerning why he went into rehab. He said it wasn't about sex addiction, it was about coming to terms with the abuse he experienced as a kid. Didn't sound like he was making excuses, but just explaining about the rehab. Sounds more like he's trying to get at the root of his behavior. Nothing wrong with that.

1579 days ago


It's amazing that all it takes is 30 days in rehab to find out why someone does the things they do. I saw the interview and believe about 50 percent of what he said. I do believe he is sorry for hurting Sandra. I do believe he's a good father. But I don't believe he was abused. Nor do I believe the sister he said he is estranged from in Motorcycle Mania 2 is telling the truth. I also saw the fathers interview. It doesn't matter who's side you're on. You can't grab onto the future if you're holding onto the past.

1579 days ago


since i first heard about jesse james and sandra bullock getting a divorce from being caught for infedelity i did't trust a word that came out of his mouth! i hope sandra does'nt let his stupidity affect her moving on!i wish her all the best that life has to offer and more!(her baby is adorable!)

1578 days ago
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