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Lindsay Lohan -- Sobriety Down to a Tea

5/26/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was drinking heavily during her 10-hour blondification treatment yesterday in a West Hollywood salon -- and we're told her beverage of choice was some weird, fizzy Chinese tea.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pounding Kombucha -- a fermented tea that claims several health benefits -- while she got her hair did yesterday at Andy Lecompte Salon in WeHo.
And this is interesting ... due to the fermentation, the tea contains a trace amount of alcohol -- less than 0.5%.

We're told she emerged ten hours later -- and all she could talk about while she was there was some mystery actor she met at Cannes ... with whom she's allegedly obsessed.

So far, the SCRAM alarm remains silent.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke to the guy behind Kombucha tea, GT Dave, who claims the product can help people kick habits of alcohol, coffee and junk food by "restoring healthy balance to the body." So there.


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"while she got her hair did yesterday". TMZ should require a high school diploma to write for them, or maybe hire some grade schoolers to edit their copy.

1611 days ago


This stuff will detox the toxins from your body really fast and efficiently. I'm assuming she has a court mandated drug test soon and needs to flush her system clean. What a delicious and healthy way to do so too!

1611 days ago


I think that color hair looks great,and she looks better already

1611 days ago


She probably bleached her hair so that they couldn't test it for drugs..... Always shady when someone bleaches their hair before going to court.... It sucks she is such a trainwreck now I used to be a really big fan of hers, and now she is just pitiful.What a mess, so sad what drugs and alcohol can do to someone's life!

1611 days ago


#7, I think you're absolutely right. Kombucha has a compound that is used by the liver for detoxification. Most people who drink the tea, only do so because the're trying to cleanse/detox their system.

Guys, seriously, Lindsay went out and cut and died her hair, while pounding down teas used for detoxing. She's trying to get all traces of drugs out of her system in order to pass the drug testing.

Problem is, they're futile attempts. If they test her hair, they test the root. And that tea doesn't have any proven effectiveness for anything. I have no doubt that her friends are trying to tell her "Do this, take that!" in order for her to pass a test everyone knows she would fail. It's both sad and pathetic.

1611 days ago

Pretty LL    

This is hysterical. Kombucha is for detoxification. Way to be subtle Lind LOL!!! I'm sure she's drinking it in case she's tested. Loser

1611 days ago


yeah kamboucha is ****. It smells like the bottom of a recycling center bin full of old beer cans. Plus it is known to make people a little "buzzed"

1611 days ago


"8. Nice try. She's drinking it because it contains a trace amount of alcohol and she can claim false positives when she's really spiking it with vodka."

Bingo! Give that man a cigar. Though I don't think her plan will work. I think the folks at SCRAM will see right through this nonsense. But I'm sure in Lindsay's feeble little brain her plan is foolproof.

1611 days ago


good one jackie!

1611 days ago


"Her hair did"?

1611 days ago


Wow she must just be eating all this attention up. Hopefully in July the only thing she will be eating is jail house chicken ala king, one can only hope.

I still love the excuse she gave with the whole coke picture thing. She said she was posing with fans yes if you look at the picture she looks **** faced and is wearing no pants. Who poses with fans looking **** faced with no pants?

1611 days ago


I LOVE Kombucha!! She is probably drinking it for detox, but I have a friend who is a recovering addict and can't drink it because even that trace amount gives him a buzz. She can drink it as an herbal tea instead of the fermented. She is starting to plump up like Lara Flynn Boyle...separated at birth??

1611 days ago

im mom    

been yakking about this on dlisted about 4 hours ago....old news.

1611 days ago


Hey TMZ and the Judge, how about taking photos of her going to drug and alcohol classes instead of sponsering some bottled water, Wake up Judge you did the wrong thing!!!!

1611 days ago


"Nice try. She's drinking it because it contains a trace amount of alcohol and she can claim false positives when she's really spiking it with vodka."

^^Exactly. She is testing to see how much she can get away with. Why else would you flirt with anything that had alcohol in it while wearing a scram.

1611 days ago
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