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Lindsay Lohan -- Sobriety Down to a Tea

5/26/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was drinking heavily during her 10-hour blondification treatment yesterday in a West Hollywood salon -- and we're told her beverage of choice was some weird, fizzy Chinese tea.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pounding Kombucha -- a fermented tea that claims several health benefits -- while she got her hair did yesterday at Andy Lecompte Salon in WeHo.
And this is interesting ... due to the fermentation, the tea contains a trace amount of alcohol -- less than 0.5%.

We're told she emerged ten hours later -- and all she could talk about while she was there was some mystery actor she met at Cannes ... with whom she's allegedly obsessed.

So far, the SCRAM alarm remains silent.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke to the guy behind Kombucha tea, GT Dave, who claims the product can help people kick habits of alcohol, coffee and junk food by "restoring healthy balance to the body." So there.


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the sea    

I love Kombucha, but it's not for everyone. it's got a slight vinegary taste to it.

1573 days ago


Product placements never go out of fashion.

1573 days ago


Blech!! I just realized that unless Lindsay is running amok, pole-vaulting drinks and acting like a really hot mess, she's boring. Ho-Hum. But the tea drinking thing is kind of funny, only because she reminds me of the Mad Hatter.

1573 days ago


Isn't she suppose to attend Alcohol Ed weekly? She got two days left to do this week.

1573 days ago


Kombucha is THE STUFF. The people trashing it are ignorant fools.

1573 days ago

Um, wow...    

Does she think by dying her hair they won't be able to TEST her?!?! If they DO obtain a hair sample, it can even come from her arm... And the herbs in the tea aren't going to be an excuse if she tests positive, either... Pathetic...

1573 days ago

Um, wow...    

Of course she's drinking this tea... You can totally tell it's fermented...and she shouldn't be consuming ANY alcohol!!! ZERO... IDK how she's drinking this,'s the worst beverage I've EVER tasted!!! Guess she's gotta get her kicks somehow...

1573 days ago


I make my own Kombucha tea and it is good, tastes like sparkling cider. The brand she has also comes in flavors, better for you than soda, I buy those when I am not at home.

I am just waiting for her to die, but that never happens to the ones who should.

1573 days ago


Off several "Kombucha" websites.

It is known that Kombucha tea has about 0.5% to 1% alcohol.

HONK, HONK, HONK! Marsha, did someone just violate their conditions of bail?
Also, the phrase, "Look who got their hair did," is a common phrase used on many celeb blog sites. Not sure who first coined the phrase, but I think it was in re Jessica Simpson..someone poking fun at her "hick" background. So Harvey and the motley crew at tmz knew EXACTLY what they were saying. They're not total dunderheads. Catch up, people! Although the fact I KNOW this scares me a little.

1573 days ago


I keep reading on TMZ and hearing on TMZ Live that the SCRAM device's alarm goes off when alcohol is sensed - I can find no evidence of this on the internet - only the following:

1573 days ago

Yep I said that    

OK lets move along we have had enough of this has been no hoper

1573 days ago


I's like to tap her tea pot. Crazy or not, she's hotter than everyone here or their girlfriend.

1573 days ago


I'm surprised that she could spend 10 hours in an environment with all those alcohol-containing hair products - that could be enough to make the SCRAM report alcohol use. It measures from perspiration evaporating from the skin, it's not a blood test. So people wearing a SCRAM can't use personal care products that contain alcohol, since once they get on the skin then they can end up measured by the SCRAM, and hair dressing establishments are generally off limits because the air is saturated with such things. I can't even breathe in such places, myself, couldn't stand it when I was a kid dragged there to wait during my mother's treatments. SCRAM-wearing hair dressers have had problems with false positives as a result.

I think she might also have SCRAM trouble in clubs with lots of booze in the air, but not as sure about that. Might depend on how crowded it is, and if people around her are prone to spill or throw drinks at her.... Anyway, alcohol is a very volatile chemical and easily evaporates into the air and thus can arrive on anybody's skin.

1573 days ago


"while she got her hair did"

Third-grade grammar, anyone?

1573 days ago


No way LiLo can stay sober for more than a year. Even though Vegas Oddsmakers think she won't be going to jail.

Too bad too, Lindsay used to be hot now she just looks all used up and destroyed.

1573 days ago
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