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'Survivor' Producer Kids Told Car Crash Killed Mom

5/26/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman's wife was hit by a car and killed -- that was the false story that Bruce's mother allegedly told his kids.

TMZ has obtained legal docs filed by Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman's sister -- Carla Burgos.  Carla is furious that Bruce's mother lied to the two kids about Monica's murder.

According to Carla's declaration, Bruce's mom, Juanita, told the kids, "Their mother had been hit by a car, fell, and hit her head. "  Carla goes on:  "She further told the children that no one in Mexico knew their mother, so no one could find her until their father finally found her in the hospital, and at the time she was already dead."

Carla then complains, "I do not understand why Juanita provided so many horrible, not to mention untrue, details about their mother's death."

Carla claims Bruce's parents "main priority is the money they will receive as guardians" and they are "trying to get the children to forget about their mother."


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Another 'My Johnny" mom... My Johnny didn't do it... he's a good boy... listen you F'd up old bag... you JOhnny killed the mother of those children, and the US justice system must take him down. Sooner the better.

1613 days ago


This azzhole idiot is the O.J. Simpson of the 21st century. He'll never serve a day for the murder. I hope the Burgos family sues him and takes everything he owns.

1613 days ago


seriously this murder victim's sister's are crazy! why should kids that young be told their mother was murdered, her sister's need to lay off he is innocent till proven guilty

1613 days ago


This family is insane. I hope the sister gets full custody with no visitation for the father or his parents. They are covering up for a murderer and it DISGUSTS me to no end. How the heck did he get out of Mexico anyhow? Why isn't anyone investigating this? And HOW can he be allowed to be with his kids without supervision? I am terrified that he is going to (a) run away with the kids or (b) hurt them. And his family will definitely cover for him.

1613 days ago


I don't think it is so bad. Those kids seem pretty young. It is going to be hard enough for them to understand and accept their mom is gone. There is no reason right now to say "daddy killed her", especially when it hasn't been proven.

He sounds guilty, but too many innocent people have been convicted by the media for me believe it without question. Let the courts decide (I fully endorse shipping him back to Mexico BTW).

1613 days ago


they arent doing the children any favors by lying to them. it is well do***ented by child mental health professionals that lying is worse then explaining to children what happened in simple language they can understand. besides that other children will know what happened and eventually they will be told the truth.. and not in a nice way either..

1613 days ago

john smith    

If this man is innocent he should be at Monica's memorial Sunday. Because he premeditated murdered her, he will be too guilty to show his punk face. The evidence is overwhelming, any jury would convict this guy in less than an hour. The FBI will aresst him soon. Than what do they tell the kids, Bruce was hit by a car,

1613 days ago


This guy will get nothing done to him no matter who complains...even in a USA civil suit, he will just ignore paying anyone. It was a perfect setup. Take out insurance and..."Hey Dear, Let's go to Mexico for a nice getaway... Oh No, She died."

1613 days ago


good for his family they are doing all the right things, this kids are young and it's innocent until proven guilty!

1613 days ago


You don't need to lie to them, nor do you need to fill their head with unnecessary details. Just a simple Mommy went to Heaven will do until they're older. No need to make an already volatile situation worse. I feel bad for those kids, they are gonna be pulled in SO many directions :-(

1613 days ago


Are you people that stupid? He drove across the border and you dont need a passport for that. IF he is charged it will be in Mexico not here. He didnt commit a crime in the USA so nothings going to happen to him here. They cant force him to answer or even appear for questioning in Mexico.He is allowed to be with his kids because he isnt charged with anything and he has not been named a suspect. A person of interest and suspect are 2 different things. He cant run with the kids to another country because the kids passports were already taken away and he cant get another one because the 1st was taken away in Mexico and that will show up when he applies for a new one.

1613 days ago


What do you tell the children - until the truth is really known?

1613 days ago


the kids are too young to be told real details of the murder (regardless of who committed it), but probably the oldest would not be satisfied with a "Mommy went to heaven." You have to give an explanation to children, they ask how and why about everything and I think a car accident explanation was fine.

1613 days ago


Heather - if he was able to cross the border INTO the USA(which should have significantly more stringent customs encorcement) without a passport, what makes you think he can't get OUT of the USA without a passport? Obviously this man has connections that can get around something as silly as a passport.

Yes, he has not been charged, but come on --- how many of us can honestly say that this whole thing doesn't sound a little too convenient? Ugh.

1613 days ago


Are you guys crazy, even if he did kill her the kids seem pretty young to be told that she was brutally murdered, I think telling them about the accident is fine (they were probably asking alot of questions). It is understandable that her sister is upset but its not the grandparents fault either.

1613 days ago
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