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Bandleader Pissed Over 'American Idol' Snub

5/27/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_ricky_miner_EX_Getty_01TMZ has learned ... one of the key players who made "American ldol" a success was so pissed last night after the show, he chewed out "A.I." producers backstage.

Rickey Minor -- who has been the bandleader for 6 seasons  -- is leaving A.I. to head up Jay Leno's band on "The Tonight Show."

Minor was fit to be tied after no one thanked him or wished him well -- hell, they didn't even acknowledge him during last night's finale.

Our "A.I." spies tell us ... when the show was over Minor went off on producers, angrily telling them how insulted he was by their silent dis.

Minor refused to go backstage for the champagne afterparty.  But producers pleaded with him and then got Randy Jackson to try and smooth it over with an unprepared speech.

Minor then said a few words but we're told, "You could cut the bitterness with a knife."

We're told Minor recanted and went to the afterparty -- but he was still fuming mad.


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The thing to do is cram yourself full of appetizers and champagne at the afterparty, and then vomit on everyone and everything.

Ah, revenge is sweet.

1610 days ago


Minor shouldn't be too upset about what happened last night. It's not like he's working on "Don't Forget the Lyrics" anymore. Remember that show? No one does.

1610 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I agree he's an amazing artist and AI should have given him proper recognition for his years of quality service. I just think that he's made a bad carer move by going to the old, out of touch "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. It will hurt him in the long run.. Unless he wants a fan base of 80 to 90 year olds? .. *I'm with Coco

1610 days ago


This guy was the bandleader of a glorified COVER BAND. Lets get real here. It's not like he was conducting the Philharmonic.

Great job making sure you cut down Total Eclipse of the Heart from 5 mins to 2:00 to fit the time schedule. Granted someone has to lead the band, but cmon. The people in that band are some of the best musicians in the world playing those parts. It's not like w/o him "Conducting" the band they would fall apart LOL.

Great job making sure the band played their 3 chords properly.

1610 days ago


Fox and AI should be ashamed of themselves. Without Ricky Minor what kind of a band would they have had. It makes me sad that they didn't give him a send off. I would have been pissed off. I can only recall seeing him on camera once last night. AI seems like quite a messed up place.

1610 days ago

Christina G.    

They didn't thank Paul Abdul when she left either. Hmph. Ungrateful producers.

1610 days ago


AI and FOX are so OVER in my books! The "winners" for the past few seasons can't carry a note in a bucket - whoever votes them in must need a hearing aid! Voting itself is stupid - ABC does a much better job - DWTS - with online vote casting - Now that Simon is gone and Ricky and the band are gone to me they've totally fizzled out - I did like Ellen on the panel but won't be watching in future as the shows become boring - and the outcomes are stupid - with the obvious best talents getting set aside for mediocre singers who are soon forgotten - whatever CD's they produce can be found in second hand stores now -

1610 days ago


Nice to see they got another laid back guy like Kevin with an ego of a host.

1610 days ago


i think that's just terrible! where would the show be without the music!! glad to know he's moving to The Tonight Show. was wondering who was going to be Kevin's replacement!

1610 days ago


I'm surprised at how many people are dissing him for being mad. I think if you worked for a place for 6 years and they were having a big sendoff for someone else who worked less hours per week than you did you didn't even get a goodbye you would be pissed off too.

I know I would.

1610 days ago

Ms. L    

Ricky - sorry for the dis!
Kevin - you will be missed!

For those who dont know who he is.... for the last 9 seasons if you were not deaf - you heard his music being played on AI and Ryan closing out the show by thanking "Ricky Minor and the band"....

1610 days ago


Good===the Tonight Show can use even more bitterness---wear it well over there, as your stint will be a short one. Seems the type to holler Affirmative Action when his own performance and Tude are the real problems. Freaking head case---who needs him as a "leader" of anything. Cant stand people who demand attention---maybe it wasnt deserved, ever think of that part Minor? Pushing your agenda on people---real leaders let the good things find their way to them from their actions, not demands, threats, and pouting.

1610 days ago



1610 days ago

Your Momma    

He needs to get over it, I am sure there were several people they did not mention. Sounds like he is full of himself.

1610 days ago


I think he over-reacted. Besides it being Lee & Crystal's night (incidentally, I really thought Crystal should have won...she was much better than Lee), it was Simon's night.

Ricky Minor didn't put American Idol on the map...Simon did. He needs to get over it. He decided to leave to take the job w/ Leno...that was his choice. He hasn't been there the whole time -- like Simon. Did you ever see Ricky Minor doing interviews to promote the show...or being asked for that matter? I know who he is...because I live in that world...but most people who watch the show don't know who he is or probably care. They are not watching for him and his band, they are watching for the contestants, Ryan, & the Judges (SIMON)!

Get off your high horse jackass and be thankful that you at least have a job that your leaving the show for! There are a lot of people out there that don't have a job at all.

To throw a temper tantrum is really foolish. I hope he feels stupid. He should. He should have been a man and held his head up high, regardless of how he was feeling. Makes me not even want to turn Leno on at all anymore (knowing he will be on there).

1610 days ago
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