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Bandleader Pissed Over 'American Idol' Snub

5/27/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_ricky_miner_EX_Getty_01TMZ has learned ... one of the key players who made "American ldol" a success was so pissed last night after the show, he chewed out "A.I." producers backstage.

Rickey Minor -- who has been the bandleader for 6 seasons  -- is leaving A.I. to head up Jay Leno's band on "The Tonight Show."

Minor was fit to be tied after no one thanked him or wished him well -- hell, they didn't even acknowledge him during last night's finale.

Our "A.I." spies tell us ... when the show was over Minor went off on producers, angrily telling them how insulted he was by their silent dis.

Minor refused to go backstage for the champagne afterparty.  But producers pleaded with him and then got Randy Jackson to try and smooth it over with an unprepared speech.

Minor then said a few words but we're told, "You could cut the bitterness with a knife."

We're told Minor recanted and went to the afterparty -- but he was still fuming mad.


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Toasty J    

His arrangements got more contestants booted than their lack of vocal ability.
He blows and he is going to a show that blows. Good match.

1617 days ago


I think a lot of people don't understand what is polite and right to do on a show like American Idol. When somebody has worked behind the scenes as Mr. Minor has for a majority of its seasons, it would've looked better for AI to at least acknowledge him.

If you watch "Dancing with the Stars," the band and its leader are acknowledged every single show. Simply thanking those providng the music, whether you like it or not, takes nothing away from contestants. In fact, it just makes Idol look more petty than it already does.

1617 days ago


I'd be pissed to. No one can sing without the band and he's been leading it for 6 years. Yeah it sucks to be eclipsed by Simon leaving, but it would have taken all but 10 seconds to give him a farewell. He'll do better with Jay anyways.

1617 days ago


They usually at least acknowledge him and the band. I think its weird that they didn't say anything about it being his last season and weird that they didn't even say thank you like they have in the past.

1617 days ago


And Ryan Seacrest never introduced Orianthi playing the guitar performance. HOW RUDE!!!!

1617 days ago


Sounds like Ricky and Jay are a perfect match for each other....two *******s.

1617 days ago


I understand where he is coming from. I poured my heart and soul into a job for years and on my last day (gave 4 weeks notice) no one even brought it up. It wasn't a big company either a smaller family owned company. It really hurt my feelings.

1617 days ago

Sin D    

Sorry but a good deal of the so called "arrangements" of his band for the singers over the years were not so great. Who was the contestant that tried to sing the Fleetwood Mac tune at the beginning of this season??? only to have the backup singers trying to match her style, but singing out of sync AND key.....jusy one example of many...bad move. Dude should have been aknowledged though for his efforts. They need to alow more musicians THAT PLAY INTRUMENTS WHILE SINGING.

1617 days ago

Rachel R.    

Nobody cares who you are Rickey Minor! But we do know now that you are an arrogant, self obsessed jerk. I will never watch Jay Leno as long as this pompous, conceited, egotistic person is part of the program. Ricky Minor, you are a complete fool! And now the entire world knows it.

1617 days ago


Does he expect honor and gratitude? Isn't he going to work for Jay Leno now? It seems that when Jay wants to improve his ratings he gets rid of his band leader. Sure, the band leaders somehow decide to retire to pursue their "music careers," but to me it seems fishy. Leno's first band leader (who's name I forgot) claimed he would take some time off, but would come back to take his spot - instead he took a detour into obscurity. Now that Leno's ratings have sunk by more than one million viewers, suddenly Kevin Eubanks thinks it's time for him to pursue his own music career. From what I remember, Kevin was supposed to announce his plans to leave the show in early March when Leno took back the Tonight Show, instead he made his announcement much later when it was evident that Jay's ratings were taking a dip. Maybe, Jay thinks this new guy will help the show's ratings by bringing in some new "talent." He tried this several years ago by giving the announcer job to John Melendez after supposedly the previous announcer (Edd Hall) decided to retire his post to pursue an "acting career" - so much for his acting career!
It seems that anytime Jay Leno wants to improve his ratings somehow the person he wants to replace decides to retire from the show. This new guy better pray that Jay's ratings don't sink further while he takes his new post as band leader for the Tonight Show.
As for American Idol taking the time to air a public farewell for him during the show to tell people that he is leaving AI to work for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show; it doesn't seem like a smart move. First of all, a lot of people have come to hate Jay Leno. Second, Jay Leno works for NBC (Fox's rival). And lastly, Ricky Minor was always behind the scenes. No one ever knew who he was and there will be no visible difference when he is gone. Everyone who watched American Idol knows who Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are, and would easily notice a big difference in the show without their presence.

1617 days ago

the Pat-Mann    

He's leaving in Simon's shadow, so it's no surprise Rickey Minor didn't get an on air goodbye. Sure, it would've been nice, but that's show biz.

I wonder if Randy Jackson called him "Dawg" while trying to calm him down.

1617 days ago


i'd be pissed off, too.

1617 days ago


The show is not ending dumbass Simon is just leaving, read into that whay you will. This guy looks like he should be locked up for child molesting or something. Look at that picture.

1617 days ago


Poor baby ..Just go away ..

1617 days ago


Not only did they snub Ricky, but they chopped Lee's song off before he was finished. Um...he was the winner! AI has some 'splaining to do.

1617 days ago
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