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Conrad Murray to Visit Michael Jackson

5/29/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray will visit Michael Jackson on or around the first anniversary of the singer's death.

Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

Sources connected with the doctor tell us Murray is torn up by Jackson's death and the anniversary is an important milestone. 

And we've learned Dr. Murray has visited the Forest Lawn mausoleum where Jackson is entombed a number of times.  "He goes there a lot," we're told.  Murray avoids attention by going either early in the morning or during off-hours.


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Murray is a killer! RIP Michael

1552 days ago


Who cares TMZ?

1552 days ago


So does Conrad Murray feel bad that he caused the death of Michael Jackson, or is he dredging up publicity for the trial? I vote for the latter. Everyone who believes this is a Murray publicity stunt SAY AYE.

1552 days ago


Is he torn up? I didn't know that...

1552 days ago


"In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed is king"

1552 days ago


This is nice to know, and an opportune time for them to have TMZ tell us so.
Conrad Murray will keep up the good work/show.
But his performance won't get him any Oscar nod.
God Bless & Protect Conrad Murray
Because a murderer most certainly is something that he is not.

1552 days ago


This sounds totally BOGUS. Doesn't he need the family's permission to visit the mausoleum? I doubt very much that the Jackson's would allow this to happen. TMZ just wants to start somethin' IMO.

1552 days ago


Dr Troot.
We love yuuuuu.

1552 days ago



1552 days ago

hillbilliy babe=toothless    

Is this guy a graduate of the Spencer Pratt school of self promotion? No, hes just a rotten scoundrel, like most medical doctors think they are GOD, who can give and takelife willynilly and not have to pay for their crime of murder. VISIT MICHAEL?
He shouldnt be allowed within 100 miles of any member of the jackson family, let alone be able to visit the final resting place of the victim of his murderous negligence. HOW DARE HE.
Anyway, TMZ should be staked out every morning and evening to try to get his picture trying to get in the door of Holly Terrace.
I need a new dart board target anyway. The one I have of him in court is all full of dart holes...and is right in his nostrils!GOD they are huge.
Isnt he suppose to be in LasVegas fighting a Child support claim that he isnt wanting to support the children he fathers? He certainly didnt learn that from MICHAEL did he? Maybe he learned that from jermaine and Randy? ha ha
He better do some jail time at some point, and he better lose his medical liscense whereever he practices medicine. He has alot of time on his hands it seems...whats a matta doc? No patients want to subject themselves to your brand of Murder...oh I meant Medicine.

1552 days ago


hmmmm hmmmmmm

1552 days ago



That's just for the publicity game. If he wanted to pray he could have done it somewhere else he doesnt have to do it at the Forest Lawn mausoleum.

Anyway Michael died because he was abusing drugs, he should have known that playing with drugs is like playing with death.

1552 days ago


"The troot will prevail" and what exactly IS the troot?.."Dr." Murray????

1552 days ago


ATTENTION! Before any of you start bashing the MJ freakshow fanboi's and their upcoming 300+ posts of "he was murdered" and "he is still alive"...please keep in mind that this is all the losers have in their in a way, their own lives are the worst insult you can bestow on them. No need to post...just move along : )

1552 days ago


Yet more sick PR for this killer.

1552 days ago
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