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Bruce Beresford-Redman: 'I Am Innocent'

5/31/2010 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman is finally speaking out through his lawyer and proclaiming his innocence as reports surface he has been charged in the murder of his wife.

The state attorney general in Mexico told the AP a judge has issued a warrant for the former "Survivor" producer's arrest. Beresford-Redman, who spent the day with his kids (see above), released this statement:

"Monica was the axis around which our whole family revolved. From her sisters and parents to my parents and of course to our children and me, she was everything to us.

"I am devastated at her loss; and I am incensed at the suggestion that I could have had anything to do with her death. I am innocent. My children have had one parent taken from them by a senseless act of violence. I implore the Mexican authorities not to take their remaining parent by a miscarriage of justice and to do what is right not just what is expedient."

His attorney, Richard Hirsch, said in part, "Mr. Beresford-Redman is innocent of this crime and is prepared to defend himself in a court of law."


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So what I've heard so far from you is:
1) TMZ is a rag
2) you offer no alternatives to this rag
3) you say to wait and see the court do***ents before we can make up our mind.

Is that all? Is this the purpose of your time here? No other motives but to tell us to wait for the official court do***ents?

That is sort of boring. Permit me to once again state that this man acts nothing like a man who loves his wife would act if she were killed. I don't know, maybe it's his medication, but something sure looks fishy from this end.

Much like Catherine Bach's husband's murder and her emotionless 911 call (which I hope we hear more about), something is very wrong here.

You are right in saying we should wait and all the proper channels and methodologies must be used to convict this guy, but if we had to put our money on things at this stage, most would be betting on Mr Swingtastic here being guilty, I think it's safe to assume.

1569 days ago

Gary Coleman    

LMAO @ wannabe douche bag tiv. LMAO at your desperate a$$. Must suck to be a low paid internet shrill for a person charged with first degree murder. ROFLMAO.

1569 days ago


Tiv it's over Mexican authorites have DNA evidence..while you are waiting for the trial let's hope you get a reality check.

1569 days ago

what the...    

There's been nothing expedient about this process so far. On the one hand, if the authorities had enough to charge him, why the wait? Do we really trust the Mexican authorities? Who knows, if someone big is involved, would they even prosecute, or is it easier to leave a cloud of doubt over the husband's head? On the other hand, the life insurance and issues before the vacation make him look bad for this. But who knows, really, what they were involved in? I say charge him and put him to trial, or leave it alone. Enough, already.

1569 days ago


His lawyer says he wants to defend himself in court but didn't he also say he would fight extradition? It doesn't seem like he's too eager to get down there. It could take a long time just to get him back into Mexico. This is shaping up to be a long haul.

1569 days ago


Twenty years in jail may be the maximum he receives in a Mexico prison, but I'm sure that one year alone must feel like an eternal hell in a Mexican prison s#!t hole.

As far as claiming that someone besides this penis-head is responsible for her murder doesn't seem to hold water. Yes, there have been a lot of murders in Mexico, but it has to do with drug cartels. Cartels don't kill women by strangling them and beating them to death, and later hide their naked bodies for someone else to find. They cannot even claim this to be part of an abduction since no attempt of a ransom was made.

Not only has he shown absolutely no concern for his wife, or concern for who killed her, he shows no sign of sympathy or emotion.

1569 days ago


That is truly sick how he is trying to garner pity and using the children in his plot. Sick and demented person. Wow.
Send this liar back to Mexico. He just now started to protest his innocence?
They always think they are smarter than everyone else.

It's a DNA match loser!

1569 days ago

my opinion many negative comments...He may be innocent we have no can not trust Mexico.

Let's ALL try KINDNESS, CARING and LOVE for one another it will make the world a better place.

1569 days ago


Well number 97 he probably hates all women..I mean his wife wasn't white and look what happened to her!

1569 days ago


No. 98--you are goofy! You can't seem to weigh evidence at all.

1569 days ago

what the...    

My bad, they did charge him. About time. Should have read through the other posts first, but then I did and saw was too much of Tiv's butt kissing and died a little inside. Seriously, who are you??? You've just been hanging out here to defend the poor guy you've never met? And the person named Bruce who announced where Bruce would have his afterparty... that's class, d-bag.

Sure, TMZ is a rag. But they also do what very few "news" outlets do anymore, and that is investigative journalism, which is why some of us read here and not on "real" news outlets for pop culture news. I don't really care to read something that's been regurgitated from AP and sanitized to suit the publisher's political connections.

1569 days ago

my opinion    

#100 JLS,
And you are goofier!!! What evidence do you have?

I feel the exact same way...INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!!!

Love,Peace and Kindness to ALL.

1569 days ago


Hmm innocent?
1.Affair with casting director. Why hasn't she come forward to defend him?
2.More than one admitted cheating liasion. Oh but Monica was the axis.
3.Emails to lover in April complaining she won't let him see kids due to abusive lying behavior.
4. Two life insurance policies prior to mexico trip. Conviently before she is misssing. I travel quite often but do not take out life insurance policies prior to a trip.
5. Loud escalated arguments. Hotel guests had complained.
6. No cameras of her leaving to shop or whatever.
7. Monica's cell phone and credit cards left behind. How do you shop with no CC? Have kids in another country and do not take cell right. Not believeable.
8. No rape. No credit cards on her person. Whats the motive?
9. Scratches on Bruce's neck and arms. Odd did they have a cat? How do you get scratches on your neck and arm vacationing in your hotel room in Mexico? Hmmm
10. Flee to USA and not even look for the "real killers" of your wife and Mother of your children?
11. Does he show actions of a grieving husband? (heck no) Motive =YES


1569 days ago


They waited for the DNA to come back, it did, and now he's charged.

1569 days ago

my opinion    

You have said NOTHING that I don't know...What evidence do you have?

1569 days ago
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