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'Celeb Rehab' Postponed -- We Got No Big Drunks

6/1/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0516_celebrity_rehab_logo_EXIt should be easier than finding oil in the Gulf ... but "Celebrity Rehab" has been put on ice because they just can't find a big star with a big problem.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ producers of "Celeb Rehab" can't fill the roster for the new season, which was supposed to start shooting today.

As we first reported, Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler signed on, but there are still holes in the roster.  Most important ... we're told there isn't a big headliner.

Our sources say producers offered Lindsay Lohan $1 million and her own show, but LiLo turned them down.  We're thinking a good move on Lindsay's part.

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Well if they hold out a little longer im sure Hiedi and Spencer will sign up(it could be like another Tom and Hiedi situtaion from last seaon). Their time in the lime light is fading and now they are being reduced to staging fake seperations that no one cares about and calling the police on family members for no reason.

1605 days ago


Oh no...what will Tila do now? I bet she no longer has a drug problem, just like she's no longer pregnant... and now she's busy making up another lie to keep her name in the gossip columns!

1605 days ago


it's not due to a lack of meth heads and drunks in Hollywood

1605 days ago


Please inform Tila Tequila about this.
On her "celebrity gossip blog" she is claiming that filming has already started.
She needs a reality slap.
Oh wait, I already gave her one.
Guess my slap wasn't hard enough

1605 days ago


Go figure...Tila Tequila may be a drunk [I'll give her that much]. I just can't figure out how she is considered a "celebrity"! I could go along with calling her a "prostitute" or a "pornstar", though.There's no wonder why the show got shelved.

1605 days ago


According to Tila, she had too much on her plate with her mogul enterprise of record company and number one gossip blog to step down and do things like GET SOBER.

1605 days ago


Get kanye on there :P

1605 days ago


Just pull in people off the streets, Dr. Drew. I never heard of 95% of the previous "celebrities" you had on your show.

1605 days ago


What about Leif Garrett?? Hello?? That guy needs Dr. Drew in the worst way! And the world loved him when he was a Teen Idol...Just imagine him making his comeback after he completes Rehab!
Too many of this teen heart throbs are dying from drugs.
Vh1 should do a Teen Idol season. Then they can all go on tour together after and have a spin off show! I'd watch it! And so would their millions of cooky fans...

1603 days ago


A "good move on Lindsay's part"?? Who writes these columns?

That drugged-up, confused moron can use any help that she can get, even if it's a reality TV rehab show. She's never made a good move in her entire life, and this would be a great move by comparison.

1603 days ago


Good point Tonya-at a minimum there are former child stars that have hit the skids for different reasons.

There are plenty of celebs, has-been celebs, wannabe celebs out there needing sobriety and a paycheck. LILO and Charlie would never consider it while they have a paycheck.

BTW-Any word on Mike Starr these days??

1603 days ago


You can't tell me there aren't celebs, has-been celebs or wannabe celebs out there flat broke, down on their luck and thinking the PRC looks pretty good.

I dig this show.

ps-not much point trying to get Lindsy or Charlie to sign, they have jobs and money to party for now.

1603 days ago


This "Dr. Drew" doesnt give a rats @ss about anyone. He only looks at the "big names". What a farce. How sad. Addiction is so horrible and he just wants to get his name in the paper/tv. Those who truely suffer from addiction would NEVER look to him for help. As a "doctor" he should be ashamed.

1602 days ago


curious as to why they haven't asked jeremy london yet especially after his supposed "kidnapping" them "forcing him" to do drugs

1572 days ago


Say what you will, Drew Pinsky is a serious addictionologist. He has helped hundreds of people recover, first at Las Encinas, and lately at Pasadena Recovery Center. That he is popular, famous, and wealthy, bothers certain people. We can certainly debate the merits of his shows, but consider this: at least we are talking about the problem in ways we never did before. Sure, most of the celeb graduates relapse.... AS DO MOST REHAB GRADUATES. It is an ongoing, lifelong process of recovery, and relapse is - frankly - common to everyone. Take it from me, who knows Drew and has been a patient in his program: exposing addiction to the light of day and making it clear that it is a disease and not a moral failing is, in itself, a benefit to society which we disparage to our own detriment.

1570 days ago
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