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Charlie Sheen -- Same Time Next Year

6/7/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will begin doing work release Tuesday as part of his 30-day sentence ... and one of his tasks will be to coach actors for a play with the ominous title, "Same Time Next Year."

Charlie Sheen
TMZ broke the story ... Charlie's plea deal will include work release at Theatre Aspen, where he'll be able to leave the jail everyday at 8 AM for work at the theater and return to jail by 8 PM.  We're told Charlie will be coaching actors for 3 plays -- "The Wonderettes," "Three Little Pigs," and "Same Time Next Year."

Charlie will also be doing meet-and-greets for Theatre Aspen fundraising.  He'll also be working with kids who are in a theater group at the ABC Center in Aspen.

As for how today will go down -- after the 4 PM court hearing where the judge accepts Charlie's plea, he'll meet with people from the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department as well as a probation officer.  He'll probably end up at the jail at around 7 PM tonight.

As we first reported ... with good time, Charlie will serve 17 days, but two of those days (the first and last) will be short.

We've also learned Charlie has completed the required 36-hours of anger management classes.  Nevertheless, after serving his sentence he'll still be placed on probation for a short period of time -- probably 30 days -- so the fines and other requirements are fully processed.

But first things first ... we're told Charlie will report to Theatre Aspen at 10 AM tomorrow.


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No offense but this is a punishment?
What a crock of Sh*t; money makes you Above the Law just like the film he once did.

1601 days ago


This is certainly celebrity justice!!! Nobody gets work release BEFORE they even arrive in jail, especially someone with a violent conviction.

1601 days ago


Good Time Charlie

1601 days ago


You're kidding????? right??? Why don't they just let him go to a strip club????

1601 days ago


Really, who gives a ****??? Charlie Sheen, with his Hollywood royalty and Hollywood looks and Hollywood money, nothing "big" is going to happen to him. Jail time to him, would be a vacation to us. I like Charlie Sheen, and his show, and looks, but don't get me wrong. We all know what he did, and what he has done. Does he need to be punished? Yes, indeed. Of course he does. Even he and his lawyer believe so. Unfortunately, the punishment here doesn't fit the crime. If my husband, or anyone else for that matter, held a knife to my throat, they would do jail time for sure. Just like Mr. Sheen is going to do. But the big difference is "how" it is to be served. You can't treat someone like a big spoiled baby, in jail, and have them actually learn a lesson. Like "they" always say, bad publicity is good publicity. From $1 million a show to $2 million a show, Really? I mean, I like the show, but not that much! 2 1/2 Men was really good when it first came out, first 2 seasons... but not so much anymore. I don't even bother to record it on my DVR anymore, and the repeats they show on other channels I don't even watch. This guy needs to be punished severely. This is not the first time, second time, third time, etc. that he has lost control. And for that, he needs to be punished.... And after that, looking forward to him acting again, on his sitcom, and making it better than these last few seasons. Good luck, Charlie.

1601 days ago


He is simply a spoiled little boy. Daddy must be proud.

1601 days ago


Are cameras not allowed in the Aspen Court Room?? I'd like to see his face when they say jail....

1601 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

One has to wonder if people are genuinely pissed or just jealous that celebrities get treated better. I'm personally a lil envious, I wish I could get away with the types of things Charlie and Lilo get away with. Not that I want to do coke and accidentally shoot girlfriends, or put knives to their throat, but knowing I could and get into less trouble.. hella cool.

But politicians have it even better. They can start illegal wars and lie about wmd's, or commit perjury or screw up and cost thousands their lives, and they don't even have to fake a visit to a rehab facility to get off the hook.

So I think I want to be a an actor and a politician..

I figure that way I'm totally 100% free do do whatever the hell I want.

1601 days ago


Alot of truth to that Osiris Reborn!

Alot of truth to that!!

Awesome view of it all!!

1601 days ago


This is a real crock of s*hit here's a guy who has a reputation for getting into trouble and getting off. Charlie Sheen should do 30 at Colorado's Super Maximum Prison where he doesn't see anyone and only has an hour of free time. Or send him to Arizona to Joe Alpiro where he'll eat baloney sandwitches for dinner and dress in pink and put him in the general population. Let's see how long he would last, those guys in prison will eat him up and use him as their bitch. I won't be watching 2.5 men anymore.

1601 days ago


So being an acting coach is punishment? I never knew.
What will his next punishment be? Bronze spraying the models for a Victoria Secrets shoot?

1601 days ago


No matter how you look at ut, this guy is not only boring, he's total slime.

1600 days ago

new reality    

I fail to see this person as a coach or role model in any way, shape or form.(What would a judge be thinking to send him to be a coach ..when he should go to jail for a few years really!)

As far as I'm concerned any show this person is in should not get prime time coverage...during the hours young children are awake, Due to the fact of the poor example he shows towards women and anger control.

He certainly is not someone that should in anyway be considered a hero or be portrayed as a funny person (What he does in real life is NOT funny)

1600 days ago

KT fr CB    

Seems everyone has forgotten that his crazy wife admitted she made it all up. She was so drunk early Christmas morning that she attacked Charlie and he broke her glasses defending himself. What kind of mother would be that drunk so early in the morning? Why isn't she going to jail too? I agree that if he was just some average joe he wouldn't get such a sweet jail term. This is why the famous do what they want b/c they wouldn't do jail time like us average joes.

1600 days ago


Seriously, I would not want this piece of it teaching my children anything! He is a violent addict coming out of jail each day and he is going to be working with kids? Ridiculous!

1600 days ago
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