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Lindsay Lohan Mum On Drug Use

6/2/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan refused to say under oath whether she was under the influence of drugs when she went on a wild chase down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007 ... TMZ has learned.  And we've now obtained the police report from the incident showing Lindsay's urine tested positive for cocaine.


The lawyer for Tracie Rice, a passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing, claims during her deposition last month, LiLo refused to answer questions "regarding her drug use and/or possession on the day of the incident."

In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Rice's lawyer, Paul Hoffman, claims Lindsay invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to answer the question.

As TMZ previously reported, when police pulled Lindsay over they allegedly found traces of cocaine in her pants pocket.  She was booked for possession of cocaine but never charged for that crime. Lindsay eventually pled no contest to two counts of DUI.  She also pled guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Hoffman claims there's no problem with self-incrimination because the criminal case is over.

In the Santa Monica Police Department report, it shows Lindsay's urine test showed the presence of cocaine.

Hoffman wants a judge to force Lindsay to answer the question.  He also wants the judge to force Lindsay to answer whether she feels remorse over the incident.


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That self entitled, never my fault bimbo does not have the capability to FEEL remorse.

1581 days ago


If Blohan doesn't do drugs, I don't breath air! Sums it up, doesn't it?

1581 days ago


@21 pammie8 This has nothing to do with her potential probation violation. This is in relation to the civil case brought by 3 dudes who are suing her for $ saying she abducted them in her car! LMAO!

1581 days ago

hung and dashing    

OF COURSE we all know that there is alcohol in her life. And that IS a drug, you know.

She smokes. She drinks. She seems a shop-a-holic. She seems to lie a lot. All good indicators that she's got an addict's personality.

Coke and whatever else? Why is there even any of this on-going "debate" about her probable use of illicit drugs?

Her LIFE and CAREER have been derailed by the stuff (and for YEARS now).

You don't normally, necessarily lose your looks and entire acting career to just "being mad at daddy", after all.

Its substance ABUSE in a big, continual way.

And she's like all druggies in her endlessly ridiculous denial of abusing. She's such a drug head that she can't even imagine herself clean.

She's so addicted probably that she doesn't even want to picture a life without the stuff.

Oh. And she appears to be a total bitch.

Sympathies only go so far when someone isn't a terribly nice or ethical person anyway. And maybe (just maybe) she's surrounded by slime all of the time because she herself is slimy, too?

We seek our own level after a while.

Lindsay is in her mid-20s already. And most girls her age have college degrees, marriages, careers and even a couple of kids or Emmy Awards under their belt.

In contrast, she's got blotchy skin, a permanent sneer, smoker's breath and a SCRAM bracelet.

She WAS once ahead of the game at 13.

But now she's way behind.

Like all good drug addict alcoholic types.

1581 days ago


And of course she's always falling on her face because the paparazzi push her

1581 days ago


@ Susan sorry went of on a tangent and didnt say the first thought I had that I read this the first time
You know the DA is gonna be sniffing around this **** looking to use this because shes made it her personal business to take Lindsay Lohan down and the below or now they are above reasons are why! Im sure TMZ will put that story on tomorrow about how the DA and Paul Hoffman are working together to get her confession!

1581 days ago


I thought the coke charge was dropped by the district attorney because there were serious questions about the legality of the search and her not having been told her rights. The urine test convicted her of DUI but the possesssion charge was dropped. I seem to remember they originally wanted to charge her with bring drugs into a jail because that was where the police took her and the coke was found after she got there.

The bottom line to me is: in July she is going to be sentenced to jail for VOP violation of parole. The max she can be sentenced to is 6 months. She will get half that knocked off for good behavior so the most time she can be made to serve is 90 days. Usually a non violent misdemeanor is made ot serve 10 percent of the original sentence which would be 18 days. The judge can do a Paris Hilton on her and make her serve the entire 90 days but I doubt this will happen. Michelle Rodriguez got 6 months and served 18 days.

1581 days ago


Drug tests don't lie.

1581 days ago



Why it is Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be "famous" is beyond me! --

What an uncouth TRAMP, SKANK, & WHITE-TRASH MORON she is!! She's DUMB as dirt, & of course her pack of idiots she associates with are also D-U-M-B, ...& then there's that sCaG-bAg of a mom who can barely walk or talk 'cause she's so gaked-out on prescription narcotics & thinks she's someone special (a celebrity too?) for doing nothing but birthing that SKANK Lindsay.

-- Her name should be "Lindsay Outa-hand"

I almost died trying to read that 'letter' she wrote. She's borderline retarded I believe, & too stupid for her own good! She'll get hers & be her own undoing, just stayed tuned!
She perpetuates all this ****-storm around her & appears to be on a role!

1581 days ago

joey p    

as much as i think that lindsay needs help of some sort, i also think that if your not part of the solution your part of the problem. i think the constant assault on lindsay will not end well, and if something bad happens any time soon, her blood will be on TMZ's/Perez Hilton's hands. God forbid.

1580 days ago


Look at the two morons who raised her. She did not have a chance.

1580 days ago


Pleading the 5th so not to inciminate yourself when you have already pled guilty to the charges?

Bravo Linds, keep trying to take advantage of the legal system.

1580 days ago


I too was a victim of Lindsays wild ways...JOKE. Give me a break so she drove them around , probably snorted coke together. To sue her is ridiculous, she is already in trouble for her crime, but don't tell me they were hurt. Just want money, like the guy that said she ran over his foot then running two days later...she's not perfect but what does she owe them? For what? She's still a young woman with not so perfect parents, and lately I've never seen pics of her driving, but her assistants so who is she hurting?

1580 days ago


the attorney wants the judge to demand lohan to say she is remorseful?? wtf??? this is a civil case---what bearing would that have???????????????????????

1580 days ago

Ciara Cochran    

okay so she's a super star, but why doesnt the press do big crackhead stories about all the other people who do coke or crack and whatever nonsense? oh what?!...because its LINSAY LOHAN her charges are bigger?

BIG WHOOP, its linsay lohan with all the rest of the rock stars and porn stars that are doing the same crap. its no more shocking of a story because its linsay lohan. so get over it and leave her wonder that girl relapsed. the press sure didnt help any.

im not saying what shes done is right. but damn, you didnt make a HUGE deal when pamela anderson got her boobs done for the 10th time!

1571 days ago
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