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Gary Coleman's Ex -- All Smiles in the Wake of Death

6/4/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Shannon Price decided to pull the plug and end Gary Coleman's life -- the actor's ex-wife was already smiling and posing for photos.

Shannon Price and Shielia Erickson

TMZ has learned the photos seen here were taken on May 29 -- just one day after Gary died. The woman smiling with Shannon is Shielia Erickson -- an agent who worked with both Shannon and Gary.

The photos were taken around the same time she sat down with a camera crew and did an interview about Gary's death.

We're told Shannon wanted to do the interview "to get her side of the story out" -- amongst speculation that she may have killed Gary.


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funny thing is that everyone in the family is supposedly broke. dysfuntion at its best

1569 days ago


Well of course she killed him - she didn't even give him a chance? What's her excuse? His eyes were dilated? Since when is she a medical doctor. By the looks of these photos she was pretty chuffed about it. He'll never be able to wake up and tell the true story.

RIP Gary.

1569 days ago


This woman is disgusting. And also that horrid looking blonde fish she is posing with too. Gary's parents made him go through hell and she made life even harder for him. Disgusting, i hope she rots in hell.

1569 days ago


Ole tombstone teeth killed him.

1569 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

my opinion today.... Everyone has issues, and obviously Gary loved her because he stayed with her. R.I.P Gary

1569 days ago


Gary's parents have been trying to reconnect with him, he pushed them away. I agree with most of the comments, the PD needs to invesitgate and if they don't they're negiligent! Somebody hurt him. I can only hope she doesn't profit from his death.

1569 days ago


Gold digging whore....

1569 days ago

Oh no!    

You know what the last thing that went through Gary Coleman's mind was before he died?

The words "Louisville Slugger".

1569 days ago


Gary Colemans voice can be heard on the 911 call. i think that is weird right there. He supposedly sustained this head injury, blood everywhere, but he sounds ok. I think that maybe she called 911, and THEN he suffered his injury.

1569 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

When this skank smiles, a good job for her comes to mind...She would be perfect to put her horse mouth on the cover of "Farm & Horse" magazine.

1569 days ago


Yesterday I told a story about how my situation is even less predictable than Bret Michaels' is. Since I survived my experience, I have given a great deal of thought to what happened to Terry Schiavo. Someone initially made the decision to keep her on life support and she lived in a vegetative state for many years. When her life became inconvenient, her husband decided to "let her go". Unfortunately, it took two horrifying weeks without food, without water and without air for her to die.

If she had been removed from life support early on, it would have qualified as "letting her go". Choosing to remove her from life support after all those years for the sake of convenience eventually made it murder in my opinion.

I think of what happened to Terry because that shouldn't happen to anyone including myself. Her situation caused me to change the terms of Living Will because I don’t want it challenged by anyone, especially for the wrong reasons that are against my wishes.

Someone mentioned that Gary could not possibly be expected to remember what papers he signed in the past. Seriously? They divorced in 2008 but Gary forgot that he had given Shannon the right to make medical decisions on his behalf and he forgot to move out. Really? Two years isn't enough time for him to remember and choose another Custodian and another residence? Get real.

When I first started using these message boards, we had a few crazies but there were many nice regulars who had decent opinions to contribute. Now all the old regulars are gone and with good reason. A few new individuals have replaced them but, for the most part, all that's left are the crazies. Like Judge Joe Brown says, "If you listen you might learn something". Unfortunately, not too many people on TMZ care to listen or learn something new. They would rather jump to conclusion than learn something new such as compassion, decency and class.

Harvey, you present yourself as a Jew even though you know that what you're doing is a blatant and intentional violation of the Torah. The individuals you have left will be the natural result of that violation and the destruction you leave behind will be your legacy. Shame on you.

I would like to thank those who have been kind to me during my stay. To the rest of you and to TMZ I say goodbye and good riddance. Have fun destroying lives with your gossip and unsubstantiated accusations.

1569 days ago

rex kramer    

She looks like Donkey from Shreck.

1569 days ago


I think they are both smiling because she got rid of him. Karma is a bitch...she will rip what she sows.

1569 days ago


Maybe Gingers don't have souls...

1569 days ago


What's the matter TMZ, are you running out of lindsey Lohan bashing stories? Must be!

1569 days ago
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