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Gary Coleman's Ex -- All Smiles in the Wake of Death

6/4/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Shannon Price decided to pull the plug and end Gary Coleman's life -- the actor's ex-wife was already smiling and posing for photos.

Shannon Price and Shielia Erickson

TMZ has learned the photos seen here were taken on May 29 -- just one day after Gary died. The woman smiling with Shannon is Shielia Erickson -- an agent who worked with both Shannon and Gary.

The photos were taken around the same time she sat down with a camera crew and did an interview about Gary's death.

We're told Shannon wanted to do the interview "to get her side of the story out" -- amongst speculation that she may have killed Gary.


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hot snot    

she really shouldn't smile! Not because of the timing, but because those gums are as high as the Empire State Building. She has a horse mouth and is ugly as anything i have ever seen. Shut your mouth. What an ugly murderer she is

1564 days ago

Move On    

Alright already, we get it - She didn't care about Gary Coleman.

So what are all these stupid blog posts implying same supposed to do for Gary Coleman now? Where was TMZ when he was still alive and apparently could use this type of scrutiny regarding his ex? Oh, that's right he wasn't a "big enough star" and not worth TMZ's time, huh? Now that he's died under strange cir***stances and is more popular in DEATH, TMZ is all over this like white on rice. Whatever.

The guy's dead. The guy's ex-wife didn't care about him. Again, WE GET IT. Time to move on.

1564 days ago


you people are really sick!!! this woman went through so much bull**** with his temper. how can you sit there and point the finger. gary had a nasty temper and alot of health issues and would not have been around long. he didn't have health insurance so really what is she to gain. These two had a love hate relationship but obviously loved each other if they were together even being divorced. check out the pic of the airport and him being carted around...check out the episode of divorce court and how he admitted to hitting her. didn't anyone ever smile at a wake. cut this chic a break. she really had nothing to gain by doing such a thing. he had nothing!!!

1564 days ago


Gary put her through hell...just cause he was a star doesn't mean that he was an angel. I can remember back when they were on divorce court he pulled no punches (pun) telling the world he hit her. I'd be happy he was gone too. She made the decision based on what the doctors told her. Cut her a fricken break!!!!

1564 days ago

hot snot    

oh Una...goodbye. You will be missed. Even if we never got along, i wish you wouldn't let random faceless posts send you away. Hope to see you back sometime

1564 days ago


How could anyone, ex-wife or not, be smiling after pulling the plug on anyone?

I would think that would be a very hard and devastating choice to make and one that would be troubling to live with after wards.

After seeing her interview yesterday with her only focus on "high end clothes, fancy Vegas suites and spending Gary's mony" to her focus on how Gary was not getting jobs because of his health (never her stating how she has a job or is looking for one), but then she said that the mail being sent by fans was nice, but if the fans could go further and help cover Gary's funeral expenses (when her parents are fighting for right of next of kin to have jurisdiction over he body and funeral).

She did not miss a heart beat or a step in asking his fans to send money to her. Yet she is not the executor of Gary's will nor his Personal Representative of his estate, in which the PR of an estate, uses assets and money from the estate to pay for funeral costs (even before paying back creditors).

Yet she tried to prey on the naivity of fans and the sympathy to ask them to send in money. AFTER she bragged how she helped Gary blow his money to the point she claims she has nothing (but in the background the expensive furniture and vases, could not be sold?) What about the money she made off of her TMZ interview and other upcoming interviews who will be requesting TV appearances and media outlet interviews?

Can't she use her money from these interviews where she is exploiting her ex-husband's death, and use the financial funds toward Gary's funeral expenses that she is so worried about?

To now see photos like this, not even a full day after she told the hospital to pull the plug and let the life of Gary drain out of him?

Not once is she saying what a great guy he was, how he pampered her and spoiled her with his finances, not one thing said about Gary.

Only talked about herself, her worries of finances, how she over spent and self gratified herself when in Vegas.

It was bad enough his parents hurt him and deceived him, and took the money he earned as a child actor. To now see the woman he chose to at one time marry and give power over determining if he remains alive or not, to see her exploiting him and requesting fans send her money and taking paid interviews. All the while laughing about how she over spent and needed HIGH END clothing. Smiling like she is a movie star?

She lacks a sensitivity chip, she is not showing any remorse, any hurt of having to make a difficult decision to end Gary's life, no tears, but laughter and big smiles with a twinkle in her eye when she asked fans to send money and to help her financially.

It is disturbing. Not what I feel a natural or normal reaction would be. If she loved and cared for him, she would be devastated.

It makes me wonder if she married him to just use him, she seems relieved almost that he is gone. I imagine she will also be requesting to see the will as soon as possible and try to keep it from Gary's family.

She will be milking his death to take interviews and paid TV appearances.

Just wait. This makes me sick to my stomach, Gary deserved better and deserved to be loved. His parents let him down and hurt him, this gal is doing the same, just deceiving him after his death and taking advantage to ride the train as long as she can afterward. For money and to be relevant.

No one is being Gary's voice here.

1564 days ago


I won't go as far as to say she killed him BUT she is shady and so is the 911 call. If that was my Spouse, I would have ran my a** downstairs and done anything and everything to save him. She's just another gold digger looking for fame and fortune.

1564 days ago


This girl just doesn't seem bright. Her unemotional actions are coming from a person that isn't intelligent.

1564 days ago

Move On    

She didn't care about him! Alright already, we get it!
Where was TMZ before Gary Coleman's death? Nowhere, because he wasn't a big enough star to feature or follow.
But now that his immature, insensitive, uncaring ex-wife pulled the plug on his life, TMZ is suddenly Gary Coleman's advocate? LOL
TMZ is in it for the money, just like Gary's ex-wife. He's worth more to TMZ and his ex-wife in death than he was in life. Wonderful world we live in...
It's over. He's dead. She didn't kill him; she's just annoying and selfish. Case closed. Next...

1564 days ago

hot snot    

have i stopped in to mention how ugly this woman is? holy canoli, please take her picture down, or put one of those black bar censor things over her mouth

1564 days ago


She looks so heartbroken over Gar's death.. In reality it seems like she is very happy he is dead, and almost in a party mood.

I believe this case needs to be fully investagated. I think his ex-wife did or knows more then what she is saying.

If there is no truth to she hit Gary in the head or pushed him i do not see why she would care if people believed her or not.

Any moron can connect these peices and see something is NOT right..The peices do not fit correctly.

She does not look like she is grieving at all..FULL INVESTAGATION...FOUL PLAY..

1564 days ago

Black Barbie    

Poor Gary. Didn't he have at least ONE person who genuinely cared for him and didn't EXPLOIT him?

I listened to the 911 tape. A dog doesn't deserve to be treated like that. You mean you didn't love your husband enough to attend to him as he lay bleeding and dying?

And, now she needs to get her story out there. Who is she? Why would anyone want to hear from her? If she had to speak, why wouldn't it be about her love for Gary, his life, and his contributions to entertainment?

1564 days ago

Rotten Puppets    

The only dime this bitch deserves is a dime in prison.

1564 days ago


look at that mug, Instinctively walked to the back yard with a bag of carrots....and I dont even own a horse.

1564 days ago


this chicken head is not smart enough to get away w/ murder of an ur job police...

1564 days ago
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