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Clark Gable's Tomb

Vandalized with a Kiss

6/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clark Gable's marble tomb at Forest Lawn Cemetery has been so badly damaged it needs a total overhaul -- and it's all because one adoring fan couldn't keep her lips to herself.

TMZ spoke with John Clark Gable -- the famous actor's son -- who tells us he noticed the smooch last month during a visit to the mausoleum.

Gable tells us that the lipstick bandit has struck several times in the past -- but they've always been able to easily wipe off the mark ... that is, until now.  This time, the stain is so bad, Forest Lawn had to dispatch their in-house marble repair team to fix the damage.

Gable also noted that his father is entombed in the same mausoleum as Michael Jackson -- and warns that if MJ fans are allowed into the place, they could accidentally damage some of the surrounding tombs.

As for the Lipstick Bandit -- Gable tells us security will "keep an eye out" in case she strikes again.


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Who says it's a she? Where the heck is that Bobby Trendy fellow.. he wears more lipstick than the average dozen hookers.

1568 days ago


Good Lord its just a kiss. o_O Calm the **** down....

1568 days ago


Cartman, I was thinking the same thing! Who says it's a he?!

1568 days ago


Of course, blame Michael Jackson's fans. Anything to keep his name highlighted in your search engine right TMZ?

1568 days ago


It's in the same place as Michael Jackson's? I thought the public wasn't allowed in there? And there are no cameras? Doesn't make sense.

1568 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Who in the heck is this Gable guy to be warning anyone? Give me a break!

1568 days ago


The Phantom Kisser could be male or female but one thing MUST be for sure... they must be quite elderly as most younger people have never even heard of Clark Gable and certainly wouldn't want to kiss him or his tomb. So the security guards should be on the lookout for an old man or woman with a zimmer frame. Should be easy to catch....

1568 days ago

Gloria Unread    

There's clearly a hand print where the "kissing bandit" balanced themselves while kissing the marble. I say they should dust it for fingerprints and nab this vandal!

@#2 Bryan: What's the big deal? It's technically vandalism on a grave stone - that's a pretty serious offense.
The article says they couldn't just wipe it off. It's literally stained. They're going to have to do some difficult work to get the lipstick off the marble - and knowing how delicate marble is, that's not cheap!! They'll probably have to sand it down with a fine grade sandpaper, and then re-apply sealant. Again, that costs quite a bit!

1568 days ago



1568 days ago


This is a privaty cemetery. They should forbid anyone but families from entering the premises? Open the place to MJ fans? This place isn't a zoo or tourist spot. Keep the place closed to fans!

1568 days ago


who is clark gable? Boy you people must have cotton for brains. Gone with the wind! Rhett Butler? dont you watch any great movies?
and no, i am not elderly.

1568 days ago

just an observation    

"frankly my dear, I don't give a da**"

1568 days ago


Just a hoax to show cause not to let fans near there 6/25..common sence the kisses would be on Michael's crept not Gables...Plus the families of other stars wants privacy there....I am so tired of these stories....doesn't everyone know yet that MICHAEL LIVES...he is not there....blessings

1568 days ago


Ok...Where's Michael´s signature on this article?! Hahahah
MJ fans won't give up! Excuses can´t last forever...

1568 days ago
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