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Cops May Have Found Body of Drew Peterson's Wife

6/5/2010 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a huge break in the disappearance of Drew Peterson's fourth wife. TMZ has learned authorities believe they may know exactly where the body is buried, and then plan to dig for it tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Peterson, an ex-cop who is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, told an inmate yesterday how he killed Stacy Peterson, wife number 4. Stacy's body has never been recovered.

Our sources say Peterson told the inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body. The inmate then told authorities about his discussion with Peterson, which led them to the alleged accomplice. We're told the accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's officials and prosecutors that the body was buried just outside Peoria, Illinois.

Will County Sheriff's deputies and prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday, and the accomplice led them to private hunting grounds. The owner allowed authorities to enter his property and the accomplice then led them to the site where Stacy's body was allegedly buried. The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground.

On Friday afternoon, authorities brought police dogs onto the property and we're told the dogs immediately took them to the place where the witness said the body was buried. Authorities then put prongs in the soil and hit a mass below ground that could be the drum in question.

We're told State Police are now guarding the property and authorities will begin digging Saturday morning.

UPDATE 6/5 10:00 AM PT -- State Police confirm the search is underway.



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It is just amazing that after all this time someone finally comes forward . How come the person did not come forward in 2007???(This so called alleged accomplice.)I wouldn't put it past that the grave digging company that dug up Kathleen Savio had something to do with this.

1600 days ago


It is being reported here in Chicago that this is impossible. Drew is kept in solidarity and unable to speak with any other prisoners at this time. His attorney here states this story is ficticious, there has been no activity relating to a found body except the one found May 21st in a river by a blue barrel. They are awaiting DNA results.......... But believe me that there is a city full of people waiting for this creeps demise. I hope her family can find peace, we need to find her.

1600 days ago

Paul Huebl    

A fellow jail inmate credible? Not in our lifetime. This sounds like an attempt to taint Peterson's chance of a fair trial. Needless to say Stacy Peterson will never be found in the place claimed by some jailhouse snitch and the Illinois State Police know that. What a waste of time...

1600 days ago

Chi-city momma    

WOW TMZ, you are ahead of the local news reporting here! I sure hope this is true, that poor girl needs to rest in peace.
Yes, innocent until proven guilty...unless 2 of your 4 wives end up dead...then it's more than coincidental!
Hope the "accomplice" who rolled isn't more than a wild goose chase!

1600 days ago


Yeah right.. he's as much of a celebrity as Casey Anthony is!
What a dumb@ss! Who the hell murders someone and then blabs the details!?! To another INMATE EVEN... who is going to go and tell so they can get a lighter sentence! Well, good thing he did.. I'm so glad he's stupid! I hope they find poor Stacy and that his accomplice testifies against his pompous @ss.

1600 days ago


It would be wonderful if this smirking, terrible person would suffer the punishment he deserves. Those poor two wives, and their children - hopefully justice will be served and will prevail.

1600 days ago


It's his fourth wife, not his third.

1600 days ago


I have followed this case VERY closely from the beginning and my fingers are crossed that this is true and that poor Stacy can finally be laid to rest. Drew needs to be punished for what he has done to her, Kathleen, their children and all their family members.

1600 days ago


I just don't like the looks of this jerk!!
It's written all over his face that he's a stinking Narcissistic MURDERER!!
Just bury the bast@rd in a barrel and call it a day!!

1600 days ago


Somebody (Mr. Perterson, ahem) wanted to get caught and have it finally be over with. Nobody who went to such efforts to get away with murder (possibly multiple times) is that stupid after all this time.

1600 days ago


Well finally her family will get some closure and I wont have to see this ass clown parading around the bars in my area like he is king. Too bad Drew, enjoy hell!!

1600 days ago


kill him and get it over with

1600 days ago


So which one are we talking about TMZ? Wife 3 as is says in the first paragraph or after the picture, wife 4? Stacy is wife 4. Or is she wife 3? or is she both? Always so quick to get a story out you dont even proofread? Well done as usual

1600 days ago


The truth always comes to light.

1600 days ago


It would be awesome if Justice4MJ could assist with the search.

1600 days ago
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