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Gary Coleman's Ex -- Conundrum with the Car

6/4/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price told a conflicting story ... adding fuel to the fire that not all is what it appears to be.

Shannon Price VideoGary Coleman 911 Call
On May 26th, Shannon told the 911 operator she couldn't take Gary to the hospital because, "I cant drive … cause you know, like I said, I have seizures."

But on May 29th, hours after Coleman died, Price told a camera crew, "[Gary] has done a lot for me ... he's bought me a car."

Sounds like Gary made a bad investment.


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I don't get how this is a confliction. TMZ you must be having a really hard time digging up other news today.

1601 days ago

Rotten Puppets    

Utah cops need to wake the **** up and investigate already!!

Gary Coleman Tribute:

1601 days ago


Yes, it was bad investment!

1601 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Out to accuse and hound another innocent person until they take their own life are we TMZ. I hope you are charged with something in the death of Simon.

1601 days ago


she killed him and she looks like mr ed !!!!! Wilbur

1601 days ago

Veda McLean    

This person should be investigated for murder, plain and simple. Harvey, you are a lawyer, does anyone have grounds to bring a wrongful death claim against this broke-back Pippi Longstocking?

1601 days ago


I went to highschool with this psycho. I think she is crazy enough to kill him. She was crazy back then and from what I've seen on the news about her domestic violence charges and everything else, she's still flippin crazy now. She has anger issues. This needs to be investigated.

1601 days ago


something fishy or she is just really stupied and heartless

1601 days ago


I could be wrong, but is it illegal (in some states) to not render aid to someone if you are right there? I just dont know how someone can be right there and see a person very injured and not help. You sit there ,you trashy GOOD FOR NOTHING bitch and say how sweet he was to you and then you leave me writhing on the floor. Gary had some problems, his were more public then average people but I sure as hell feel you could of helped a man while he was down. Sure sounds like he carried your ass for what ever you needed.

And yes, I think there should be a wrongful death claim put on her, YOU WHERE THERE AND SAID...YOU WOULD NOT HELP!

1601 days ago


She's an idiot but Gary Coleman had a bad heart, no kidneys and for the past couple of years has had regular grand mal seizures....gee I wonder if a person having a seizure could fall and hit their head?

TMZ, where is there conflict in this story? She didn't say she never has driven a car, she said in the 9-1-1 call that she couldn't on the day Gary hit his head.

For those who don't have a clue-doctors can tell how or what causes a gash on your head, they can spot the difference in a frying pan or baseball bat as opposed to slipping and falling in the shower. It amazes me how many people, for example idiots who physically abuse their kids, don't grasp this simple concept. "Oh, my 4 year old tripped and fell and hit his head on the door." When the head injury shows the doctor that the injury occured by the kid being hit by a blunt object.

1601 days ago


RIP Gary.

Prince Von A-Hole, look at the video and then tell me there is nothing going on. I asked before, is she naive when it comes to interviewing or shady? Some don't know how to spin in an interview like many celebs and just shoot from the hip which can come off is shady.

1601 days ago


Umm yeah.... My beloved needs help, and the operator asks me if I can drive them cause it's quicker, then I'm in the car, "seizures" or not.... Situation demands some strong questioning....

1601 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Of course it's a f*kin conflict dummy!

If she owns a car why tell the 911 operator you can't drive? Lot's of people drive that have disabilities!

This woman pushed little Gary down the stairs and in the 911 tape she claims not knowing that Gary was home. Yet afterward she said something about asking Gary to make her some food???? Lots of things not adding up. Listen to the 911 call something about it just isn't right.

1601 days ago


That must have been one tough decision for her:

1) Living angry short black man that likes his white wimmins and shouts at me, OR

2) Forever sleeping angry short black man and I get a tell-all book deal.

If I didn't know any better, and perhaps I don't, I'd think that maybe she had already spent countless days and nights making up her mind while daydreaming 'what if' scenarios.

1601 days ago


I thought Gary only had seizures....

BTW...Here are photo's of neyo and his fiance engagement/her birthday party. Neyo and his fiance family and friends were there to celebrate.Here's the link:!/photo.php?pid=4478655&id=512059155

1601 days ago
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