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Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House

6/4/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned four of Katherine Jackson's grandchildren will be moving from her house this month, and the mother of the kids has lawyered up for a fight.

Katherine Jackson
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine told Alejandra Jackson -- who had been living at the Jackson family compound in Encino with her kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr. -- that her brood had to move out, because Katherine had her hands full just watching over Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and her kids to move into a nearby condo owned by the Jackson family, but Alejandra is pissed. Katherine is in Indiana until June 10. We're told when Katherine comes back, Alejandra has to move.

But it's not going to be that easy. We've learned Alejandra has hired Trope & Trope, a powerful law firm, to negotiate a separation agreement of sorts. We're told Alejandra wants some assurance that her family will be financially protected if she moves. As a result, she may challenge the move or negotiate a separation package -- which would include a place where she and her kids will live (not necessarily the condo) and what financial support she gets.

Alejandra has gone after Jermaine in the past for failing to pay child support -- and now that she's being forced to move, the money battle has been reignited. Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

Katherine asked Alejandra to move after the stun gun incident. TMZ broke the story that Jaafar ordered a stun gun online and was playing with it at the house -- something that triggered an investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.



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What trash. Don't be grateful for the lavish lifestyle you've been handed all this time, just complain and get a lawyer when it might change the slightest bit. How ungrateful. Maybe you should get a job and support your kids like the other 300 million women in this country.

1599 days ago


What a sick puppy this Alejandra woman is. She slept and bore children with BOTH brothers! I say stone her to death.

1599 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

Jermaine is the father of two of the kids and Randy is the father of the other two children.

That is just nasty!!
What a bunch of trashy people

1599 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

this is just sick...a ho has kids by brothers.....neither want to pay child support, the kids are becoming juvenile delinquents, she is aked to move, she sues her ex mother in law for support.....what ever happened to daddys that support their own kids...send both randy and jermaine to jail, like any other deadbeat dad...this is too bizarre and unreal...and ony concludes this whole family is whacked!

1599 days ago



1599 days ago


Jackson family values. Wah! Wah! Wah!

1599 days ago


If there's one thing I find offensive, it's a PIG, that WALLOWS, and grows mean, when moved to a WALLOW, down the road! Alejandra should do something novel, for one in her vaunted cir***stance: SHE SHOULD GET A millions of other women, raising children! She can be as upset as she chooses, but she'll get no sympathy, from me...This is known as a REALITY CHECK, baby! get used to it...

1599 days ago


that woman should get a job. having kids with two guys from the same family isn't suppose to be a career.

1599 days ago


How many brothers did she screw who DIDN'T get her pregnant?
Welfare mothers - take note! This is the RIGHT way to have handout babies. Rich families pay better than Welfare does.

1599 days ago


prediction..this posting will generate at least 300 comments,mostly from haters and rabid fans(tmz words not mine)
remember you heard it here first
this is funny as hell,that crazy lady just needs to equipt her little thug army with tazers and lets them go wilding on the rest of the clan
call papa joe calling papa joe..this groups needs some of that special kind of loving you know how to give

1599 days ago


Why is Katherine the one raising all these children anyway? She is the Grandmother. I'm a single parent and I don't expect my mother to raise my child. Her kids need to step up and take care of their own!!

1599 days ago


How is this Katherine Jacksons problem? Its not HER responsibility to support her SONS CHILDREN. May I make a suggestion? How about Jermaine, Randy, and Alejandra get JOBS!

1599 days ago


The real issue is what kind of woman would have sex and mother kids by both brothers?? This woman is scandelous and Jermaine and Jackie ought to be ashamed of themselves pushing these kids on their elderly mother to take care of. They need to get off their lazy asses and take care of their kids.

1599 days ago


She needs to take her 4 spoiled brats and move on. First of all she is a nasty azz trick for having kids from two brothers, no class at all! And then you move into a compound with an older woman putting most of all your mother duties on her to raise your children is such a skanky move. This dizzy B***H needs to move out of the house and on with her life!!! Old hungry, hungry hippo! (Money hungry B***H!!!)

1599 days ago


What a freeloader. And a freeloader who does the nasty with brothers. Oh my word. I would have thrown her and the kids (who she clearly is using as tools) to the curb a long long time ago.

1599 days ago
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