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Miley Cyrus Goes G-A-Y

6/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

17-year-old Miley Cyrus performed at London's famous G-A-Y nightclub last night ... wearing a dress she apparently borrowed from "Gossip Girl's" Taylor Momsen.

Well, at least it's an improvement over this.


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She really needs to stop! I'm 18 and i know what she's doing isn't appropriate.

1. Giving a 44 year old man a lap dance
2. Pole Dancing
3. Wearing Clothes and actions that scream "I want sex and i want to get knocked up young because i can do what i want"

She is going to get pregnant and blame someone else because she is a spoilt brat and won't accept it as her responsibility. Not only will she get pregnant she will make her parents look after the kid then do drugs or go into Porn then get knocked up again.

She needs boundaries.

She is underage and her parents or a responsible adult needs to step in.


1567 days ago


Virgin my ass!!

1567 days ago


miley, your not grown need to act like a young lady not a stripper or something...

1567 days ago


All you Miley haters can eat a fat ****. She got more talent than all of you so **** off and let the girl be.

1567 days ago


All you Miley haters can eat a fat ****.

1567 days ago


Where are this girls parents! Obviously somewhere with their heads stuck in the sand!!!!

1567 days ago


l'm a huge fan of miley's,& always will be.l believe in miley,& l believe that this just a stage act,she goes on the stage,sings her song,comes offstage,changes out of her outfit.Job done.Now mum,where shall we have dinner.Back to being the loving,caring Miley,that she's always been.Miley backs alot of charities,she was even involved in a charity,giving out backpacks,to down & out children.Now,is this the work of someone that has changed for the worst?,l think not.l think miley,is the most beautiful girl,that has ever walked this earth,both inside & out.Thnx miley,for just being u,& staying true to urself.God bless u miley.XXX

1566 days ago


Miley Cyrus is getting out of hand. She is demon possessed and needs God in her life. Her parents are going to answer for letting her do such evil and disgusting things. Pray she don't end up in hell when shes called out of this world. If she keeps going down the path she is on that's where she will end up. What happened to this young girl? Sounds like she is hanging out with the wrong crowd and that crowd is not doing nothing but using her and sound like a bunch of disgusting group of individuals also. It also sounds like her mother needs to check herself for letting her daughter act this way if she is the one managing Miley. Pray for her lost soul. Hope Miley and her family wakes up before its to late for her and them. Miley is a bad influence right now for other girls and boys. I used to like Miley and her father but not no more. A parent don't let their child act like this especially if they believe in God, but apparently Miley nor her parents don't. Pray for all their lost souls.

1565 days ago

Carolann Nattell    

okay...i used to be a HUGE miley cyrus fan untill the choice awards when she introduced Britney Spears. and whne she performed, on a ICE CREAM TRUCK...ya.. she needs to noticed their are 5! year olds looking up to her.
she is
POLE dancing
Give Lap dances
dressing like a Stinking Hoe.

she needs to Take a MILLION steps backk.
if she doesnt she is going to be known as a HOE POP star..FOR KIDS.

1555 days ago


I am ashamed to say my daughter likes Miley. I thought her parents would have taught her more respect for herself than this.

1553 days ago


miley da popperiotzes be makin up lies an spilling thangz out dont pay dem attention

1519 days ago

jazzmine fisher     

miley cyrus y is u acting so damn gay u.. u is so damn stupid .... y would u do something like dat u need tew straight up yo life u jack azz muther ****...y would u like boy and gurl u need tew stop it u stupid bytch.... u need tew grown up and be a teenage stop acting like a a grown up............. u need tew stop acting like a hoe... everybody saying crazy stuff bout u and u not going tew be hannah montant nomore and u going tew get beat up everyday u stupid azz hoe u stupid azz bytch and u going tew have tew wear dirty azz clothes and ugly azz shoe u going tew have the same azz socks u just going tew be dirty.......... u just need tew straight up yo life and stop doing drug and crime and a porn start and i not play with u.....u acting like a hoe... allmost everybody use tew like u but now everybody want tew beat u up u jack azz.... your record going in tew trash .... use tew be my role model but now **** u jack azz u stupids azz..... u trash azz hoe need tew grown up dat i got tew say..........................

1508 days ago

megan bailey <3    

Ok i dont beleive thats called gay but i say she needs better perents i mean like not try to be mean but hello....this gay stuff no she not gay well ok here its all put back on how her perents let her act if i was dress like a hooker or a gold diger my momma wood of slap me and took me to the arm!!! --this is really all basicly her perents falt becouse the perent need to step up and say we r the adults not u and she a butiful and talented girl but i mean she just needs to let her out!!!-- you love and hate MEGAN BAILEY!

1394 days ago


miley is a dumb piece of **** she's going to end up sucking **** for the rest of her life she needs to get her ****ing life together, stupid whore

1376 days ago
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