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Jailer Wanted 'No Smoking' Zone for Charlie Sheen

6/8/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who threw the monkey wrench in the Charlie Sheen plea agreement wanted to tighten the screws on Charlie to the point he couldn't even light up a cigarette while he was out working at a local theater ... TMZ has learned.


Beverly Campbell is Pitkin County's Jail Administrative Officer.  We've learned ... on Monday, Campbell insinuated herself in the deal her boss -- the Sheriff himself -- signed off on.  Campbell believes Charlie is not eligible for work release, but rather his daily get-out-of-jail pass should be something called "Useful Public Service (UPS)."

We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre. 

And, under the UPS program, Charlie would have faced a longer period of probation after serving his time than under the work release program.

TMZ broke the story ... the Sheriff and the D.A. actually signed a plea deal that utterly contradicted what Campbell was demanding, but the Sheriff would not overrule or discipline her ... at least not while he was in court.

In the end, we're told Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, refused to relent and pulled the plug.

Will the Sheriff lay down the law to Beverly?

Stay tuned


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dan rafeal espn boxing    

that bitch his hating

1601 days ago


BRAVO to this woman for refusing to let a celebrity waltz in and make a mockery of their legal system.
We need more like her.

1601 days ago


"Will the Sheriff law down the law to Beverly?"
I suppose you meant "lay" down the law here - but I imagine the way these things work, she will probably end up fired soon, because it's obvious she can't be bought like the rest. Sure hope she's not though.

1601 days ago


That stupid chick just wants her 15 minutes of fame - tell her to butt the hell out of something she has not business getting involved in in the first place!

1601 days ago


If only us regular people could delay court proceedings because we wouldn't be allowed to smoke while in custody, and because we would have to limit the number of hours of FREEDOM we got each day. I can imagine that would get us laughed out of court and right into a cell. Unbelievable...

1601 days ago


His original plea agreement was a joke. Why bother spending the money to jail him at all if he doesn't even have to be in the building for 12 hours a day? They could just have locked up a picture of him for all the punishment it was giving him.

1601 days ago


Whatever... Beverly needs to chill out. I agree that as a celebrity, Charlie shouldn't receive special treatment, per se. BUT, as someone who understands Aspen "law", anyone else would have been able to pull that plea deal without a problem. He shouldn't be treated better or WORSE because of us his public figure being a factor.

1601 days ago


Posted at 10:26 PM on Jun 7, 2010 by Grace
You're joking, right? It's not her business? You realize she is an employee there and in a position to have rejected this in a courtroom? She oversees the work release program of the jail - what the hell - how is that not her business?

1601 days ago

leo schlick    

It's not her business? It's exactly her business. Good for her for standing up for what she believes is right and not making an exception for a celebrity in custody. Can't believe the D.A. would've signed off on this unless he/she feels there is a problem proving their case.

1601 days ago


What the hell is going on there when a mid-level employee can say screw you to her boss and the court system... and everyone just goes along with it!

1601 days ago

Ted Allen    

Oh please. She'll probably waste even more taxpayer money on this because someone forgot a period at the end of their sentence on the paperwork.

1601 days ago


Is it just me or is Charlie Sheen starting to look like Gomer Pyle?

1601 days ago


Just another California-hating, celebrety-hating, man-hating woman trying to feel important.
Boycott Colorado! They hate Californians, celebreties and men.

1601 days ago

Conspiracy Theorist    

Nobody in Aspen law enforcement wants to fool with this. It's a total waste of everyone's time. Charges against him should have been dropped ages ago. This is their way of letting him walk.

1601 days ago


Good for her. Throw his ass in jail for the full term and maybe let him out to pick up garbage. Fu-king pampered celebrity bullsh-t.

1601 days ago
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