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Jailer Wanted 'No Smoking' Zone for Charlie Sheen

6/8/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who threw the monkey wrench in the Charlie Sheen plea agreement wanted to tighten the screws on Charlie to the point he couldn't even light up a cigarette while he was out working at a local theater ... TMZ has learned.


Beverly Campbell is Pitkin County's Jail Administrative Officer.  We've learned ... on Monday, Campbell insinuated herself in the deal her boss -- the Sheriff himself -- signed off on.  Campbell believes Charlie is not eligible for work release, but rather his daily get-out-of-jail pass should be something called "Useful Public Service (UPS)."

We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre. 

And, under the UPS program, Charlie would have faced a longer period of probation after serving his time than under the work release program.

TMZ broke the story ... the Sheriff and the D.A. actually signed a plea deal that utterly contradicted what Campbell was demanding, but the Sheriff would not overrule or discipline her ... at least not while he was in court.

In the end, we're told Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, refused to relent and pulled the plug.

Will the Sheriff lay down the law to Beverly?

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Even inmates on death row are allowed to order snacks and pop on commissary.

1598 days ago


Give me a break, let the dude smoke.

1598 days ago


Regardless of what people think on the whole celebrity treatment, plea deal, this woman stepped out of bounds. Now this is going to cost taxpayers more money and more court time that could be better spent.

Not to mention making her bosses look like fools. It now appears they don't have control or any real power in their jobs if all that can be shot down by middle management.

Charlie Sheen went at this with good faith to follow through on his end. Doesn't matter if you agree with how the game is played, he did his part, these people didn't and now there's a question of sincerity of truth about the prosecutor and their team.

What people will do for their 15 minutes is a joke. If she had problems she should have contacted her boss and discussed them at the appropriate time. The deal was known for a few days before Charlie came to court. This lady did have time to get in touch with the proper people and avoid all this if she really had a problem. Timing says it all. Just another sad sack holding out on the delusions of self importance in a mundane life.

If time, effort and money were not used up on things like this, there would be more resources to deal with much more important matters.

Now they have to start all over again and waste more court time in July. She should have to pay his airfare for flying out there for nothing. She knew ahead of time what was going to happen.

For as much as a joke people think celebrity treatment is, this woman just made a mockery out of the whole system to a far, far better degree.

As for the allegations against him in the first place. Who knows what really went on. Charlie's wife was friggin' drunk off her butt when it all went down.

As with addicts, she avoided her responsibility, blaming him was a convenient way out and look like a victim to boot. Did a nice job of taking the focus off her drunkenness too.

She was back on drugs shortly after having those kids. The excuse was that motherhood is stressful so she was using to cope. WTF kind of excuse is that for getting back on drugs. Disgusting.

TMZ has that on here somewhere.

He's no angel but that wife of his is just as much a screw up. Only she's sitting there with her 3 nannies, household staff and not a care. You want to talk about "working the system". There ya go.

1598 days ago


So the Sheriff gave the DA's office his word that the deal was acceptable to him beforehand, the Prosecutor presented the deal to Charlie and he accepted, then the Sheriff waits until the day Charlie is supposed to plead guilty and goes back on his word? And he has the nerve to pass the buck and blame one of his employees too??? What a load of crap! That Sheriff is going to get an earful in private, that's for sure! If he had a problem with the deal he should have dealt with it right then and there when the DA came to him with it, not after the deal was made and he's already given his word it's OK with him. that dumbass Sheriff just burned the Prosecutor and publicly too... stupid move. He signed off on the deal and gave his word he would honor it. Apparently that doesn't mean much to the Sheriff.

1598 days ago


Woo! You go Beverly! I'm with you, lady. And proud of you, too. :-)

1598 days ago


She doesn't get to overrule the Court and her boss. Every one who works for a living knows that you either follow instructions or, if you feel that strongly, get out.

1598 days ago


When a deal comes from higher authority and she doesn't like it, she has the same options as all working people - live with it or get out! 99.9% of working America would be fired for such insolence - hasn't she heard the term "INSUBORDINATION"? Don't tell me she is protected by the Shakman decree or some such law - it doesn't cover such blatant trouble making

1598 days ago


Next thing we know this Beverly Campbell will being going to Gloria Allred and whining. NO lunch for you, Charlie! What a power hungry, b!tch. Work releases happen all the time..they go to work in factories, bakeries, pick up trash, dish wash, etc. work then go back to jail. Transportation is the big issue for the inmates. It is a way for them to stay out of jail by saving up and having a ready job when they finish their sentence, also a known way for employers to have cheap labor, sad to say. Or keep their prior job while they serve short sentences.
Beverly Campbell must get off on her power trip job. What is it with these LE officials in Aspen? Cop giving interviews to reporters. The wife is double the legal limit, changes her story and the DA tries to go back into every thing that has happened in the past. How's come in murder and child abuse trials, that is never allowed to happened...letting them walk free?
Sounds like the LE, Sheriff's department and DA in Aspen all like to see their names in the media, come hell or high water. Fame-wh0res...calling Gloria!

1598 days ago


For all those that are claiming that his wife deserves what she got because she was a crack head and that poor Charlie is being unfairly targeted, get real…that’s like saying a woman deserves to get raped because she had too much to drink…plain stupidity….The guy has a history of abusing women….ask all of his X’s…while they aren’t angels or saints, NO-one deserves to be threatened, beat up or harassed…NO ONE! With that said, Charlie should get a punishment that fits the crime….if he isn’t eligible for a program, then so be it. My hats off to this Woman for doing the RIGHT thing, not the popular, paid off thing because of who he is. I hardly doubt, as some are saying that she had no authority to do what she did…if that was the case, then they wouldn’t have allowed her a say so in the matter. The justice system is broken, that’s a fact..however, until those laws are changed we should all be treated equally within the law…getting away with whatever you want because you have money and fame is the first thing that needs to change.

1598 days ago


Thank God for Beverly Campbell. I'm sick and tired of celebrities getting special treatment. The man needs to spend his 30 days IN jail, period.

1598 days ago


We're told Campbell believes under UPS, Charlie should only get out between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. Under the work release deal her boss signed, Charlie was supposed to get out between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Even worse, sources say Campbell believes under the UPS program Charlie has no right to eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he's working at the Aspen Theatre.

I hope Beverly Campbell will allow Charlie to have a healthy, big breakfast and dinner because her charges are denied food from 10am-4pm. Are they allowed water, Ms. Bev? Must keep their heads down at all times, do not look up at anytime. Do not talk to anyone, even if spoken are a nobody. Is that how you like it, Ms. Beverly?

1598 days ago


What a vindictive, petty little pencil pushing c-word.

1598 days ago


I hope Ms. Campbell is not fired or reprimanded over this! I agree with her! Charlie Sheen is OBVIOUSLY getting preferential treatment. The general public wouldn't get the kind of deals many of these celebrities get when they break the law. He should be jailed and treated like anyone else. The whole theater work release is a joke. It only goes to prove that money buys big-time lawyers who advocate for the privileged.

1598 days ago


okay, was the deal in place? If so, it's no f-ing wonder people do not trust lawyers, judges, police....... He cannot EAT while out during lunch hours???? what's up with that?

1598 days ago


When you are in a work release program you are given a lunch/drink from the jail house and you are not allowed to go do as you please…you are still in jail after all people.. ..

1598 days ago
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