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Why Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Went South

6/7/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... a woman who works in the Pitkin County Jail derailed Charlie Sheen's plea deal today, because she refused to honor the agreement -- even though her own boss signed off on it.


We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff signed off on the deal, as did the undersheriff, the lead prosecutor and Pitkin County District Attorney Marty Beeson.  But the woman who supervises the work release program at the jail threw the monkey wrench before court today, saying she wasn't going to honor the deal because she had problems with the way it was structured.  In short, she would not let Charlie do what all of the parties agreed he could do to complete his 30-day sentence.

We're told the woman made it clear ... she didn't care if her boss made a commitment -- she would not enforce it.  We're told the Sheriff would not force the woman to honor the agreement. 

At that point, attorney Yale Galanter, who brokered the deal for Sheen, pulled the plug.

Charlie is in Aspen tonight but we're told he will not be going back to court tomorrow.

If the parties work it out, a new court date is set for July 12.


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Quincing Snuff    

In this PIC< Charlie looks like the drunken, broken-down old geezer he really is. This is how he looks , without the ridiculous ink job on his head, and all the make-up and blurry lenses producers use to hide what he really is. A tired, washed-up old geezer has been, who's daddy called in a favor to get him on this crappy show, Two and a half losers.

1597 days ago


Awwww, someone doesn't want to babysit Charlie to keep him away from booze, babes, and drugs. *lol*

1597 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

He Looks 60 years old in this pic. He can thank all the drugs, booze and hookers he went through. What a repeat offender piece os trash. He has beaten up on several women not just Brook and Denise. They were multiple women in the past that called the cops on this REPEAT ABUSER and his hollywood bs gets him out of it every time. And the fact that producers would hire and re-hire this a'hole speaks volumes about what the morals and ethics of Hollyweird and La La Land LA really are.

1597 days ago


If he had any integrity he would show up at theater Aspen at 8 am in the morning to say hello and sign some autographs .take some pictures ham it up it would be good publicity,,just a thought,but if he had any integrity he wouldn't have beat up his wife in the first place.

1597 days ago


Um yeah, she was paid off, now hes out till july and will probably get an even sweeter deal.

1597 days ago


why should Charlie Sheen get to SKATE with a light unreal sentence??? 30 days or less... he is a VIOLENT woman beater and held a knife to Brook's throat.... and what about the NEXT person who gets "in his way?" he is like Joran van der Sloot!!!!! VIOLENT, PSYCHOPATH with ANGER problems...

1597 days ago


As usual, all it takes is one self-centered b**ch to screw things up.

1597 days ago


How does this happen??? If everyone in power signs off, some clerk decided not to do it??? Just wondering???

1597 days ago


How do any of us know what really happened?? Even his wife said she was drunk and it was a mutual thing. Not agreeing with a man puttind his hands on a woman, but a man does have a right to defend himself. Just sayin.......

1597 days ago


I think part of the work release deal was that he would teach an acting class during the day -- I can't remember where -- and then return to jail for nights only. I'm wondering if the woman who supervises the work release program had a problem with the acting class part of the deal and wanted him picking up trash along the roadside instead. Perhaps she either didn't think teaching the class was enough of a punishment, or maybe it was just that it's harder to supervise an inmate's comings and goings as easily.

1597 days ago


I wouldn't have signed off on the deal either. All day in some theater every day? Nuh uh! Let him pick up trash in an orange vest for eight hours a day.

1597 days ago


Wow! Talk about asking to be fired. She has to do what the Court tells her to. She is not a decision maker here. Boy, that Aspen Co Court must be one Hot Mess!

1597 days ago


Oh, I see, Gloria Allred must be in town.

1597 days ago


Dang, and he arranged to have his butler in the adjacent cell. LOL

1597 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

If the work-release was regarding the theatre program, I agree with the woman. Its jail, not summer stock.

1597 days ago
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