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Why Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Went South

6/7/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... a woman who works in the Pitkin County Jail derailed Charlie Sheen's plea deal today, because she refused to honor the agreement -- even though her own boss signed off on it.


We're told the Pitkin County Sheriff signed off on the deal, as did the undersheriff, the lead prosecutor and Pitkin County District Attorney Marty Beeson.  But the woman who supervises the work release program at the jail threw the monkey wrench before court today, saying she wasn't going to honor the deal because she had problems with the way it was structured.  In short, she would not let Charlie do what all of the parties agreed he could do to complete his 30-day sentence.

We're told the woman made it clear ... she didn't care if her boss made a commitment -- she would not enforce it.  We're told the Sheriff would not force the woman to honor the agreement. 

At that point, attorney Yale Galanter, who brokered the deal for Sheen, pulled the plug.

Charlie is in Aspen tonight but we're told he will not be going back to court tomorrow.

If the parties work it out, a new court date is set for July 12.


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why is he wearing that stupid hat? is he going skiing afterwards? he looks like an idiot.

1568 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Obvious this woman at the jail...has been plucked to kibosh the deal..sooooo it has to do with Gloria showin up in town!...worried bout lawsuit...on a few levels

this is like TMZ DYNASTY

1568 days ago


You know regardless if we felt it was appropriate punishment or not, the DA, Sheriff and all lawyers involve agreed to this plea agreement and a court hearing was scheduled and this women decides she doesn't care and refuses to sign off on it. That is a lot of taxpayers money involved that was just flush down the drain, and she shouldn't have a say in this at all. She might supervise but she is not the person that approves the work release, the sheriff and judge does that. That sheriff really needs to decide if he takes his orders from a clerk or not, cause now they look ridiculous, and god only knows how much taxpaying money was used to have the hearing that resulted in nothing.

1568 days ago



1568 days ago

bring back recent posts    

OMG...politics...she is only a scapgoat..u'll c..dumbtards...doesn't matter where u r...what state..that is the problem when judges, sherriffs get elected..all azz kizzers

1568 days ago


I don't care if Sheen deserves work release or not, if everyone in the case, including the judge and sheriff signed off on it, this woman needs to follow orders. The fact that she cannot be compelled to obey a court order is ridiculous and she should be fired.

1568 days ago


What a dumb bitch. They milked this whole stupid plea deal, had him in Aspen and some **** with a chip on her shoulder just couldn't let it be.

1568 days ago


Sheen looks so creepy in this picture. I guess nothing can really be said about this and we have to wait to find the outcome out after the case is heard in july. There was also an interesting article about this Sheen case on The Celebrity Cafe.

1568 days ago


Look, Brooke was a drug-addled junkie, who probably deserved what she got... The b@tch got all crazy because he'd dedicated a song to his daughter Lola, instead of the twins she had.

She's known in Hollywood for being a major junkie.

On the chick in the jail, typical that a ho would derail his sentencing....probabl wants some cash or something else. LOL

1568 days ago


Looks like Ms. Director of Work Release Program for Pitkin County Jail wants to get her name published right here on!

1568 days ago


The theater work release may not appear to be punishment to many of you, but it certainly does qualify for community service. The biggest losers in this botched plea deal are the people of the Aspen Theater. I imagine many of these people were really looking forward to working with him.

1568 days ago


Jail - County Employees List

1568 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

What's the deal? The bitchy clerk couldn't entice Charlie into an affair so she's taking revenge on him? Since when does a clerk disobey her boss? Or, maybe Charlie woudn't pay her undercover money. It's all too weird. Maybe that clerk should be fired. Charlie's problem is marrying money mooching sluts like Denise and Brooke who are after his money. c

1568 days ago

tom terrific    

Please publish her name.

Under what cir***stances does an employee get to tell the Pitkin County Sheriff, the undersheriff, the lead prosecutor and the Pitkin County District Attorney to f---off because she isn't going to enforce a commitment made by her boss?

Why would the sheriff, her boss, go along with such insubordination?

Why wasn't this woman given her walking papers?

Just wondering.

1568 days ago


Pitkin County (Court Ordered)
Community Service / Useful Public Service (UPS)
Contact: Deputy Bev Campbell
Recorder: 970-920-5406

UPS provides the County and District courts with sentencing alternatives beneficial to the community and appropriate for violators of petty offenses, misdemeanors and felonies. It provides alternatives to incarceration to satisfy conditions of probation. The UPS program enhances opportunities for adult offenders to make a positive contribution to the community.

1568 days ago
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