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Charlie Sheen

May Be Screwed

in Plea Deal

6/8/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Pitkin County Sheriff will not go along with the plea deal that was supposed to be approved yesterday -- and Charlie Sheen's lawyer says it just ain't right.

Charlie Sheen

TMZ broke the story ... the plea deal went south yesterday because Beverly Campbell, the Jail Administrative Officer, was adamantly opposed to giving Charlie work release.  Campbell felt Charlie was only eligible for "Useful Public Service" -- UPS.  Under UPS, Charlie would not be allowed to smoke or eat outside the jail, and his hours of freedom would be more limited than work release.

Sheriff Bob Braudis refused yesterday to order his underling to approve work release for Charlie, even though multiple sources tell TMZ Braudis had already given thumbs up to a signed plea deal between the prosecutor and Charlie -- a plea deal that specifically approves work release.

Now we're told, the Sheriff is backing Beverly ... leaving it all up to her.  And we're told Beverly is firm ... no one gets work release under these circumstances.

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "People should always honor their agreement, no matter what the circumstances."


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jen newman    

the whole plea deal should have been an embarassment to everyone. It was even less than a slap on the wrist. Let's treat these entitled celebrities like everyone else. I am sure Charlie Sheen thought he put one over on the system, but I guess it didn't work out that way. The whole deal was a joke!

Jen Newman

1596 days ago


Like his clients agreement to love,honor and worship his wife,not terrorize her for an hour with a knife.All this talk about the sheriff telling his employee to get on board with the plea deal was crap and I knew it..

1596 days ago


Ok, why doesn't everyone back off? The charges should have been dropped in the first place since the "victim" was significantly less than honest and didn't even want to follow through. Everyone is crying foul because he's supposedly getting preferential treatment even though if he wasn't a celebrity, the Aspen Sheriff and DA's offices wouldn't have wasted their time prosecuting. Beotch Beverly is just trying to further her career by looking like a hard ass.

1596 days ago


finally, MAYBe, Possibly, a celeb will have to have semi real consequences. MAYBe.

1596 days ago


Beverly sounds rather pathetic because she doesn't want a celebrity drinking soda, eating lunch or smoking. I doubt he could smoke in the theater anyway. Denying him any food from 10am-4pm is just petty, Beverly Campbell.
TMZ ask for a picture of her, I'm sure she would be happy to supply it, she seems the type to be thrilled to see her pic in the news.

1596 days ago


If Charlie Sheen gets work release he should be picking up trash along a highway. But then again, Charlie's such a piece of trash, he might keep shoving himself in the orange plastic bag.

I crack myself up.


1596 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

You're right about the part where he may get screwed. There's a reason they call it the "pokey".

1596 days ago


Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "People should always honor their agreement, no matter what the cir***stances."

That's pretty funny for a lawyer to say that considering so many challenge things put in writing every single day.

1596 days ago


TMZ Can you get a photo of this Beverly. Curious see who has the gonads in Pitkin County since the Sheriff's doesn't have any. I can imagine Beverly, a sexy little thing, has all the men in Pitkin twisted around her little finger. Beverly the next reality show.

1596 days ago



1596 days ago


He's rich and would not miss the money, if I was him I would plead not guilty and make it cost a fortune to convict him. His lawyers could tie up the court for a week or two and the final sentence would still be about 17 days with time off for good behavior.
To me this whole case stinks on ice and this clerk is not the only publicity begger in the game.

1596 days ago

sick to my stomach    

I think Charlie should take this whole thing to trial .. then appeal and appeal and see how much money he can cost the stupid Aspen court system. See if Miss hard a$$ gets to keep her job (or run for the sheriffs ) after they spent several hundred thousand dollars to prosecute a couple of drunk ~stoned~ jack asses and their pissing contest. At the end of the day..hard ass is still going to be a peon stuck in rich mans land (and obviously mad about that ) and Charlie is going to go on and make another sixty million ! and the county is going to hate her guts for the wasting money.

1596 days ago


must be hazzard county

1596 days ago


WTH does he have on his head?????

1596 days ago


As Yale Galanter says, "people should always honor their agreement." Beverly is honoring her agreement with the justice system.

And, number 6 - NONE of the inmates get to drink soda, smoke or get special meals. On Saturdays they can rent movies and order pizza. Why the hell should Chuck get a better deal???

1596 days ago
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