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Charlie Sheen

May Be Screwed

in Plea Deal

6/8/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Pitkin County Sheriff will not go along with the plea deal that was supposed to be approved yesterday -- and Charlie Sheen's lawyer says it just ain't right.

Charlie Sheen

TMZ broke the story ... the plea deal went south yesterday because Beverly Campbell, the Jail Administrative Officer, was adamantly opposed to giving Charlie work release.  Campbell felt Charlie was only eligible for "Useful Public Service" -- UPS.  Under UPS, Charlie would not be allowed to smoke or eat outside the jail, and his hours of freedom would be more limited than work release.

Sheriff Bob Braudis refused yesterday to order his underling to approve work release for Charlie, even though multiple sources tell TMZ Braudis had already given thumbs up to a signed plea deal between the prosecutor and Charlie -- a plea deal that specifically approves work release.

Now we're told, the Sheriff is backing Beverly ... leaving it all up to her.  And we're told Beverly is firm ... no one gets work release under these circumstances.

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "People should always honor their agreement, no matter what the circumstances."


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This is so out of bounds....First the charges should have been dropped..Why can Tito Ortiz walk and Charlie serve time.. I'm a female and the Beverly Campbell lady is definitely just a man hater..Why would any of that be anything to her?? I really don't know how she has the authority to even challenge a judges or sheriff's order...Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes.

1544 days ago


I thought Brooke's attorney Yale Galanter knew his way around Aspen, CO - he should have been negotiating w/Sheriff Beverly Campbell not Under-Sheriff Bob Braudis

1544 days ago


To all of you who claim there was a knife thing going on here, did you know Brooke changed her story the next day? That isn't even a charge here. You are behind the times. Brooke was legally drunk and trying to get him in trouble. Next day she recanted her story.

1544 days ago


What a jaw dropper! The Aspen DA's word means NOTHING. Nice...

It appears the DA's office is prissy whipped by some female jailer. Who's she doing? Oh ya, the sheriff, apparently.

1544 days ago


Charlie Sheen and Shannon Coleman ... Now that is an idea....

It seems these two can get away with almost anything.

( I'm just saying )

1544 days ago

Peter Sc    

Fire that Bitch. If you boss makes a deal, you have to follow as employee. It doesn't matter how bad the deal is. The organization must continue to function.

She is undermining the entire system.

1544 days ago


What a waste of tax dollars, no wonder this country is broke with mental wonders as this packed in office & yet another reason as well not to go to Colorado. Just a way for another back hill unknown to get their name lit up, when no one in pubic cares to even know any of them, fire them all already, I am sick of the waste of our tax dollars paying their checks!

1544 days ago


This guy is disgusting , lets break it down...he promotes alcoholism on his show , he's a womanizer on his show , he insults his show family on his show , he's lazy on his show , he's constantly drunk on his show , oh wait sorry that's his real life.

1543 days ago


Plea deal bull****. Why would Charlie get work release in a state he has never worked in, at a work place he does not belong to, with a very vague work description, working as acting coach, really?, acting coach? as far as i know it is not Charlies job, Charlie is an actor, she did not look at the plea deal and decide to go against it just for laughs, she rad the rules and saw what the makes of the plea ignored, the fact that Charlie has no grounds for getting any work release in Aspen. If Charlie was going to jail in California we could understand he would like and need to go to work at his rael job, shooting a tv-series he is in. But in Aspen he has nothing, no job, so no work release. Simple as that.

1543 days ago


I agree with Cathy, We are all worried about poor Charlie going to the pokey after he got drunk out of his mind and terrorized his wife and kids on Christmas...what the hell is wrong with his head that he has to wear a little black smurf hat?

Throw the little prick in jail and leave him there for about six months. Then maybe...maybe this Christmas he wont get drunk and ruin it for his kids.

1540 days ago
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