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Heidi and Spencer -- Bored With the USA

9/9/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are each separately talking about permanently moving to Costa Rica.  Do we smell a rat yet?


Sources directly connected with Spencer tell TMZ ... he wants to move to Costa Rica for two reasons -- it's a lot cheaper than L.A., and he would be closer to Heidi and possibly salvage his marriage.

Of course, reason #2 assumes Heidi is also moving to Costa Rica.  So we checked with sources in direct contact with her, and they're now telling us Heidi is indeed noodling on the idea of living in the Republica de Costa Rica. 

So the question -- Is this whole divorce thing a pile?  Heidi's friends are kinda hedging, saying she loves Spencer but doesn't know how to deal with all the problems.

No word on how Costa Rica feels about this.


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As a Costa Rican I can tell you we have very basic recycling programs. The last thing we need is more trash. Spence clearly has a drug problem, just look at the guy.

1506 days ago


Oh God please leave America and get killed in Costa Rica!! Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

1506 days ago


Judging by the number of comments, nobody cares.

1506 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Oh please god let it be true, then we wouldn't have to put up with any of their scams that are desperate plea's for attention..Bye Spencer, Try to catch anything that isn't treatable!

1506 days ago


As if anybody ever believed their split was anything but a publicity stunt?
Here's a simple solution. Quit reporting on these two morons.

1506 days ago

Don Stockwell    

On behalf of all my people here in Costa Rica I am BEGGING you to keep them in L.A. , we are a loving, peaceful, people who have never done anything to you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anybody but these two!

1506 days ago


Bu bye, adios, arrivederci, good riddance. Don't bother to write or come back to visit since we won't miss either of you.

1506 days ago


I seriously feel sorry for these two. Clearly all of this is for attention. And so sad because Spencer has complete mind control over Heidi.

1506 days ago


As bad as it is to say, I actually could see a murder/suicide happening with these two. He strikes me as the kind of crazy that could easily kill her and then off himself. It's not just the attention seeking, there's something genuinely disconnected and creepy about the guy.

1506 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Ol' Spence just needs a sombrero to serenade Heidi with 'Every Breath You Take' in Spanish.

1506 days ago


Oh for God's sake, Harvey, stop covering these morons.

1506 days ago


Is anyone really suprised by this, they are both fame whores and will do and say anything to get attention. So without a doubth is the whole getting divorce bs, all of it was for attention. It seems like they really have no morals and values and will do whatever for attention. Its really sad if there is anything you can feel for these two its feel sorry for them, I pity them for being so desperate that I really find it hard to believe they are happy and most likely are miserable. Life is short they should try getting a real life.

1506 days ago


wouldn't it be nice if all the gossip sites decided to declare a moratorium on anything related to these two? No more stories, no pictures.....nothing. Add Paris Hilton to that list too.....then maybe all these pathetic attention-whores would just go away permanently.

1506 days ago


These two morons, beautiful locale. Excessive news about them lately......


God I hope not. Why can't these two just disappear into obscurity and take those pathetic excuses for humans from the Jersey Shore with them?

1506 days ago

There's a problem here    

If that's a recent picture the bitch has had more work done. She still looks like a washed up 40 year old has been porn star though. Spencer just looks like a bucktoothed weirdo with a granny beard.

1506 days ago
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