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Lindsay Lohan -- Bench Warrant Recalled

6/8/2010 9:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan's arrest has been recalled ... a little more than an hour after it was issued, thanks to the fast work of bail bondsman David Perez.


Perez's peeps just posted $20,000 (the standard 10% of bail) in Judge Marsha Revel's court.   The judge recalled the warrant, which means she is able to remain free, though she has a tough road ahead.

If Lindsay violates the terms of the SCRAM program again, it's likely the judge will throw her in jail pending the July 6 hearing on the alleged probation violation for DUI.

In short, one more false move ... and she's probably going to the slammer.


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Ok wow this is crazy. She should have had her bail revoked and put in JAIL. Anyone else would have been put in jail for violating the terms of their bail. Also any bondsman with a brain would not be getting involved with her but I guess money and fame talks.

Oh and for all the people saying maybe the SCRAM went off due to alcohol being in the air or a drink being spilt on her please save it for Dina Lohan. If someone is dumb enough to be where alcohol is while wearing a SCRAM device they deserve to be put in jail.

This is a shame because I do actually like Lindsay Lohan, but I also hate people who thumb their nose at the law so unlike her teeny bopper fans out their who defend her every move this fan says throw her in jail its long over due.

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1595 days ago


She ain't going to the slammer no matter how many times she spits in the face of the "legal" system. The rich and famous have their own set of rules, and that is there is no set of rules. She will continue to drink and lie and snort and strip and party until she dies. And then everyone will line up to say how wonderful she was.
She is not wonderful. She is spoiled, she is brainless and she is misled by her biological donors and hangers-on.

1595 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Keep pushing the limit liquorndsay. Try it again and again and again. Perhaps the judge will look at all the violations and give her 180 days on 7/6. I don't think the judge is just being kind to the drunken douchebag.

1595 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Oh, by the way, you have to ingest something like 700,000 hard rolls for the drug from poppy seeds to show up in your system.

1595 days ago


Yeah, look at her in the picture, laughing at the justice system, she thinks she is so special, and can do what ever she likes. Lock up this pathtic ex wanna be z list actress now before she kills somebody!!

1595 days ago


Lindsay Blohan is officially the new John Gotti. How many times will this pathologically self-destructive LOSER beat the rap? C'mon!....

1595 days ago


She just needs to go to jail already. That is rehab. She can learn how to make her own high quality wine too. Sounds like a win win deal for this talentless hack primaddona wanna be princess. Hey Michael, you know Re-hab is a joke right. Let her do a year of LA County and wise her ass up.

1595 days ago


uh??? one more false move and she's going to jail - i've read that like about 100 or so times since her last jail stint....ooooohhhhh what a laugh, i'm sure she is

1595 days ago


It is very sad for me as a mother to understand why her own mother blames everyone else for Lindsays addiction problem.When she is making the funeral arrangements for her daughter I wonder if then she will feel any regret for her lack of responsibility as a parent,or will she act like Gary colemans wife and use the death to make a profit.Very sad to even watch this from afar. Shame on you Dina!!!!

1595 days ago


Just one more mistake, I'm warning you, just one more and you go tojail......
oh wait.. this is like your ?? how many "just one mores"?
I've lost count.....
The judge is now playing LiLo's game and has become a joke herself.....

1595 days ago


The judge is so full of SH*T

1595 days ago


What is the point of this braclet if she can have a drink here an there.What a joke..I bet she doesnt make tell the court date.

1595 days ago

La Chatte    

I hope she never breeds! The gene pool is shallow enough!

1594 days ago

La Chatte    

Hope she never breeds... The gene pool is shallow enough!

1594 days ago
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