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Castmate Blasts 'Jersey' Housewife Over Sex Tape

6/9/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub's sex tape drama has "sickened" at least one of her co-stars on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- and now Jacqueline Laurita tells us she wants Staub off the reality show for good. 


Jacqueline -- who used to be close with Staub -- tells us she's "not surprised at all" that Hustler Inc. claims they are all set to distribute a sex tape featuring the mother of two with a mystery man from September 2009.

She tells us, "I'd be very happy if [Staub] left our show ... Why doesn't she just leave and go do porn?"

Jacqueline adds, "Danielle has total disregard for how [the tape] will affect her daughters' impressionable years."

As we previously reported, Hustler plans to release the 75 minute tape next week.


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That Staub person should have her daughters taken from her, where us there father?!!! She says that they are her best friends?! She needs to stip being a PIG and be there mother. What kind of life is she allowing them to have. She is not thinking of them but only herself, what would make her think that selling her porn tape would be good for her children, again thinking only of herself! She isnt a lady by any means she is trash! I think that if people stopped paying attention to her she might get the mental help she really needs. I think the childrens father needs to step in and give them a stable home, not with her as an example.

1562 days ago


I can see that Danny is posting here today..LOL..where or where is the father of these two girls? Can you imagine walking into school the next day with a sex tape out, splashed all over the news of YOUR MOTHER!

1562 days ago


Caroline is right....Danielle IS nothing but pure garbage....not because she wants to do a porno tape, but because she would do something so s***my & disgusting like that with such disregard for her poor kids....her daughter's need to be taken away from her....who is their father? maybe they could live with him - ANYONE would be better for those kids than that can see that her daughter's are totally embarrassed by her, and have to give their 47 year old mother ADVICE when she's about to make stupid when Danielle was stalking Caroline's house because she didn't get invited to the party...gee..duhhhh...wonder why you didn't get invited Danielle???.....and Danielle made the comment on the show recently ..that "she is going to be involved in every aspect of her daughter's modeling career, because she wants to get back into a BIG HOUSE" if her beautiful daughter is SMART, she'll get a lawyer to make sure any money she makes off modeling is put into a trust that can't be touched by the vulture-mother - her daugher's are such beautiful girls, and you can see what they're thinking when they are embarrassed by her, and they are intimidated by Danielle, and won't speak up....just keep it locked's going to cause permanent damage to those impressional children.......she is so pathetic....Danielle can do whatever she wants with her life, but when it affects your children, that's where people draw the line. hopefully those poor kids will be taken away from her before they are damaged anymore by that insane women...she has serious issues! When she went to the fund raiser for the ill baby, that was the last straw for me with her - being there with her classless jailbird friends/idiots......what s*** she is.....she thinks she is so tough....she's a foolish-joke....again, her poor children having to be raised by an IDIOT like her is just wrong and so sad.....And Jacqueline, I'm glad you've finally "seen the light" and got a clue as to what Danielle is all about....your husband and family was RIGHT about her all along.....listen to the people you love...they won't steer you wrong....

1562 days ago


Danielle is trash trash trash... I belive this lady would do ANYTHING for money!!!!!!!! I really feel sorry for her daughters, She's tries to come off so hard/gangtser. When really she is just A DRAMA QUEEN. She is a retard... Get her off the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1562 days ago


#34Wowzer...I noticed that. She's posted as #10angel. Nice of her to join us
Danielle, We know you need the money but your beautiful classy daughters deserve better than this. Stop this tape from coming out before you ruin all your lives.

1562 days ago


Bet you Jacqueline has cobwebs in HER closet also!

1562 days ago


What's really pathetic is how it was Jacqueline, Dina, and the others who made damned sure that Danielle's business went public last season...
Now that things aren't so well for the Giudices and Manzos, they're still taking jabs at Danielle...
Giudices are BROKE..."Bubbied" themselves into bankruptcy...
Manzos have some tawdry skeletons of their own in the closet...Or was it the trunk of a car where they found "Wannabe-Mobster" Daddy hacked up by his cronies?...

The only thing that will affect Danielle's kids in a negative manner is the rest of the "Housewives" who are so obsessed that they can't leave well enough alone...

1562 days ago

Harsh Critic    

that is nasty...does she ever think about her daughters??? obviously not since she was filiming this in her HOME! TRASH TRASH TRASH...i just wonder why their father doesn't take them away from her...she's a horrible mother.

1562 days ago


If they put danielle off the show, Then what kind of show would you have? She is the dam show.

1562 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Wow lots of comments defending the prostitution whore. I have a hunch that some of these posters are Danielle herself, or some of her pathetic "friends." I heard she monitors all of these sites and it makes perfect sense since she is a completely self-absorbed narcissist. What normal person in their right mind could ever defend this human insect, even if you do not like the others as well.

It is so obvious by the timing of this tape's release and her publicist's (!) "no comment" that Danielle herself was behind this all the way.

My heart breaks for those two beautiful daughters of hers.

1562 days ago


#42 Will you stop quoting that bankrupt deadbeat that is 11 million in debt. How can you look up to her and she is still spending money like water....what a loser CLOTHES WHORE!

1562 days ago


all the nurses where i work all agree.danielle must go and it,s got nothing to do with the tape.she is a punk and her gangster convicts had no busy being filmed on the show.bravo what the hell are you thinking...real women will leave this crap in droves.we are not being entertained with danielle ,we are being sickenned.......get rid of her..bada bing.

1562 days ago


"Not every family has a 350-pound skeleton in its closet. Albert “Tiny” Manzo, the hulking father-in-law to two of the Housewives, ended his life naked, bound in plastic, and stuffed in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental with four slugs in his chest. It has been reported that Tiny was whacked after he was caught skimming the take from an illegal casino owned by the Gambino crime family in Staten Island.
Such talk rankles Caroline, whose first episode quote, “Let me tell you something about my family: We’re as thick as thieves, and we protect each other to the end," has become her catchphrase."

Don't act as though Mrs. "HIGH AND MIGHTY" Caroline Manzo is any better than Danielle Staub...At least Danielle OWNS her drama, while every one of the other "Housewives" marinate in theirs and LIE about it...

1562 days ago


I'm sure it's Dina leaving. They showed something I can't remember what and she was the only cast member missing. I think she's smart to get out. As for Jackass Jacqueline your marriage is so bad that you didn't even know that runt of a husband had GUNS, RIFLES, in a safe. You take exception yet you got pregnant out of wedlock, you got drunk at your daughter's boyfriends house (gee wonder why your own kid doesn't want to live with you...hmmmm! you acted the fool last week lying on the couch drunk with grapes. Don't throw stones when you aren't even a bag of chips. Danielle has not hid her life. As far as what she did 25 years ago. Who in God's name made you, Caroline and the 11Million dollar Nut better than she? As for her sex tape I don't agree with it but you need to know what your runt of a husband is doing. He's out of the home more than in it. Did you ever think about this?

1562 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

75 minutes? pfftt...amateur.

1562 days ago
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