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Lindsay Lohan -- I've Still Got a Lot to Learn

6/9/2010 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just strolled into her alcohol education class today to hear about how boozing can often come at a high cost ... like yesterday, when she had to front another $10k for allegedly drinking over the weekend.

Lindsay was once again hiding her SCRAM bracelet -- but clutching a pack of smokes and a bottle of Tru Blood ... a non-alcoholic soda that was given out at the "True Blood" premiere party last night.

As we previously reported, the judge tacked on another $100k to Lindsay's bail yesterday after her SCRAM produced a reading Sunday night -- which could be a direct violation of her probation.


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Linsay will never learn. She is just trash, like there is no reason for her to be a celebrity anymore. I can see her in four or five years when she will turn out lookin' like a old crackhead.

1508 days ago


she should look into drinking good old H2O. forget this crap she's guzzling. Might clean our her system......

1508 days ago


mousetrap ~ Please keep your psycho babble to yourself! You have no idea what you are talking about.

Knowledge is power, sweetie.........please do yourself a favor, and get some!

1508 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This stupid bitch has a HUGE purse but still has to carry her cell phone & smokes in one hand.

1508 days ago


More cancer sticks for Oldhan.

1508 days ago


Ugh! So sick of hearing about her! PLEASE STOP!

1508 days ago


the heavy smoking and drinking has really aged her forehead a lot. furrowed lines in brow, whats up with the hideous jacked-uped fat lip. she never WAS a great talent or a great beauty. why all the interest in this plain Jane? what movie roles can she ever do? NOT leading Lady Lady love roles. maybe scary movies like Scream or freddy krueger.....

1508 days ago


If old Hollywood had to be sober in order to work there wouldn't be AMC or TCM.

1508 days ago


99% of the population saw this coming.

1508 days ago


true blood is the best show right now,


the jury will find u GUILTY

hopefully u can become someone's BIATCH

1508 days ago


I am so sick of this family. The wisdom teeth removal is CLASSIC! Just classic addict behavior. I think I read somewhere that she has MORE dental "surgery" palnned in the form of a root canal (2!!!...She actually tweeted about this) AND a "molar removal"...WTF? Get out the Rx pad Doc...WHO in their right mond would EVEN tweet about....Oh, yea, well never mind.

BTW, Dina, you continue to be a beacon of how to be a good mother, role model, positive influence...awww, F**K IT...I HATE these broads...Lindsay is flirting with earning me a HUGE death pool payout by year's end...and as sorry as it sounds, I'm WAITING to see how Dina The Wonder Mother will respond to the inevitable death of her meal ticket/daughter...I can see it now: "She's fine. Everything's fine. Casket, what casket? I don't see one..."

1508 days ago


To "Lilly" @

Well, hello there Dina...or perhaps Mikey!!! My gut is telling me it's mommy.

So, "Mom", while I'm on my soapbox (as with the majority of commenters here), you have done a piss-poor job as a mother. Period. Whenever I see a comment placing blame on everything & everybody else rather than with Lindsay, that specific "TONE" screams of Dina Lohan.

Blame Blame Blame. And who's fault will it be when you have to bury her? Who will be responsible for THAT, Dina? You are NOT fooling anyone. You are a laughing stock. You & your pathetic daughters DO NOT appear to hold any more "clout" in Hollywood or NYC, for that matter. And that, primarily lies at YOUR doorstep, mom.

Nice job Dina. Nice, indeed. Now go clean your room...that was an AWESOME interview you gave ET bout couple mos back, of course, blaming Lindsay's "fall" cuz she is klutzy, and you PATHETICALLY sat by and believed the public would believe THAT!!! Just like the courts, and the same as the public, you think whatever excuse you can offer up for your daughter's out of control messed up life, where drugs & alcohol have rendered her powerless, you truly believe the public/courts will buy your pathetic BS. Sorry, Dina, you just don't carry that clout anymore. You Lohan's are done. No credibility. Nothing.....How do you sleep at night?

1508 days ago


Lindsey honey dont read the comments!!You might read some stuff that sounds like the truth on here and you wont know what to believe.

1508 days ago

kitten bad: My comment in response to Lilly @ #61 6:00pm...

This is CLASSIC Dina Lohan! Seriously, you guys, the tone of blaming TMZ for her unfortunate "messed up" situation (as we all know Mikey boy leaked the phone calls of Dina admitting Lindsay was in trouble) BUT the coup de grace, is in the last bit with:

"She is doing FINE on her own"...CLASSIC & FAVE Dina Lohan word "fine"..."she is 'fine'...

Um, yea, Dina...she *really* doing "fine" on her own...Bwahahahahahaha...does "doing fine" by your definition mean she is an absolute mess & doing whatever it takes to stave off withdrawl by scheduling & tweeting MORE dental surgery?


1508 days ago


Sorry, I can't find my notes on how to make a link live....rather long--but DEF worth the read!
Wonder why Lindsay Lohan still hasn't gone to jail yet? Simple! This girl has one wild book of excuses.

While Lindsay is on a mission to prove that she did not set off her SCRAM bracelet this past Sunday night, we figured we'd give the girl a break and help her brainstorm how get out of this one. And based on her past history, her explanation is bound to be a doozy.

But remember from How to Trick the Court 101, it's important not to reuse your old excuses.

So let us remind you of your five all-time lamest ones:

1. The black guy did it!

Grand theft auto? Kidnapping? Not if Linds has anything to say about it! Back in 2007, La Lohan spent a night partying with her then assistant and a couple of the assistant's pals--including one lucky dude named Dante--when L.L.'s assistant quit. Oh no you don't...

According to the lawsuit, this allegedly resulted in a high speed chase (in Dante's Denali) down the PCH, with Linds in the driver's seat supposedly yelling "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f--k I want!"

The cops didn't feel the same way so LiLo (unsuccessfully) tried to pin the whole ordeal on her reported helpless passenger, Dante.

2. Those aren't my pants!

After L.L. tried to claim "the black kid" was driving, cops found cocaine in her jeans pocket. But hey, not her pants, no problem right? "I am wearing a pair of borrowed jeans from a friend/assistant," Lindsay wrote in her statement after being booked. "She wore a pair of my jeans." Of course! Cocaine is something Lindsay frowns upon.

3. My passport was stolen!

Linds has some serious F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) because not even a judge could get in the way of the bloated brunette and her Cannes parties, sorry, promotion. After being ordered to appear in court, Lindsay still went yacht hopping in France, missing her flight back to the states. But it wasn't her fault!

"My passport's been stolen. It's clearly an inside person who works with my father that has been sent to set me up. He's been threatening me."

4. That's a set up!

"I wasn't looking around the room, I thought I was just taking a picture with a fan."

While on her tour-de-force party spree in Cannes, a photo surfaced of L.L. and her signature pout posing next to what appeared to be a platter of cocaine. But hold the judgment! Lindsay the martyr was just obliging some fans who asked if they could take a pic with the hard-working actress (in their hotel room). She agreed, made herself comfy, and happened to overlook the suspicious white substance a foot in front of her.

5. It's the paparazzi's fault!

No way was it alcohol that gave L.L. her first DUI: "My car accident that I got into, where I got my first charge, I wouldn't have been speeding up like I was if I didn't have people shoving cameras in my windows. I was running away from the paparazzi."

If that wasn't rude enough, the paps were also to blame for her first arrest warrant last year when she missed an alcohol class, and then the shutterbugs used their secret telepathic powers to push L.L. into a cactus after a night of partying out in Hollywood.

We miss Lindsay's more creative excuses, but blaming the cameras (they can be invasive, but really?) is the Lohan go-to. Since paparazzi aren't allowed in clubs, what will her reason be for setting off her SCRAM bracelet this past Sunday?

Just in case your mind is a little, uh, clouded, here are some we came up with for you:

"But it wasn't my SCRAM bracelet, I switched ankles with my friend!"

"It was an inside job! My dad snuck into Las Palmas and poured a drink down my Louboutin boot."

"I ordered a virgin whiskey straight! The bartender must have messed up!"

"Wait! It's not considered alcohol if it's less than 50 proof, right?"

Courtesy E! Online News. (o:

1508 days ago
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