Larry King's Wife -- Evidence of Suicide Attempt

6/10/2010 8:40 AM PDT

Larry King's Wife -- Evidence of Suicide Attempt

Shawn King, Larry King's wife, left a handwritten note stating she OD'd on purpose and indicated where she wanted to be buried ... this according to police.

Shawn's dad called 911 on May 28 at the King's home in Provo, Utah, telling the dispatcher Shawn was in bed breathing but not responding when he tried waking her. 

Emergency workers found several empty prescription bottles -- among them, Ambien and anti-anxiety meds.

According to Provo cops, there were two handwritten notes ... one of them saying Shawn wanted Provo as her final resting place.

Larry King says their marriage is still intact.  Both Larry and Shawn filed for divorce in April but had a change of heart, saying they were going to try and make their marriage work.