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Dennis Rodman:

I'm Not As Rich

as She Thinks

6/11/2010 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dennis rodmanDennis Rodman wants the world to know he never fell behind on child support payments ... that is, the ones he could afford to pay.

Rodman's rep tells TMZ the former NBA star's estranged wife Michelle convinced a judge behind his back to jack up his child support ... and now he's in over his head.

Rodman claims he has been faithfully paying upwards of $10,000 a month since the beginning -- but the court hiked it to $50,000 a month and now he can't afford it.

According to the rep, the former NBA star doesn't earn anywhere near what his wife thinks -- nearly $4.5 million a month (not a mistake -- a month) -- so this whole $300,000 unpaid child support problem is BS.

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I just can't believe some of these child support payments! To say they are excessive is an understatement! It does not take this to raise kids. What's happening is the women and their lawyers inflate the earnings. How about the judge requires proof of those subject earnings? Apparently not. They set the child support so high it affords these awful ex-wives to live like a queen for 18 years or so-and it has little to do with the kids. It's absurd. No child costs this amount each month. Even if they required security! I'm female but disgusted at yet another one of these.

1562 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

Daddy? is that you? 4.5 Mil a month...sure Michelle??

1562 days ago


What a stupid Judge.

1562 days ago


10 grand a month is plenty for 2 kids to live on.

1562 days ago


If the child support were so awful then men like Dennis would stop having babies, get a vasectomy or stop having sex. He has problems with his first wife, Annie in paying her support, now this one? The only thing consistent is Rodman is a jerk and does not want to take of his kids in the lifestyle similar to his.

Attention deadbeats...when you are done with the woman...it does not mean you are done with the kids and there is no deadbeat discount. Dennis is off in Vegas throwing away his money so why not pay it to his kids, maybe she will be smart enough to tuck away a few dimes in the event he goes broke or dies cuz he sure is living reckless.

1562 days ago


4.5 Million a Month??? Doing What?? She's nuts!

1562 days ago


Like father, like son.
Dennis Rodman's fathers claim to fame.
He lives in Angeles City, Philippines and has claimed he has 27 kids here. He's also not paying a pretty penny in child support.

1562 days ago


Saay Whaaat? That was some expensive strokin'! Pimp her out and she can earn as much money as she wants...

1562 days ago


First. Suckazzz.

1562 days ago


Alkie Rodman is a freak and a deadbeat who won't man-up and take responsibility for his children. He has the money, he's just a selfish pig like other deadbeats who refuse to pay their child support. If he doesn't like the amount of support he needs to go to court to change it, like a big boy.

1562 days ago


Hey Dennis/Retard - In California, they don't just "jack up" your child support payments without you knowing it. They have both the mother and father's income and expense declarations, and along with time spent with the children, and other calculations, they determine your monthly support. I am sure you were just "too busy" with your partying and annoying your neighbors to be bothered with a pesky child support revisement.

1562 days ago


You nasty women defending this lady truly are despicable. I thought both sexes were equal isn't that what you say when you play police officer. In case after case the man makes all the money and the dead beat woman doesn't do crap and wants more more more. Its never enough for these gold diggers. You women can't have it both ways and its hard to take you seriously when you defend a liar like this woman.

1562 days ago


Now he's a dead beat dad for not paying

1562 days ago


Tyler wrote: "In case after case the man makes all the money and the dead beat woman doesn't do crap and wants more more more."

Wow, sounds like you are speaking from experience. But please try to remember that not ALL women are dead beats and sit back and collect child support. I have been working all my life and the dead beat father has been working jobs under the table so they can't garnish his wages. IT WORKS BOTH WAYS, TYLER

1562 days ago


She must think he's still playing in the NBA to say he's earning $4.5M a MONTH!! That's ridiculous. He should go back to court, prove what he's making and have it reduced. These women are absolutely crazy!

1562 days ago
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