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Joe Jackson Blames Katherine for Michael's Death

6/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's pretty shocking ... Joe Jackson is blaming the inaction of his wife, Katherine, for Michael Jackson's demise ... allegedly because Katherine didn't want to penetrate MJ's zone of privacy.

Joe sat down with News of the World to explain his theory, that he was concerned that Michael was "looking kinda funny and and frail" and asked Katherine to see Michael to "keep him cheered up."  But Joe says Katherine refused because she didn't want to invade his privacy.

Joe says he and Katherine argued about it before Michael's death, but Katherine was firm.

Joe says after Michael died, he said to Katherine, "I said this would have never happened if you had went and been with him."

Joe -- who was intentionally cut out of Michael's will -- is fighting to get an allowance from the estate.  And get this -- we're told Katherine has been giving Joe money and going along with his efforts to earn a living off MJ.


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he made his son's life miserable with his physical and verbal abuse and he has the nerve to blame his wife for his problems? WTF?

1592 days ago


Yep, that the pot calling the kettle black for sure! Joe is the reason that Michael had such low self esteem that he had all the plastic surgeries. Telling a kid constantly that he's ugly will tend to do some psycho-damage "Dad"! Maybe that's the reason WHY you were cut out of the will to begin with. Control freak dad, all-controlling, all-manipulating, douchebag! Katherine needs to kick him to the curb once and for all and be done with him. I say, get rid of that Sleazestack!

1592 days ago


Oh so the beatings and ridicule didn't contribute one bit to his demise and destruction of himself..he was an abused little boy who grew up to fear and hate his father and he blames the death on the mother?? Michael loved his mom more than anything, he says so in almost every interview. If Joe was so worried maybe he should have reached out to help his son..douchebag.

1592 days ago


Maybe Michael wouldn't have been so ****ed up had you not abused him as a child and taken away his childhood you useless sperm donor. You're worst than a damn parasite, die already you old **** nobody will miss you and maybe in the afterlife you will get what's coming to you.

1592 days ago


Actually the only thing that Katherine did wrong was not leaving Joe's sorry ass years ago. She kept having kids with this monster and stood by as he beat and verbally abused their children. For that she does take blame.

1592 days ago


I say he got a point because Michael needed someone to check on him, you can see he was very thin so obviously something was going on there. I don't believe it was from doing drugs because Michael was a concious drug taker. He took these pills for pain and not any other reason. If he would of listened to anybody it probably would have been his mother. Joe blames himself also so, he is being fair finally when it comes to Michael.

You have to remember as bad as Joe was to Michael and his brothers none of them would have gotten to where they are if it wasn't for Joe. He pushed them to be the best! Michael was and still is the best. There will never be another like him. My heart breaks everyday for the loss of a great person like him. He was beautiful all around. R.I.P My Love Michael Jackson (King of Pop)

1592 days ago


Old Joe is a bully and bullies ALWAYS blame other people. He was a violent bullying father and Katherine was a weak mother. They must both take their share of their son's unhappiness. But for Joe to blame Katherine is well and truly out of order. They were both crap parents. The actual death of Michael though was caused by the reckless negligence of a quack. As for Old Joe getting money.... NO !! If Michael had wanted Joe to benefit, he would have made allowances for him in his Will. Shame on Katherine for going against Michael's wishes. Once again, she isn't looking after Michael's wishes and needs, even in death.

1592 days ago

Jomica Man    

Will TMZ please stop giving this pathetic poor excuse of a father the time of day. His comments for what happened to Michael are his only means to try and squeeze money from the estate. I hope they honor the will and prevent this worthless person from gaining any money. Joe is such a joke dressing like and old retired pimp. In fact, it seems that most of his sons are going the same route as he is in trying to capatilize on Michael's death. They realize their talent went away after Michael left the Jackson 5 decades ago.

1592 days ago


Think Papa Joe did that interview for free? Think again.

1592 days ago


Hey the whole family is busted, hypocrite and con artists.. even la toya who had the guts to tell the truth about their insanity and filth then reneged and lied so that her pervy brother and the family would save face. Janet! TAKE care of Michaels kids or the others will neglect or shop out and kill them for an extra dime.

1592 days ago



1592 days ago

Joe just shut up...if you wanna blame Katherine than please start with blaming yourself first. You're the one who beat him, you're the one who pushed him, you're the one who can't wait to get your hands on his money only because you feel Michael owes you. Let me tell you Joe, Michael doesn't owe you a thing but you owe it to Michael to stand up for him and make sure that the doctor goes to jail.

1592 days ago


Someone needs to commit this idiot!!

1592 days ago


This should not be a surprise to anyone.... Joe always blames someone else..... always......

1592 days ago


Joe, you are one sick F***!!! You rotten ass abusive SOAB! We all know the kind of rotten sorry a** man you are. You treated your kids like s*** all their young lives. You made them practice for hours and hours when they should have been having fun with their friends and dating girls and doing what every kid does as they are growing up. Michael was the way he was because of YOU - you lousey F***!
Somebody ought to put a f*** bullet in your ugly black ass head!!!
When you die Joe - I'm gonna dance on your grave then piss on it.
Go to Hell. Go straight to Hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect a dime from Michael's estate.
You make me sick.

1592 days ago
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