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Katherine Jackson's Lawyer Goes After Joe Jackson

6/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson's cruel attack -- that his wife, Katherine, is responsible for Michael's death, is but the latest in a rich history of reckless, untrue comments ... so says Katherine's lawyer and the lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine is not commenting on what amounts to her husband's declaration of war -- that she refused to "keep [Michael] cheered up" because she didn't want to invade his privacy, and he'd be alive today if she had.

Katherine's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, "The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship."  Streisand then drives it home:  "The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget."

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate, tells TMZ, "The inference by Joe Jackson that Mrs. Jackson was in any way responsible for Michael's death is preposterous.  Katherine Jackson was a supportive and loving mother throughout Michael's life.  His love and respect for her is reflected in his estate plan."  Ouch ... and true.

Now here's how Joe may have screwed himself.  He's not included in Michael's will and no matter how hard he tries to invalidate the will, he's going to end up with nothing in that department.  The chances of Joe getting a court-approved allowance from the estate are slim to none.  And Joe is trying to exploit Michael's name to make money, but his unauthorized attempts have pretty much been shut down by the estate.

So the only thing Joe has been able to rely on ... Katherine's generosity in the money department.  Looks like that gravy train may have finally left the station.


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Katherine gets to straighten her hair while old Joe has to live with his hat.
Katherine will get Joe to shut up. All she has to do is hold back on the money and he will start singing a different tune.

That whole Jackson family is just a bunch of wackos. I could care less how any of them end up. Family of pervs.

1590 days ago


It may seem horrible what Joe said about Katherine but it not exactly far fetched. She appears weak and extremeley timid. She didn't prevent Joe from physically and mentally tormenting the kids when they were young and even worse, she never packed the kids and left him!!! Not too long after the move to LA, the Jackson 5 no longer needed Joe so why the heck didn't she leave him?! I won't comment on whether she should or shouldn't have been with MJ before his death. However, if the reports we hear are true about her raising tacky Jermaine and Randy's kids (by the same woman) then she is the "official Jackson doormat"!! She needs to smack the crap out of her sons and drop of those grandkids at their respective father's front doors then focus on taking care of herself and MJ kids. Kids who actually need care...not kids who just have spoiled, pathetic exuses for fathers (yes, Jermaine and Randy, I'm talking to you pathetic losers. Stop spending so much time occupied with your cars and women and take care of you own damn kids!!!! Disgusting!

Ultimately, I DO think Joe was wrong for blasting Katherine in public. Hopefully, he'll get what's coming to him...just like Jermaine and Randy. I better stop typing's just that certain members of this family make me sick!! Rebe and Janet seem to be the only sane members of this crazy bunch.

1590 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

It sad that he would say such things but what's even sadder is that she has it take it because she is still married to the s*** bag, had she divorced him she wouldn't have to be bothered with him or his comments but now he gets half. Katherine should have divorced him back when he created that other child. She kept herself in this horrible situation. I pray that all is fix in the event of something happening to Katherine, please give the children to Diana Ross and let her control their money and see to them growing up right. Keep Michael kids AWAY from Jermaine kids please.

1590 days ago


Katherine must stop giving money (Michael's money) to Old Joe and she must stop NOW !!! He has made plenty out of Michael over the years and it's his own fault if he's wasted it, squandered it or simply spent it on his usual high living. If Michael had wanted Old Joe to get money , he would've made provisions for him in his will. He didn't and Old Joe only has himself to blame. What a greedy old bully he is and always was. Old Joe is just another greedy lying scammer trying to extort money out of Michael, and now his estate. Michael's money belongs to his three children. They were the only three people in his short life, who DIDN'T try to scam him. They genuinely loved him for himself...their much beloved dad.

1590 days ago


Joe Jackson, you're a nasty man. You're a bad man. A shame to your son his whole life. Go away...fade away into the nothingness you are....

1590 days ago


Joe Jackson....I want him on my team, he never gives-up.....go to my blog to see a "nice thing" about the Jackson Dad..brian n. everett pi...If the estate plays it the wrong way, Joe Jackson could get made, and sell one hell of a story!....The MJ fans, would freak-out!

1590 days ago


Joe Jackson can go to h*ll as far as I am concerned. He is owed NOTHING by MJs estate, and the only way he got money thus far is by the generosity of Katherine... which still baffles me. He beat his kids and he's allegedly got illegitimate brats littered throughout the country. I hope they cut him off for good, and he spends his last days alone; maybe then he'll have time to reflect on the harm he's done to his family... and the world.

1590 days ago

Deorah hill    

joe jackson should not get a penny that is all he is interested in michael never wanted him to have any
cant believe its nearly 1 year since michael past i miss you the whole world misses you sweet angel in heaven i love you the most see you in heaven when its my turn to go to heaven
debbie xxxxx

1590 days ago


Michael, I would like you to know that I am waiting for you to come back:*


1590 days ago


Joe, Joe, Joe. Write a tell-all. That's one way to make some money without slandering your wife. People would definitely purchase a book from an insider's view of Michael's life--even if it would be biased.

It is a shame that Michael didn't update his will to include his dad though. Joe was his dad, like it or not. It's also a shame that this bull is still going on a year after Michael left us. Poor guy can't get any rest--even in the afterlife.

1590 days ago

I Chinee    

This family is crazy. For the love of money..

1590 days ago


Joe got it all backwards. Without his son Michael - who was born with his talent - he´d never have gotten out of Gary, Indiana. He also does not understand that were it not for Katherine's and Michael's forgiving and meek natures, he wouldn't have gotten a cent for the last thirty years.

Joe also has a psychopath personality. He really believes his own anger is more important than his wife's grief, even though she is breaking down right before his eyes. He is completely unable to see the big picture or his own part in it. To bawl out a woman hours after she lost her child, is so cruel it's almost impossible to fathom.

1590 days ago


Every living realative could contest that will if they wanted too.
I had a very sick feeling to hear the brothers are being paid 10,000 a month and the chidren 20,000 a month to cooperate. If they are doing this for the brothers left out of the will it should also apply to Joe. Contest you are a living realitive while these lawyers are raking millions in commission. No family memeber with equal rights on board. Hearing this makes me wonder about the father who committed suicide, supposdley. Wonder if he threatend to blow the lid off for some of that Estate Money and they blew him away. E tu Brute?

1590 days ago


If it weren't for Joe Jackson there would be no Michael Jackson the iconic singer. There would be no JacksonFive. He was wrong to dis his wife, but the old man is getting dementia. Did you hear him speak in that interview. Katherine will give Joe money as long as she is alive. After she goes, Joe will be on his own.

1590 days ago


Joe Jackson has not a clue that he is the reason his son is dead. The damage he caused to Michael as a child was indefensible and left lasting emotional scars. If he had been a loving father, Michael would have had someone to turn to when he needed help. Michael loved his mother dearly, but she is not without total blame. I can't believe a mother would allow her husband to beat her children and do nothing about it. She should have gone through with her divorce from Joseph many, many years ago. If she didn't divorce Joe because of her religious beliefs, how does she think God will judge her for not defending her children? Which is worse? However, she is doing her best to take care of Michael's children and I feel sorry for her to have all this on her head at her age. Joe is just being vindictive because Michael included her in his will and not him. I agree with Dee. Joseph needs to learn to live on his social security check like the rest of the country. He should have saved some of the money that Michael gave him and then he wouldn't be in this mess now. You reap what you sow.

1590 days ago
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