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Shocker -- Katherine Shows Up in Court with Joe!

6/14/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He delivered one of the most heartless insults of 2010 -- yet Katherine Jackson maintained her united front showing up to court with Joe Jackson for the Conrad Murray hearing.

We don't know if they drove in the same car together, but Katherine walked into the courtroom with Joe and sat with La Toya and Jermaine. 

Katherine and Joe didn't really speak to each other in court, and Joe at one point put on his shades and seemed to doze off.

Pretty stunning -- they were sitting in court looking at the man who is charged with the death of Michael Jackson, after Joe said over the weekend ... his wife was partly to blame.


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You know, I gotta give one thing to the Jackson family. There's no denying they are all kinds of crazy, but when it comes down to it, they stick together. Every. Single. Time. I mean, the members of this family have hurt each other in all kinds of ways over the years - called each other every name in the book, threatened each other, lied on each other, gone on television and said HORRIBLE things about each other, some true, some maybe not so true. They've written books, stopped speaking, double-crossed one another, tricked each other, written nasty songs, accused one another on national television, the list goes on and on and on and on and on. But when all is said and done if any one of them reaches out for help, all the others are there in a flash. It really is amazing because you'd think they'd waver, but they never do.

I believe many of them tried to help Michael. I really do. In their own weird, crazy, dysfunctional way, there is love among/between these people. It's too bad that every problem they've ever had as a family has been exaserbated by fame and wealth, and played out in public for all the world to see.

1592 days ago


This only shows that you sensationalised that story, twisted it to look negative. Joe did not mean it that way, and to all those who are not ignorant, they know exactly what i'm talking about.
Posted at 5:29 PM on Jun 14, 2010 by myself
I agree with your statement myself, that "Joe did not mean it that way..." - I do know what you're talking about.

1592 days ago


176. Hey Human!!!!

Good to see you back!! Well girl, Joe said that three of MJ's brothers were on the AEG payroll receiving $10,000/month apiece to keep quiet re: AEG's role in MJ's death. He also said that the children were receiving $20K/month apiece. Now, Joe is either in the beginnings of dementia, OR he is not afraid of a damned thing and wants to see JUSTICE for his son. Here is the youtube for the show, but it's hard to hear Joe. I have the transcripts if you need me to copy/paste here, let me know.

Posted at 9:12 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by Chico

I want to continue this discussion concerning the Jackson brothers are taking hush money from AEG to be quiet in the tune of $10,000 a month!!!

What the F@CK IS GOING ON!!!

Know wonder Papa Joe is speaking out about his family!!!

1592 days ago


@87: mymjj5: You seem to be confused at what I was "clearing up." I was not talking about TMZ's report of what Joe said about KJ. What I was "clearing up" was a previous poster's incorrect impression that KJ was not allowed to divorce Joe because her religion requires her to stay married no matter what. "OhPlease" was understandably upset that this should be so, and that KJ would be forced to stay and put up with his cheating on her and abuse to her kids because of her religion. "OhPlease" said that God would not want KJ to have to live like that, and I was just trying to make OhPlease feel better by telling her that indeed she is right, and that KJ staying with Joe was not one of God's requirements under the cir***stances. She could have gotten a scripturally allowable legal divorce if she had chosen because of his adultery. I think you were speaking of something else and we just miscommunicated.

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1592 days ago


Moonbeam - thanks very much for your previous post on how JWs view divorce. It was quite interesting and informative.

Katherine did file for divorce at least twice during the 1980s. She gave up on it when Joe simply would not move out of the house. Supposedly she did not want to ignite a public scandal by having him forcibly removed.

1592 days ago


Cathy, I remember that like it was yesterday....
I still think she should of taken care of his sorry ass back then and made it look like an accident....

1592 days ago


Chico, did Geraldo say it was the 3 brothers' children who are getting $20,00 per month each (which is what I thought he said), or was he referring to Michael's children, do you think?
Yes, Joe has age-related dementia, and the media are just using him to humiliate Michael, as is normal.
How Branca can throw away Michael's hard-earned like this, is beyond a joke and needs investigating, as does what Joe said: that Katherine still hasn't received one penny. WHY NOT BRANCA???

1592 days ago



Geraldo was refering to MJ3

1592 days ago


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1592 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Katherine is a loser - and she keeps Joe in pocket money and that is WRONG! That is still MJ's money. She can not take care of the kids and most of them were removed! Randy had to pack his kids out. She has no back bone and apparently not a mouth! What is with Joe's eyes? MJ's kids should be removed and have a proper "family" but nothing in the Jackson line is a normal family. Janet is "too busy" with her career and so Katherine is stuck with them. Too bad. Kids deserve a lot better than that!!
stun guns allowed but no one knew he had THEM? They only found one of how many did that kid get on line - lying about his age? Not too good parenting.

1592 days ago


MiMi & bunny

I had to watch and listen to Geraldo three times to find out what is going on. The estate is paying MJ's three brothers $10,000 a month and the children $20,000 per month for their cooperation and silence.

Could the three brothers be: Jermaine, Randy and Marlon???

No wonder Joe is hopping mad and talking about what is going on behind closed doors and bringing it to the light so that the whole world will know.

I do not blame him not one bit. Look like those HIGH POWER THUGS are pocketing MJ's dough and keeping it for themselves while fooling the public.

Smoke screen is starting to become much clearer

I truly believe that Branca, Phillips, Aushwitz, Dileo, Barrack and Tohme are in this together. And where is TOHME???

That's why I keep asking this same ole question who is paying for Dr Death living, legal, security, child support, travel, PR and other expenses since he is so broke??????

How come TMZ never broke that story on the payoff of MJ's brothers and Dr Death expenses?????

Stealing is stealing and murder is murder regardless


1592 days ago


The problem with Joe (well ok, ONE of the problems with Joe lol) is that you never know when he is actually telling the truth and when he is fabricating things. He says a lot of crazy stuff, but occasionally he does hit on the truth and expose something. It's just hard to tell when it's the "crazy truth" coming out of his mouth and when it's just crazy. Joe often acts like a fool in public and he butchers the King's English, but I don't think he's as foolish as he sometimes seems -- at least not in terms of what was going on behind the scenes with Michael's life and business.

If 3 brothers really are receiving hush money then I would guess that Jermaine and Randy are two of them. No clue who the other one could be as Marlon, Jackie, and Tito often seem like they don't want to get involved in shady nonsense.

1592 days ago


Before there was Jerry Springer, there was Geraldo. Geraldo's the only one DUMB enough to peddle Joe's CRAP. I'm sure this money is AN ALLOWANCE the brothers ASKED FOR AND RECEIVED, UNLIKE EVIL JOE. NO one in his family wants to get in on Joe's wrongful death action, which he only has that dubious Oxman filing, and will be booted in record time.

1592 days ago


It would be interesting if this money was an allowance that the brothers asked for and then received. In addition to omitting Joe from the will, Michael did not leave his siblings anything either. If any of the brothers are getting a legit estate allowance, then I'd like to know how they finagled it. What do they have on Branca?

1592 days ago
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