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New Michael Jackson Video Game for Xmas

6/14/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is still on the cutting edge of technology -- TMZ has learned the King of Pop is set to star in a new revolutionary video game ... and the people in charge of MJ's estate are totally on board.


The game -- currently untitled -- will essentially be "dance karaoke" ... which means gamers will see Michael Jackson dancing on screen and will then be challenged to imitate his moves.

The game will be available on multiple platforms including Wii and Xbox 360. The Xbox version will incorporate Microsoft's new Kinect motion capture technology -- which will allow the gamer to play without holding a controller.

Also in the Xbox version, the gamer will be judged based on full body movements. The game will process the movements and display the gamer's avatar on screen ... dancing right next to MJ.

And there's more -- the game also includes a karaoke feature, in which gamers can sing MJ songs like "Billie Jean" ... and even mess around with their voice thanks to an autotune feature.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft -- the same people behind Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon -- and we're told Ubisoft properly secured permission from the MJ estate ... so it's all legit.

The game is scheduled to hit shelves sometime before Christmas.


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WTF . THIS is the EXCITING news ?!

1555 days ago


So....I'm watching the E3 conference on t.v. and the exclusive article was released at the same time the Michael Jackson video game was featured at the conference. Are they paying you to feature it? Is it an advertisement? Just wondering.

1555 days ago


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1555 days ago


Correction; post #30, Trailer park Trish is posting under her true identity! ahahahaha

1555 days ago


Hhahahahaha.. Trailer Parl Trish is posting under her true identity now!

1555 days ago


I didn't care about this FREAK when he was alive. Certainly don't care now.

1555 days ago


Hahaha, the picture tmz uses, hilarious. MJ looks like a total creep. LOL

1555 days ago


Okay, I know what I want for Christmas! The money will be going to the estate (his mom and children mostly). I think Michael would have liked this. He loved video games! I just need to get my son to agree to call 911 when I hurt myself trying to dance like MJ LOL!!!

Still MissingMJ

XXXOOOXXXX < 3 Michael

1555 days ago


It'll be a hit! Sounds like a great game!

1555 days ago


so good@@!!!!

1555 days ago


TMZ- No one cares about (1) Dr. Conrad (2) Katherine or Joe Jackson (3) Gary Coleman. Didn't you realize that when you did a live feed on them and the three and received 20 comments! Pitiful!

Also, so sick of Tiger's hookers, David Boreanez's hookers and Kobe Bryant and his lovely wife's regular vulgarity. It shouldn't be a source of pride for Vanessa to have a huge "guilty" ring because of an affair, it should be a source of pain. Kobe and Vanessa are TRASH!

1555 days ago


46. Hahaha, the picture tmz uses, hilarious. MJ looks like a total creep. LOL

Um maybe because he WAS a total creep?

This game just sounds disturbing. Who would want to dance with a dead person?

1555 days ago


Sons of bitches! They had fans in the UK up all night waiting to hear about a damn game?! WTF Those people on FB are pissssssst lol
I love Michael but this bull****ifus is getting real old. Sick of hearing about the money now.

1555 days ago
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