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Death at 'American Chopper' Son's Bike Shop

6/15/2010 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man died this morning after falling through the roof at a New York motorcycle shop owned by "American Chopper" star Paul Teutul Jr. ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

American Chopper

We're told the man -- a construction worker not employed by Paul Jr. Designs -- was working on the roof when the accident occurred.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirmed that cops are still on scene. We're told someone at the shop called 911 around 8:30 AM to report that someone "fell through the roof."

We're told none of the regular shop employees were inside the building at the time.

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Maybe Paul Jr. can design a cooler in this guys honor.

1527 days ago


he was stoned out of his mind and thought he could fly..

1527 days ago


What happened to respect?! So sad.
My prayers go out to the family and friends.

1527 days ago


It's Orange County, New York. Didn't you people ever watch American Chopper?

I feel for the dude's family and friends. Rest in peace, roof dude.

1527 days ago


Accidents do happen whether Union or non-union. I have been in the roofing trade for 40 years and these things happen usually because of something stupid. I am sorry for the loss to the family and the owner of the building usually has no liability in this case. The contractor will be on the hook. I would like to know who that was and could probably name them if I didn't want to get sued.

1524 days ago


The family fude MUST stop, a young man has lost his life and father and son's must come togeather and help this young man family!

1524 days ago


wow,,sucks for the family of the worker,,,but too bad they are going to let those 2 losers back on T V,,,jeez,,are the bad off for rateing ?????,,,you could not give me one of those hacked bikes,,,,you are all a bunch of spoiled *******s,,,ya,,you dad you are the worse

1524 days ago


Maybe the dead guy is union. Then who cares if he died? Serves him right. Unions are for useless, incompetent trash who can't get off their lazy asses and work a real job. Maybe OC will start to hire some quality non-union Americans and not some pro-commie, half-ass fools who have their heads far up the asses of idiot politicans.......

1503 days ago

jeff wilson    

This really sucks,
But off this particular subject, i will say this, i think paul sr. wife beth should be jealous. I think sr., and steve mareou are in a relationship. When this whole situation began to unravel in this family Steve really cranked up the heat. I have been watching the reruns and to listen to Steve rip on Mikey, Paul jr. was really sad. The worst of all this is sr. even listening to this clown. These are his children, i mean Mikey was more of a clown, comedian style person then a bike builder, or anything else, but he did help build that company up to what it was at the point when it collapsed. He earned his money, and helped earn the company money, what the hell did steve do for this company, besides nothing? This guy is an idiot, and i hope that Pauljr., and all the old crew rip sr., and his minyins to shreads. I want to see occ go out of business, but the one thing that jr. really needs to take in to consideration is making these bikes more affordable. I mean the 10th. anniversary bike was still $24,000.00. With the economy in the tank, and paul jr. jsut starting out his own gig he could be out of business real quick that is for sure. If you actually read this Paul jr., mikey, and the rest of the crew good luck, i'am looking forward to the new show coming in August, and i hope you bury that s.o.b.. I don't know how you put up with your father getting in your face in all those fights you had without punching his lights out. You have more patience then i would have that is for sure. It would have only took 2 or 3 of those blowouts before i would have cracked his skull for him. It is sad that your dad is such an a**hole, but it is what it is. Just put the pedal to the metal, and put him out of business, maybe sr., and steve can get married, maybe they already are?

Many,Many,Many, Blessings to you, and the crew,

Jeff Wilson....................................

1499 days ago


Paul Jr. wasn't having repairs done to the roof, the buildings owner was. He just leases the space so he would not be liable for damages.

1482 days ago


You guys are such idiots. A man dies, and all some of you can do is talk about American Chopper related crap. It's a show. It's ****ing scripted, every bit of it. It's been like that for years, and they have said so for the longest time. Each episode is about a month timespan of filming which makes it look constantly embroiled. I just can't believe some of you.

1480 days ago


1471 days ago


1471 days ago


Doesn't look like they can sue Jr. The company the kid was working for cut a hole in the roof, he walked into it. At best they could sue the company he worked for, but unlikely to go anywhere. Point here is, stay aware of your surroundings and just like riding a motorcycle, all the safety gear all the time. Condolences to the family.

1470 days ago

henry allen    

i hope jr`s company paul jr. design is an llc not b.d.a. or inc with someone dieing on his property he might be sued & lose everything in wrongfull death suite!!!!

1468 days ago
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