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Chris Klein -- Animal Group Furious Over DUI

6/16/2010 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An animal rights group is unleashing on Chris Klein over his DUI arrest this morning -- claiming nobody should ever drive around wasted ... especially when a pet is on board.


TMZ spoke with a rep for the group "In Defense of Animals" -- who tells us, "By choosing to drive under the influence with his dog in the car, Chris not only put innocent drivers in danger, but broke a promise to be a protector and guardian to his pet."

As we previously reported, Klein was arrested in L.A. this morning -- law enforcement sources tell us his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit.



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#41...well, you assume alot, that is all I can say. I never implied any of the things you stated, all I said is from my experience animals are more loyal and respectful to humans and other dogs than humans are to humans...and your statements seem to reflect the same train of thought. I feel for children and I feel for the people suffering in the world, and I don't hate or dislike people, but when all is said and done my dog seems to be more likeable and "human" than all the people I know, have known, or will know including you. Have a nice day!! :)

1558 days ago


If your life has enough room for running around raising the alarm about the welfare of animals in a car driven by an intoxicated person, you are either a very lucky person who has met all other life goals, or you are a lonely total loser. 20000 to 1 it is the second!

1558 days ago


Go watch Earthlings (free at and then see if you have any more a**hole comments about animals. They are much smarter than people. Humans think they're above all moral and ethical laws. It's sick.

1558 days ago


Gloria Alred will be representing the dog and the dog will have it's own reality show next week.

1558 days ago


Oh give me an effing break! Where are the *******s when someone drives drunk with a kid in the car?

Bottom line, no one should drive drunk with ANYONE in the car.

1558 days ago

Throwback kid    

If Katie Holmes would have just stayed with Chris, they would be happily married, but instead he is drinking to kill his pain over losing Katie, damn you Tom Cruise!

1558 days ago


This man is the TRUE father of Suri Cruise. Match their picture up's SO obvious!!! Tom Cruise IS NOT the father of Suri!! I'm surprised no one has ever picked up on how much Suri has her TRUE father's LOOKS!

1558 days ago


Animals are living, breathing just like humans. The difference? Of course, there's the physical difference. But the biggest difference is *they have no voice*. Animals can't tell you when they hurt, or if they are abused, or when they are in need of an advocate! We have to be their voice.
PETA had nothing to do with this organization and their statement. I belong to several animal advocate org's but PETA is not one of them. They go WAY overboard on a lot of things. But, abuse and neglect of ALL kinds of animals occurs everywhere. Even animals sentenced to die should be treated with respect, just like a human.
Look into a dogs eyes sometime, esp one that has been abused. Those eyes can tell you soooo many sad stories.

1557 days ago


I am sick of specialinterest groups like this insinuating themselves into a story. You are an information group.Stop piggy backing on stories simply to get your name out in the public. This is unadulterated advertising, but using someone problems to do it on is unacceptable. And your logo is lame.

1557 days ago


His dog probably has more sense.

1557 days ago


52. Gloria Alred will be representing the dog and the dog will have it's own reality show next week.

Posted at 9:00 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by jms

Best comment. And probably not far from the truth.

1557 days ago


JoJo you are a Joke. Many of us who fight for animal rights are also advocates for human rights and do relief work. We just don't feel the need to advertise it. Anyway you sound positively hateful and I hope you do not have an animal in your home and I certainly hope you do not have a child. My guess is you just like to spew insults and negativity wherever you go. Have fun with that. You'll never get what people who care about and love animals are talking about.

1557 days ago


yes, kids in a car with a drunk driving fool is bad, but kids are usually harnessed in...and can try to get out...but animals can't open car doors from the inside and nine times out of ten are not harnessed in...totally vulnerable. It kills me when I see a show like Cops and people take there dogs to buy drugs, commit assaults, etc....and the poor dog has to go to dog jail over there stupid ass owner. I tell you, if dogs could speak, they would probably have not many good things to say about peoples intelligence, character or morals. TEAM DOGS AND CATS ALL THE WAY!!!

1557 days ago


This group needs to STFU ... it is pathetic with so much human suffering that they whine about a dog in his car.

1557 days ago


peta wants something to really complain about try the hasidic jews that wear them big huge fur hats called a shtreimel for the special holidays they have or are they scared of them like all the politicians in america!

A Shtreimel is a fur hat worn by many married Haredi Jewish men, particularly (though not exclusively) members of Hasidic sects, on the Sabbath and during Jewish holidays and festive occasions. In some families, particularly those native to Jerusalem, boys begin to wear a Shtreimel after their Bar Mitzvah (age 13). Due to decrees made by the Czarist regime of Russia during the 19th Century, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian Jews generally do not wear a shtreimel. The Gerrer Hasidim from Poland wear a spodik instead of a shtreimel.

Made out of genuine fur, typically from sable, it is the most expensive article of Hasidic clothing, ranging in price from $1800 to $5400. It is usually the bride's father who purchases the Shtreimel for the groom upon his wedding. Nowadays it is custom to purchase two Shtreimels. A cheaper version (sells for $800-1,500), called the Regen Shtreimel (Rain Shtreimel) is used for occasions where the expensive one may get damaged.

1556 days ago
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