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'Little People' Star

I'm Not Dead!

6/16/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_matt_roloff_EX_GettyMillions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn't even suffer a heart attack at all -- it was vertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape ... or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, "Although having a dizzy case of vertigo ... I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern."

We're told Matt didn't even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show -- and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.



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Am I the only one who sees a greedy little midget in Matt Roloff? And what is it with the two twin boys? I can't even understand them when they have a chance to speak.Half the time they don't make any sense. Add both their IQ's together and you still don't get the current room temperature. How sad is that. They didn't even know what a check book was at 18 years old. HA HA HA HA.... Oh Hell Yea, they will do well in tech school.....

1590 days ago


Why does Christy have to be a stupid bad name for voicing her opinion? The man IS a butt wipe. Just because some people see him in a different light and admire him doesn't mean that someone else can't see something different. The bottom line is, is that none of know him. All we see is him on TV, and based on what I see on TV, and because I am allowed an opinion..he doesn't remind me of anyone nice. He's not supporting his family alone either. They get a good salary for doing that lame show.

1589 days ago


Thanks god I love your show and somtime he ca be selfis but he work 24/7 and his kids love there dad he is a good family man and he got a nise house and nice car but look at the first show he show pic of the house when they first bought the house it was a dump but now he has a 34 accer farm and a million doller house and all the farm is alot of great time for the kids and there friend to hang out LIVE ON ROLLOF FARM. RIP Mike

1589 days ago


What I find amazing about all this are the comments people have regarding vertigo. Vertigo has nothing whatsoever to do with the HEIGHT OF THE PERSON it affects.

Vertigo is the feeling that you or your environment is moving or spinning. Vertigo is a condition caused by problems of the inner ear or the brain. Tall and short people can have this...even dwarfs like Matt.

1589 days ago


I was really concerned when I saw Matt laying on the floor next to his desk. I am glad to see that Matt is still among the living. His family still needs his guidance and love for many more years. He works very hard to support his family. His boys need to start taking more responsibility and help around the farm. They are growing up fast and should offer their help.

1589 days ago


Screw Matt and TLC

1589 days ago


At least he didn't have to fall very far

1589 days ago


Damn, I was hoping the f*cker was dead!!

1589 days ago


matt roloff glad to here your fine i prayed that you was ok,and to let u know dont listen to the christy comment i think your a good dad to your kids,yes things happen were parents miss sertant things for the children,but things happen i rember my parents missed sertant things i did, but in my own heart they was good parents,and no i,m not mad at my parents i loved them like they loved me,i know with your place with the punkins and others things u do you get bussy,matt if i was there i would help u out with out complaning like i heard from some of your workers on the show,i know its hard sometimes to get things done and the up keep of your place,but i think your a awsome person keep up the good job you and amy and your kids rock, p.s.,christy if u see this message lay off matt roloff go find something else to cry over or gripe at your own family that abanded you years ago i understand you do have a right to your words but yours dont make any since christy

1587 days ago


Hasn't he been accused of driving drunk home from local bars more than once? He has never held a job for a long period on the show and is always avoiding his kids when I have watched the show. How is this a good family man?

1585 days ago


oh thank god i have been worried about him.i watched last night and it was a repeat of last week.i love the guy can't stand his wife she seems to run the show and is alway's picking on him.
take care matt

1584 days ago


Come on people. Isn't it a little too coincidental that the finale just happens to include a big focus on Matt Roloff. This selfish, conceited, arrogant, self important, pathetic, attention needy, drama queen would have to attempt to steel the show. Not convinced. What a contrived stunt. This kind of thing just pisses me off. A little honesty would be appreciated here Matt. You're quite the fake. It's the rest of your family that's interesting. They're the ones involved in realty. Get a grip and take a good look at yourself. You're delusional. Oh, and by the way, why not come clean about your DUI instead of trying to delude your, dare I call them, fans. Put your ego in check and give some credit where it's due, with the rest of your family, not you.

1582 days ago


He is an arrogant selfish munchkin. He missed his own sons graduation because he "doesn't stand in line". He is mean to Amy and I hope she leaves him for a basketball player.

1577 days ago


I am soo happy to heard that matt doing great!! i love that show and u all have a good family there .. God bless ya matt!!


1577 days ago


I love this show!!! Amy is a fantastic wife and mother. This show has shown people perseverance. If they can live like they do as Little People, we shouldn't hear any excuses from regular sized adults!

Matt is a very smart man but he is a very selfish husband and father. Amy loves to travel but how many times has he scheduled a trip when she has something else to do? He never includes her in any major decisions either.

Matt is known as a "provider" for his family but that's it. This term was used back in the 50s by women who stayed in their marriages because their husbands provided financially to the household but nothing more.

1575 days ago
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