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Mistress Files Paternity Action Against Tiger

6/17/2010 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned porn star Devon James has just filed a paternity action against Tiger Woods.


Alleged mistress #15 filed legal docs in Manatee County, Florida, asking a judge to determine the paternity of Austin Brinling, her 9-year-old son.  James filed the action under her legal name, Melinda Jannette.  The respondent on the petition is Elderick [sic] Woods.

According to documents attached to the petition and obtained by TMZ, the legal action is designed to "establish paternity, parental responsibility, time-sharing, and/or child support of a minor child or children."  The document goes on:  "This means that you are trying to legally establish who is the father of the child."

As we first reported, James' mother (who currently has custody of the boy) claims a DNA test was performed in 2002 and showed another man was the daddy.

James does not believe her mother really has any DNA results and her rep tells us she wants to force Tiger to submit to DNA testing.

We shot video of James at the courthouse, talking about her legal move.  It will be posted shortly.

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Poor little Tiger !!!! Do I feel sorry for him ? No not all. You reap what you sow.
Maybe next time he will think twice before sleeping with any trashy whore in sight. He should have married her. They are a perfect match absolutely classless, whores, immoral, dirty and nasty. But something tells me this is not the kind of "woman" who would have feated in the classy world of golf ..
Well done EL ****O I'm sure your mom must be soooooooooo proud of you. A little grand child for her. She has to be thrilled.
I'm sure there are a few other ones waiting for their daddy...

1591 days ago


If Tiger were smart, he better start following the advise of websites such as www.thriftybandit.com so he'll be able to afford stuff after all the child support he'll have to fork over

1591 days ago


Nine years later and she doesn't even have custody of her own child? Yeah, right, go away slutty porn star!

1591 days ago


She doesn't even have custody so how could she get any money anyways?

1591 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

lol, whatever...We are to believe she wasted 9 years laying on her back getting pounded day after day when she apparently had a meal ticket come out of her vagina? If she would have any thought this was his child she would of had a paternity test then. Anyone would have.

1591 days ago


So if the kids is 9 years old...she all of a sudden cares who his father is?? What a piece of crap mother. She should be stoned in a public square to keep the rest of the idiots at bay. Besides, her mom has custody, so it's funny to me she can even legally file these papers. She is a nasty gold digging whore. That poor kid-I feel so sorry for him he has a pice of crap for a mother.

1591 days ago


Set up for THE GRAVY TRAIN!!!!!!!! HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, those of you who fool around will maybe get it back when it comes back at ya! You bet cha!

1591 days ago


Umm TMZ. Love your site but this story has already been all over Kikster.com and they are reporting that he's NOT the father. So has he taken the test or not?


1591 days ago


tmz you reported earlier today that he was not the father now you are reporting she wants a test to see if he is the father.which is it??

1591 days ago



1591 days ago


Is Legal Madam A. covertly behind this one, too? Interesting how all the other mad and made-up news from the low-life swines and, especially, Ms. A's infamous clients has come around the time he is teeing-off on Wednesday or Thursday as he prepares for another PGA Tournament. Allred has been baiting TW for a lawsuit so she can get him on the stand and open his entire once-secret life. Whenever I see or hear of her now, I want to dispose of my last meal. what a sad representation or proponent of "supposed" feminisim.

Shame on TMZ for participing in the further destruction of this man or do they have their hands in the legal extortion money till with others?

1591 days ago


I agree that the kid resembles Tiger Woods, especially because of his oriental eyes. The media spread this rumor like a wild fire and put doubts on people's mind. I think the media should put an end to this by naming and showing a picture of the kid's real father!!! Legal litigation/DNA testing may be the only way to stop these paternity claims, which most possibly will continue!!!

1591 days ago


Comment #6 you are really a moron like black girls wouldn't go after him for his money. They would be the first after his money that's probably why he doesn't date them in the first place.

1591 days ago

Seriously wrong    

OH HENRY~ I have many, many black female friends and every single one of them is a gold digger. You sound like an ignorant pig. Of course, that was your intention, right? In fact, they thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn't dating dope dealers and "gettin paid" all while poppin out babies and living on welfare. I know PLENTY of black women who dated drug dealers who paid for everything from their hair to there cars and then some. Stick to what you know, obviously that would be dirty pu**y, and leave Tiger alone. He likes low class white trash

1591 days ago


"Henry Hill" #7, how can "Tiger" go back to the black girls when he prefers to be with white women? Isn't it obvious?? He doesn't consider himself to be black or doesn't want to be, one or the other.

He's the daddy, he's not the daddy, who cares? He's had unprotected sex with so many sluts, he could have 100 children by now. He's a dumb loser in life, good at golf but that's not what life is about, just golf and sex as he told his girlfriends, he only cares about sex and golf. What a weird , unbalanced guy.

1591 days ago
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